Kulfi the singing star 21 July 2020: On Kulfi the singing star Tuesday 21 July 2020 star life update, Cutie goes about as getting hypersensitive response assault while Beauty goes into Kulfi and Chalu’s room and applies gum on their pads.

Lovleen yells if something happens to her mom, she will send Nirmath/Chalu and her group to prison. Nimrath frenzies and yells somebody call specialist. Magnificence returns and signals that work is finished. Lovleen says she has medication and cautions Nirmarth and workers that her mother fell into difficulty in light of their mix-up and if something had happened to her, she would have sent them to imprison. Hirelings apologize.

After at some point, Chalu lying on bed reveals to Kulfi that they got away in some way or another today, else pari kati aunt’s little girl would have sent them to imprison. Kulfi smells something bizarre. Chalu says she took a peg before resting. Kulfi says it is awful. Chalu says it isn’t and nods off. Kulfi thinks her father is some place here and she needs to discover him out. She hears sound in water tap and exits, sees Lovleen opening a room entryway and entering, attempts to open entryway yet it is bolted from inside. Kulfi lays newpaper under the entryway and pivots door handle because of which key tumbles down from opposite side. She opens entryway with key and strolls in. Lovleen strolls to Sikandar and penetrates needle into his neck saying its time for medication. Kulfi doesn’t discover Lovleen and searches her in entire room, opens restroom entryway and doesn’t discover her baba even there. Lovleen discloses to Sikandar that he can’t move, he needs to rest here itself today, she is going now as Kulfi is inflexible to discover him out. Kulfi proceeds to bring Chalu and says she saw Lovleen getting into this room. Lovleen gets strained seeing them and messages her mom for help. Cutie with Beauty strolls in and shoos them out.

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Chalu takes Kulfi out and inquires as to whether she saw a fantasy. Kulfi says she truly observed Lovleen getting into that room. Chalu says Lovleen is actually a witch. In the first part of the day, Chalu leaves her room. Magnificence takes Chalu and Kulfi’s hair tests and gives them for DNA testing. Kulfi taking a gander at a piano thinks back time went through with her dad. Poke pyar hai to majburi kya.. dil paas hai to phir duri kya..song.. plays out of sight. She plays piano thinking back her dad instructing it to her. Amarya strolls in and yells how could she is to contact Dada’s piano, for what reason did she go into dada’s room. Kulfi says they are not letting her meet baba. Amyra yells they won’t and she can return to any place she has a place with. Chalu seeing that thinks Amyra is so noisy and Kulfi is so sensible, it won’t work along these lines.

Kulfi comes back to her room tragically. Chalu says let us return as nothing will occur. Kulfi says how might she abandon discovering her baba. Chalu says when she can’t battle for herself, it is squander remaining her. She incites Kulfi hitting him over and again and saying she simply needs to manage everybody’s drivel. Kulfi yells to quiet down. Chalu says that is need she needs to see her, when the world kicks them, they ought to get into self-preservation state of mind; she needs to remain against Amayra’s hogwash and in the event that somebody incites her she ought not endure quietly and ought to respond.


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