Lady luck Monday 13 January 2020: Bhoomi’s parents tell Bhoomi they will leave now.

Lady luck 13 January 2020: Bhoomi says she will call bhai/Varun. Rajender says no need as he does not want to disturb him until things settle down. Surbhi enters and asks things are fine now, then what are they talking about, she got what she needed and Varun became rich. Dhara asks if she really got what she needed. Surbhi gets nervous and leaves.

Latha with Suman prepares laddoos for Maan and tells Suman that Maan stayed out of house so many days that she forgot his choice, but she is preparing his favorite laddoos. Pavitra comes there and asks if she prepared laddoos for her. Latha says it is for Maan. Pavitra shouts Maan bevda/drunkard does not need laddoos and her servants cannot waste groceries. Bhoomi comes there and asks Pavitra to let Latha take laddoos. Pavitra asks to stay out of it. Bhoomi says if she starts her drama, she will inform inspector that she tortured her both mentally and physically and then she will be in jail permanently. Pavitra gets afraid. Bhoomi asks her to prepare laddoos soon and give it back to Latha. Pavitra prepares laddoos angrily while Bhoomi gives Latha and Suman juice to enjoy.


Pavitra goes back to her room and yells at Varun that imposter forced her to work and starts badmouthing about Bhoomi. Varun gets angry hearing about bhoomi and warns her dare not to badmouth about his sister, else he will not spare her. He says Bhoomi and he are blood related and she is just bound by contract and he can break it anytime. He then angrily walks out. Bhoomi stops him and asks why is he getting angry hearing bad about her. He says she is not his sister and should stay away from him. She signs childhood song. Varun reminisces childhood incident and asks how does she know this song and says he does not know how she learnt it, but she can never become his sister. She starts shedding tears.

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Latha takes laddoos for Ansh, but sadly walks back seeing him drinking alcohol. Bhoomi stops her and asks if she fed ladoo to Ansh. She says no as he is busy. Bhoomi takes her back to Ansh’s room and asks Ansh to make a peg for her and Latha. Ansh asks how can Latha drink. Bhoomi says when he is mourning for his wife’s death, why can’t mom mourn for her son’s death. Ansh gets angry. Bhoomi says he is inebriated 24 hours and does not know how his family is. He hugs Latha, apologizes her and cries vigorously.

Pavitra calls Agram and Inder and asks them to stop hoping on bhoomi as she cannot free them from her clutch and says she gave them shelter to stay and they should thank her instead and help her get rid of new Bhoomi. Monday update on Lady luck 13 January 2020



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