Kulfi the singing star update Friday 13 December 2019

Kulfi the singing star update Friday 13 December 2019

Lovely stops Sikander, Sikander asks what are you two doing here, Lovely says we decided to meet here I did message you, you didn’t read my message then what are you doing here, Sikander says I read message, Lovely says then why ask what we doing here, sikander says I meant let’s go inside sit, Lovely asks what’s in this bag, sikander says it’s a friends.

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Mia says let Kulfi wear a dress she is Comfortable with, Vikram says okay, but kulfi understand you need to step out of your comfort zone, Kulfi says I get it but we can make our own path, Vikram says even I did but I was pushed behind and your father went ahead of me,this is the truth accept it, this time I give it to you, next time it’s as I say and leaves. Kulfi asks Mia is it that for success we need to behave against our wish, Mia says I knew you would bring this question, and yes it’s the truth, Kulfi asks but how will I do something I don’t like.

Sikander gets a call from Vikram, Vikram says get here in 5 min or else forgot the job, lovely asks Sikander what’s wrong, sikander says washroom and leaves. A waiter sees Sikander change to Murphy. Vikram assigns Murphy his job. Kulfi in her room, listening to songs and says these lyrics I don’t like. Murphy walks to kulfi and says you look so pretty, Kulfi says I have to share something personal, Murphy says but we are work friends we need to be friends for this, Kulfi says okay and says let’s be friends, before kulfi could say the songs lyrics, Vikram takes Kulfi away, Lovely makes sikander call but he rejects it.

Kulfi the singing star update Friday 13 December 2019

Kulfi the singing star update Friday 13 December 2019

Kulfi says Vikram she didn’t like the song, Vikram says enough of the drama kulfi. Sikander going to Lovely the waiter helps Sikander thinking he is with India on secret mission. Sikander is asked by Jimmy will amyra and he will perform together, Lovely says off coarse they will and diverts the topic, and goes to song lists, sikander thinking about kulfi.

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Vikram in talks with cookie, cookie says let’s hear Kulfi, Vikram calls Murphy, sikander says I will be back, Lovely says I’m sorry, Jimmy gets irritated. Vikram asks Murphy to get quickly to for song arrangements. Sikander rushes to kulfis venue. Mia introduces kulfi. Jimmy and Vikram along with lovely and Amyra notice bracelet in Murphy’s hand. Murphy says I bought it road side.

Vikram says Jimmy sir good to see you look Kulfi is here, Kulfi sees Lovely and goes in shock, Mia notices it, Lovely thinks god if I knew Kulfi was here I would never have come here, Kulfi gets disturbed, Kulfi thinking how will I sing, audience wait for Kulfi to sing, Vikram says kulfi start cmon, kulfi starts singing but is scared.

Cookie hears kulfi and says she is talent, I was right look at her Jimmy she is talent, Jimmy says she sings well but if would smile a bit would be delightful, Murphy gets angry and attacks him, Kulfi and Amyra see sikander, amyra says dad, Kulfi remembers how she bonded with Murphy but he is sikander. Sikander looks at Kulfi, and walks to her, amyra shouts and stop him, but sikander still walks to kulfi, Vikram stands in between and yells at him, says what do you think of yourself you cheat.

Sikander says I was just trying to patch with my daughter, without whom I can’t live, Vikram says you are a liar,I can’t believe you are jealous of your own daughter, you tried to make Kulfi against me, for amyra all this is right but for kulfi it’s wrong, sikander says enough, I made Amyras video removed from internet right away, Vikram says this is all your tricks, congratulations you won, you made amyra win and kulfi loose, sikander says kulfi don’t believe him, Vikram says you attacked jimmy too so that he doesn’t sign kulfi, sikander says I did that so he doesn’t talk I’ll about kulfi, jimmy says don’t believe him he is defaming kulfi for Amyras fame.

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Mia steps in between and tries to stop Vikram, sikander pleas to kulfi not to believe Vikram, lovely says Sikander stop it situation is getting worst, Jimmy says situation now will get worst and complains to police and says Vikram now Kulfi will sing in my wedding, lovely says I’m sorry from his side, I’m ashamed, sikander says enough lovely don’t beg to this pervert, Jimmy says I will finish you too,sikander says do what you want to.

Sikander says kulfi I can never do wrong for you, don’t leave me, Kulfi remembers lovely killed her mother, sikander says you trust me right, Kulfi says I used to, now I don’t know what is truth and what is not, Amyra says dad I’m here why beg infront of that dirty girl or else I will, sikander asks what will you, enough of your black mails, I can’t bare this anymore, come with me I will tell the whole world that you are my world, Kulfi says I will tell everyone that it’s a lie, sikander says don’t do it, I need you, Kulfi says I don’t need you, Kulfi says Mia ma’am let’s go quickly.

Police arrests sikander, Jimmy doesn’t listen, Lovely begs him to take back the complaint. Sikander attacks media while being taken to police station, Kulfi sees Sikander and gets hurt, Mia tries to console her.

Kulfi the singing star update Friday 13 December 2019

Kulfi the singing star update Friday 13 December 2019

Vikram celebrates kulfis selection, Vikram says you sang so well, media wants to interview, Kulfi says is this what I have to do, I did promise you to do what you will ask to, but singing this was doesn’t make me happy, I don’t want to sing in such places, Vikram says this is work and we work for money, not happiness, Kulfi says if I’m not happy what will I do of the money, there might be many ways why should I take this one, Vikram says this is the only way to be superstar even Sikander has done all this,Vikram leaves.

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Kulfi walks to Mia and says I’m not a bad girl I don’t want to upset him, Mia says I know that, Kulfi says but this doesn’t give me happiness, Tia hugs Kulfi and says don’t cry, you crying makes me sad. Mia says you two go and get changed, Mia walks to Vikram, Vikram says I’m celebrating sikanders destruction. And Mia I’m doing this all for you, I still love you, and now I have done what I always wanted to, can we give our relationship one more chance, Mia leaves. Vikram says Mia I know you are attached to Kulfi now, and so you haven’t attached the video that will destroy Sikander.

Vikram takes a look at the video and says well done Vikram Ahuja. Vikram at press conference, and says now a big truth about kulfi, and says she has suffered so much but still made it till here, amyra watching the news. Amyra says to Sikander dad what and why are you watching kulfis news in kulfis room I’m here, sikander says enough amyra if you can’t behave don’t talk to me.


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