Kulfi the singing star update Friday 11 October 2019 Starlife

Kulfi the singing star update Friday 11 October 2019 Starlife

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Lovely walks to Amyra(Myra Singh) and says well done, the game is in our hands now, Amyra(Myra Singh) says will we win, Lovely says yes and one more thing and dad will be all yours, Amyra(Myra Singh) asks what, Lovely says but it will be painful, Amyra(Myra Singh) says I don’t care I want my family back. Sikander rehearsing, with Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) looks at nimart and sings describing her giving her looks, nimrat melts hearing Sikander sing, Sikander says wow my Sardar kulfa Singh, very good, nimrat gets a call and gets scared, and leaves, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) follows her, remembering Amyra(Myra Singh)s instructions, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) hears nimrat talk to someone to meet her at coffee shop.

Amyra(Myra Singh) asks Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) to go follow nimrat and find the truth, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says no she is bad if she findsq I’m following her she will harm me, Amyra(Myra Singh) says disguise and go, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) gets excited and hugs her, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) leaves. Lovely says well done baby now 2 days and you will have your dad back. Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) dressed as kulfa Singh following nimrat, nimrat sees her but doesn’t recognise. Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) hears nimrat talking to a man, who asks Nimrat not spoil sikanders life as he did with her, nimrat says don’t you remember what I did to you so stay away and leaves. Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) talks to the boy and asks for help and asks what she did to him,he says I loved Namrata but she was such a big fan of Sikander that she wanted me to be like him, I did too, but then it was limit and I stoped, but Namrata sent me jail in fake case and now she is behind Sikander and kiddo I will help you reveal Namrata true face.Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says good I will give you address.
The boy(Satya) calls Lovely and says I will help you, Lovely says good and thinks good Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) you are doing as I’m saying, we are on good track now soon this Namrata will be out and then you, Satya meets Sikander and family and tells about Namrata,Namrata walks in and shocked to see Satya, Satya warns Sikander, Sikander says wow you lie so confidently and leave before I call police, Satya says I have proofs please trust me,sikander says nimrat told me everything.

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(Namrata had recognised Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) in coffee shop and calls Sikander) Sikander says Nimrat called me and she told me nimrats face resembles his ex and so follows her and knowing she is my fine tries to imitate me to impress her and Nimrat even sent him jail for following her,nimrat says please leave me alone I beg you.

Nimrat pulls Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) aside and says dare you try mess with me, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says stop lying, nimrat says I’m here with solid planning and will marry Sikander and will throw you out of this house and then you, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) starts laughing, Amyra(Myra Singh) walks in laughing, and says we can plan too, and shows her recording, nimrat snatches the phone, and says here video deleted, Amyra(Myra Singh) starts laughing again and says I have already sent to dad nimrat leaves.

Nimrat breaks flower pot in her leg to distract Sikander, Sikander looking at her injury, nimrat takes advantage of situation and deletes the video, sikander leaves to give first aid, nimrat says I’m so obsessed with Sikander and you will have to repay for this, Amyra(Myra Singh) and Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) say we aren’t scared of you and you will know power of friend ship.

Nimrat laughs of Amyra(Myra Singh) and Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) and says you two think you will defeat me,and now listen carefully I will screw you infront of Sikander and you won’t be able to do a thing. Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) wakes up scared seeing nimrat aside., nimrat says okay listen you like spying on me right, so today on I will spy on you, sikander walks in and hugs her, Sikander asks Nimrat is her leg alright, nimrat says yes Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) gave so much love why won’t I be fine and you people have given me so much love and if you don’t mind I would like to take Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma)s responsibility, taking her to school, teaching her everything we both will have Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) thinks how will I get away from this, Sikander says thank you, you doing a lot already.

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Sikander says I have to go to a function and I will be honoured there, Ustaad is also coming, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) gets excited, sikander says sorry it’s Odets function kids can’t sing,nimrat will you sing along with me, nimrat gets excited and says yes, Sikande leaves,nimrat says look what happened, he choose me and not you, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says it’s not your name, you are fake, nimrat says point is he choose me and not you, bye.
Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) and Amyra(Myra Singh) in garden, see nimrat on call and discuss, if she is spying on you let’s change plan, keep her so busy with you that she won’t get time to spend with dad, nimrat says do whatever you want, you got no chance, anyways cmon quick we have to goi have to practice for function. Amyra(Myra Singh) asks Nimrat for water, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) asks for food, Amyra(Myra Singh) says I don’t want samosa,I want chocolate milkshake, Amyra(Myra Singh) asks her to help with studies,so does Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma), nimrat says girls study don’t make excuses, Amyra(Myra Singh) says I’m tired, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says let her rest and I’m very hungry, nimrat begins her practice, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) disturbs nimrat purposely,Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) Amyra(Myra Singh) says okay, Amyra(Myra Singh) Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) hear nimrat take a parcel and talk on call say yes this will help me keep an eye on sikander and yes I remember it spoils with water.

Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) and Amyra(Myra Singh) open it and throw water in it, nimrat walks to them and scolds them, nimrat shows Sikander girls threw water on piano and say I had bought it specially for you, sikander asks Amyra(Myra Singh) did you do it, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says no I did, sikander asks what you did, are you lying why did you do it, you worship music, bad deed, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says I didn’t knew it was instrument I heard her say it’s an recorder to keep an eye on you, so I did it, nimrat says why will I and did you do this, because I said I will complain to him, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) Amyra(Myra Singh) say she is lying, nimrat says I can prove myself, I always record my practice for improvement and you can she these two were troubling me,sikander sees it, and says I know Amyra(Myra Singh) you don’t like her but you shouldn’t listen to elders and Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) you like her then why behave this way, discipline is important and she is doing this to help you, so don’t misbehave,or else I will be angry.nimart gives girls cold look,sikander leaves, nimrat says I told you, you can’t defeat me and soon you will be away from him and me close,now see these rings, they are engagement rings, I’m going to propose him in function today, and then we will marry, he made an arrangement in birthday party and so he won’t deny me,now I will be late, I have to get ready bye girls.

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Amyra(Myra Singh) starts crying, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) says don’t panic, she is nothing to us, calm down, I believe our dad will be ours she can’t take him away from us and hugs her. Amyra(Myra Singh) runs to lovely and starts crying and says Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) was lying she wont steal our baba but she is going to propose dad, Lovely asks what did you say, Amyra(Myra Singh) gets scared, and says Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) said she won’t steal our dad,Lovely is shock and asks Amyra(Myra Singh) does Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) know sikander is her father, Amyra(Myra Singh) says yes.

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