Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 20 November 2019 Starlife

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Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 20 November 2019 Starlife

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Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 20th November On Star Life, Kulfi on call tells rocket she wants to run away and go find her father, rocket says first I didn’t trust you but now I do, listen I will give you idea but keep listening to what he say, Chandan calls kulfi, Kulfi leaves. Bhola sees pastry and starts drooling, manager walks to him and asks what he wants, Bhola says I like everything, manager says sir try this and packs for Bhola, Bhola says you are so good and walks away, manager says pay me, Bhola says I don’t have,manager says you will have to earn, Bhola says I will help you with work come with me.

Zinda walks to rocket and says why did you take away your share from wining price, rocket says Ma wanted, Zinda finds rocket with drug packet, rocket says I have to sneak out for sake of kulfi forget this packet, Zinda says why break rules you can take Rajan permission, rocket says I have to and leaves. Bhola working as waiter in cafe, Kulfi walks in with Chandan, Chandan feels her presence and sees her and gets excited says oh angel, Kulfi walks away.

Nandini walking home late night, Ajit pulls her and says why don’t you understand I love you and you want to waste your life, I can give you everything, Nandini starts shouting for help, Lovely arrives their to save Nandini. Chandan pulls kulfi and says it’s a girls birthday and you have to sing, be seated where I ask you too, no going anywhere. Ajit says get lost who are you, you are a women, Lovely says I’m no less than a boy and brought up that way and slaps Ajit,Ajit starts begging Lovely to forgive him and not slap him. Lovely says Nandini come let’s go to police station.

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Manager asks Bhola to serve drinks, Bhola says this is alcohol I won’t serve this, if there’s something good I will, manager smiles and says okay go. Bhola sees kulfi sleeping and says oh angel is sleeping, every time I’m asleep and she is awake and today is vice versa. Nandini invites lovely home,lovely says some other day, Nandini thanks her, and talks about her feelings, Lovely says calm down, talk to your husband as well, Nandini says my husband will be very happy to know you helped me,Lovely says you know who my husband is, Nandini says no, but you are known by yourself and not by him, let me know if I can help you,

Lovely says I need help, but some other day, we will get a chance to meet, Nandini says okay and leaves. Bhola gets in the party, and starts enjoying with the kids, he sees kulfi again and walks to her wearing cap and glasses, manager stops him and asks where is Kulfi, all are waiting, Chandan walks to kulfi and leaves. Bhola says oh I missed angel.

Rocket arrives at the drug dealers, and tries to talk to people there, a man throws him out and says this isn’t for kids, rocket says I can’t be sacred I will have to show guts to help Kulfi and starts collecting info about who sells the drug Chandan bought.

Chandan asks kulfi to go on stage and starts drinking, Lovely sees Mohendar disturbed and talks to him, he says I’m not upset about me but Kulfi, Lovely says he is just trying to be strict I guess and even Bebe was strict, Mohendar says did you see that behaviour does that justify, and Bebe never scolded us, Lovely says why did sikander lie then.

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Bhola trying to get to Kulfi, Bhola walks to kulfi and starts troubling her, plays hide n seek with her.

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