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Kulfi the singing star update Thursday 17 October

Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) reads the diary ahead, nimrat reads I aimed her as we wanted sweet and what matters us most, I named our daughter on our sweetest memory,Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) finds the page where name written burnt, nimrat shouts it’s Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) thinks of Nimrat and runs to his room, and removes his handkerchief gifted by nimart and realises Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) is his daughters name, nimrat happy and says yes our daughter Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma). Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) reads ahead, nimrat writes, our daughter sings just like you, she has beautiful voice, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) remembers meeting Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) and how she described her father,Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) very happy and remembers every moment with Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma).


Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says god my daughter was with me all the time,nimrat says and you couldn’t recognise her and smiles, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says this is why we are so connected to eachother and I feel that pain when she is away from me,and somehow we get back together because she is mine, my daughter, nimrat says cmon get up go get your daughter, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says I won’t let my daughter go away from me and rushes to get her.nimrat says go Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) get our daughter, get her back to her father, thank you god for reuniting Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) and Sikander(Aakriti Sharma), keep my family happy and together and Nimrat leaves.
Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) on his way thinking about Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) all the time, and says Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) you are not alone, you have family, your baba is here, my love will cure all your sadness, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) finds the car but finds Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) missing and other passenger in it. Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) heart broken says Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) dear your father is waiting to see you, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) picks Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma)s form and goes towards boarding school, excited to tell Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) that he is her father. Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) reaches school, and asks for Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) and introduces himself as Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma)s father, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) carrying flowers and gifts for Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) and eagerly waiting for her, he imagines himself being with Nimrat when Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) was born and by them when she grew up.

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Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) nervous, and says god I’m so nervous, and says What if Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) asks me all those questions she had been asked all these years what will I answer her, anyways she has to ask it’s her right, but how will I tell her she is my daughter and starts practising, and says we always felt the connection right, it’s because I’m actually your daughter, peon says talk to ma’am.Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) tells ma’am about Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), she says we have no girl named Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says she must have reached just now, she says no ways, there no girl here, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) shows photo, she says no she isn’t here, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) shows form, ma’am says it’s not our boarding school and shows the original form.Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) confused.

Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) remembers how desperately lovely wanted to send Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) away, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) goes home and sees lovely. Amyra ready to play with Sikander(Aakriti Sharma), lovely says cmon play, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) acts for Amyra, amyra gets scared, and says thank you dad, after so long I feel homely,we will be like this right, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says yes go to your room I have to talk to your mom, amyra says you will fight again, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says no you go to your room, I will be there, amyra leaves.

Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says lovely without creating any drama tell me where is my daughter Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma),.

Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) asks lovely where is his daughter Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), lovely says your, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says yes mine where did you send her, if something happens I won’t spare you, you lied to me,Lovely says please amyra was happy, she just started getting better, I did this to keep Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) away and keep amyra away, amyra is our daughter, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says yes Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) is my daughter too and since when you know Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) is my daughter,Lovely says since we found she is a girl,Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says you snatched her father her house her family, my daughter was with me all the time, but could call her mine, I already cheated on nimrat but you cheated me being with me, you used amyra against all this.

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Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says Amyra is mine and so is Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), tell me where is Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), you already have messed a lot, Lovely doesn’t answer, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says okay don’t answer I will find her, Lovely says you will never find her even in your dreams, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says I will do it, you did all this for amyra look what I do for my Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), Mohendar Bebe and gunjan walk in and ask what’s wrong, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) hugs them, lovely says tell them, and even before getting angry on me ask them why did they hide the truth from you, and didn’t tell Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) is your daughter, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) asks did you all know about it, Bebe remembers how lovely had threatened them,and says actually, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says that poor girl kept asking for her dad, Mohendar says you don’t know the whole truth,Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says because you all hide the truth, she has sent her somewhere and isn’t telling, but I will find my daughter,and you lovely just wait and watch.
Mohendar says Bebe I will be back home only when I find Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) now, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) on his way to find Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma). A man pulls Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) out of the farm and takes her inside. Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) breaks down and remembers Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma)s words when you are with me,sadnes reducess and happiness brightens,Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) talks to stars and says Nimrat Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) had introduced me to you long back, I have done lot of mistakes but I will get my daughter back, she had lost you but didn’t lose hope, and so will I, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) motivates himself and says I won’t loose hope and find my daughter, Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) says everyone knew the truth but no one told me, all left me alone and my daughter too but this Sikander(Aakriti Sharma) won’t be alone , I will find my daughter, I couldn’t give you your rights but will give Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) what is her.

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Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) wakes up and sees been taken to a room. Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) asleep Amani beside her, she wears gloves and opens Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma)s bag, and says she should get nothing from this bag, Amaji washes her hands with two soaps and throws everything away, she applies make up, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) wakes up saying baba, sees Amaji and gets scared, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) thinks she is in boarding, and says sorry for sleeping till late and touches feet and says good morning, Amaji remembers lovely calling her and say Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) does all this to fool us Infact she is a thief and very cunning, don’t go by her innocent face,she also tried to attack my daughter and so I’m sending her to her child remand home , Amaji says you speak a lot, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says yes I do speak a lot, Amaji says and you have done a lot too, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says yes and keeps talking, Amaji thinks Lovely was right she looks very innocent,but such kids at the most brats.


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