Kulfi the singing star update Thursday 10 October 2019 Starlife

Kulfi the singing star update Thursday 10 October 2019 Starlife

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A lady walks to Nimrat and says Namrata where were you, so long,didn’t you recognise me, I’m Riddhi, how are you, nimrat says I’m nimrat, you are mistaken,Riddhi says stop kidding now, I know how prankster you are, nimrat says look I don’t know you,Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) thinks why is she stammering, nimrat sees Sikander walk, and panics,nimrat thinks who is she who is revealing everything, nimrat says who are you, why are you behind me, I’m nimrat, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) let’s go I don’t feel good here. Lovely watching them, and signs Riddhi.

Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) keeps nimrat asking questions, nimrat panics and scolds her and says I’m sorry kiddo, I’m not feeling good, I will go practice,you come too we will feel better and leaves. Sikander walks to Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) and asks what’s wrong, why you look surprised, Lovely walksin and says sorry I’m not here to make you uncomfortable I’m here to take few Amyra(Myra Singh)s thing we need for school project, Sikander says this is Amyra(Myra Singh)s house, you can take whatever she wants, Lovely says not mine though, nimrat sees lovely and says is she drunk again. Love,y purposely calls nimrat Namrata, nimrat turns back, Lovely acts as if she is on phone, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) confused looks at her and thinks why does she get scared hearing this name,Lovely thinks I know you are smart Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), you surely are already thinking.
Nimrat takes the lift, Lovely gets in too and says don’t be scared it’s a water bottle not alcohol,and asks why were you so surprised when I was talking to Namrata and why did you responded,and why I feel you are named Namrata and not Nimrat, nimrat says I don’t know, Lovely says cmon, I met the girl in garden, she was your friend she said etc, anyways thanks to you, you saved me from Sikander family and I would like to warn you be ware of Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), she is sikanders favourite, don’t worry I won’t tell her the truth but I hope you haven’t brought any of your real name stuff, if Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) finds it you will be in mess.

Lovely makes a call and says it’s time, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) thinking about name Namrata and how nimrat reacts to it, nimrat walks in and says Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) I will see you later I’m busy, Amyra(Myra Singh) walks to Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says good you came,Amyra(Myra Singh) says I’m here for my walkie talkie I wanna break it, give it back quickly, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) gets in her room, nimart on call with her friend with her stuff messed up and discussing about girl she met downstairs. Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) finds her slam book and Namrata written in it, and says you are Namrata and not nimrat, Amyra(Myra Singh) says yes, and she did this all on purpose to full you and keep you on your side, I had warned you, she is bad aunty, she lied about tattoo as well, listen to me Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), she lies about being good and if she marries dad she will throw us out, she is using you to get dad and do you still see your mom in her, Amyra(Myra Singh) leaves.

Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) in tears and remember talking to her mother, and she didn’t answer. Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says mom I asked you, she lied, is Amyra(Myra Singh) saying truth, star shines, nimrat tells at Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) and says it’s just a star and not your mother, your mother is dead, she isn’t there, haven’t you studied science, and makes fun of Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says I saw my mother in you but you made fun of my mother, I will never forgive you, Nimrat says why will I apologise, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says okay then ,I will never let this family break and tell them the truth, nimrat locks the door, tears the book and burns it, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) gets scared, nimrat says like Amyra(Myra Singh) says I’m very bad aunty, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says I will still go and tell them the truth, nimrat says but who will agree to you, because you gave everyone the confidence that I’m perfect match and if you try and mess with me I won’t spare you.

Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) rushes to Amyra(Myra Singh) and bangs door, Amyra(Myra Singh) opens the door, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) tells Amyra(Myra Singh) what all happened, Amyra(Myra Singh) says you didn’t listen to me now look, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) asks who will I go to, I beg you please help me,Amyra(Myra Singh) says I had warned you, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says I need your help to save our family, Amyra(Myra Singh) says I will help you for the sake of my dad, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says thank you and very sorry, Amyra(Myra Singh) hugs her,and says we will work together, and throw bad aunty out of dads life, Amyra(Myra Singh) says we have to work secretly because whole family is with her, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says done, Amyra(Myra Singh) says go I will think then.Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) leaves, lovely walks to Amyra(Myra Singh), and says good job baby.

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