Lady luck Friday update 22 November 2019 Zee World

Lady luck Friday update 22 November 2019 Zee World

Varun calls Bhoomi and says he met Surbhi, but she was very confused, was asking to bring her stars and moon.


Bhoomi says she is overreacting like him and says she just demanded stars and moon and not mansion or car. He says if she had asked car, he would have arranged it, but not moon and stars. Bhoomi says in his 10th standard, he panicked and she solved his problem in seconds and tells her plan. Ansh gets tensed seeing his watch missing. Saurabh says he must have dropped it in Bhoomi’s bag by mistake. Ansh asks to give her mobile number. Saurabh says he does not have. Ansh calls Ria and asks if she found his watch. She says she found it in Bhoomi’s bag, but will not return it as she lied daadi that it is her family watch. Ansh says it is his family watch and his grandpa gave it to him. She says she will not return it and cuts call.

Ansh comes to Bhoomi’s apartment, sees watchman on gate and climbs via pipe. He gets into her window and sees Bhoomi crying and writing her resignation letter. He enters room. She asks why did she come. He says his watch fell in her bag and she wants it back. She says he will never change. Daadi calls her and says she is bringing her milk. She panics and asks Ansh to go from there. Daadi comes in. Bhoomi panics and looks at window. Daadi asks why is she so sad and says she knows she is tensed about her job, says she will not repent to her decision.

Bhoomi takes milk and says she will give resignation letter tomorrow morning and closes door. She then yells at Ansh that because of him, Daadi would have scolded her. He asks if he can come in. She says no and tries to close window unsuccessfully. He holds her hand and gets in. She gets shy.

He says he will not go until she returns his watch. She says he looks from a good family and can ask another one from his girlfriend. He says his daadaji gave it and it is his dada’s last gift and is his lucky charm. She takes it from her cupboard and gives it to him. He says Ria told she will not return it. She says she will manage it and is returning for his daadaji’s sake. He smiles and leaves.

He comes back and looks at her tying resignation letter again. Varun takes Surbhi to terrace and shows her cardboard moon and stars and says he is not god to get real ones, but he is a doctor and is a bit creative, he will keep her happy her whole life and says he hopes he has passed love exam. She smiles. Ansh comes back home and tells Saurabh she is going. He asks who. He says Bhoomi and says he went to fight with her and get his watch, but when she heard it is his daadaji’s, she returned it without questioning. Saurabh asks if she is special to him now.

He says no and says he thinks because of him bullying her, she is leaving and asks him to call Ria and ask why is Bhoomi leaving. Saurabh says Ria will get angry again, so he will not. Ansh says he helped him a lot.

Saurabh agrees and says he will meet Ria in the morning. Ansh says he will also accompany himh.

Daadi prepares food for traveling and tells they will not have hotel snacks. She then prepares tea. Rajender and Bijender come. She gives them tea. They ask how is she. She says she lost 5 kg because of Daadaji’s stone knowledge. Bhoomi comes and says she has to go to office today to submit her resignation letter.

Ria hears that and asks how can Bhoomi resign, what about her career. Bijender says he knows all and living with Bhoomi, she must have realized family is much important for Bhoomi than job. Ansh and Saurabh wait for Ria and Bhoomi and taunt each other. While walking Ria tells she is sad hearing about her resignation and says her parents have agreed for her marriage. Bhoomi congratulates her.

Ria sees Saurabh and smiles, but Bhoomi gets embarrassed seeing Ansh.

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