Kulfi the singing star 10 July 2020: On Kulfi the singing star Friday 10 July 2020 star life update, Loveleen locks Mohendar in a room. Loveleen address media saying we are in a great shock as all this came so sudden,

my husband Sikander was so ill, all doctors had given up on him, only doctor Jacob took chance on 1% and he spoiled surgery, and to cover his mistake, he hide Sikander somewhere, and now doctor is in hiding, Kulfi watching news, Kulfi says all think it’s me and Jacobs mistake, but it’s not, I’m very sure, Baba was fine, it’s not doctors mistake, that mask man did it, I want someone to help me get home and explain everything to Loveleen and Amyra.

Chalu walks to Kulfi and says come with me to my house, I’m sorry I was angry so spoke ill to you. Mohendar keeps banging the door, goons get in and threat Mohendar. Chalu says Kulfi treat this as your home but please let it be as dirty as it is, and tells her all the rules, Kulfi says as per your rules I can’t do anything then how will I manage, Chalu says we will manage, Kulfi thanks her, and leaves.

Chalu calls Jantar Mantar and says as per your info that girl is with me, now no one can stop us from getting inside that house. Lawyers ask Loveleen power of attorney was with Mohendar when did this pass on to you, Loveleen with help of goons threat Mohendar and make him sign papers, Loveleen tells lawyers Mohendar has passed it, he is moved by Sikanders state and so he doesn’t want this huge responsibility, so I’m the only one left.

Loveleen gets a box and opens it, she finds the drug needle in it and is shocked, she opens the letter in the box which reads I know what you have done to Sikander in the hospital.

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Kulfi and chalu discuss about going to church at 10 pm tonight for important work, Loveleen receives message to reach church at 10.

Loveleen arrives at church at 10, and waits for blackmailer, Chalu and Kulfi arrive at church, Loveleen sees Jimmy Gandhar waiting for her. Chalu says Kulfi my aunt stays here, she thinks her grand daughter is lost somewhere you will have to act as her grand daughter for sometime. Jimmy tells Loveleen he has contacts everywhere and says I know everything.

Old aunty opens door, Chalu says aunty look I got your grand daughter home, aunty is blind, she thinks Kulfi is her grand daughter and hugs her, Chalu says aunty you promised me something, aunty says yes come in.

Jimmy says Loveleen you are brilliant, Loveleen says why are you blackmailing me, Jimmy says I’m not, I’m throwing you an offer, we have common enemy, it’s Sikander.

Aunty takes Chalu to her bedroom and opens her locker and gives her money, Chalu notes down the code, Aunty gives her 1 lakh, aunty says I have made kheer you two have it, Kulfi says Chalu what all is happening, Chalu says she is happy seeing you, you are earning lot of blessings, you talk to aunty, I’m going inside for some cleaning, I will tell her I’m going out but I will go inside.

Jimmy asks for 50% partnership in SSG.

Chalu informs Kulfi that old woman/Daadi is very impressed with Kulfi as she thinks her as granddaughter Munni, so she should keep daadi in her chat while she goes out and cleans house. Blind daadi brings kheer. Chalu says she needs to leave and acts as going away. She returns silently. Daadi feeds kheer to Kulfi, Kulfi nervously eats kheer while Chalu walks into room and gets 2 thieves in via window. Daadi asks Kulfi if she is not happy with her daadi. Kulfi thinks how to reveal that she is not her daadi. Chalu opens safety locker and is amazed to see loads of money. She and thieves dance excitedly. Daadi asks Kulfi she didn’t remember her since so many days. Kulfi nervously looks towards room where Chalu is clearing whole locker and walks towards window. Blind daadi insists Kulfi to call her daadi. Kulfi says she is daadi of all children. Daadi says she is only her daadi and requests to call her same. Kulfi says she is like her daadi, but is not. Chalu with thieves is about to escape via window when Daadi shoots bullet and warns that she may be blind but cannot be fooled. Chalu tries to mislead her, but Daadi shoots again and says her ears are very sharp. Thives run out while Chalu runs towards Kulfi. Kulfi informs that Daadi is very angry on her and went out twith gun. Chalu says old woman has gone mad. Kulfi asks not to say so. Daadi searches Chalu shouting how dare she is to try to loot her. Kulfi with Chalu hides behind sofa and asks her why did she lie that daadi is her aunt. Daadi continues shooting bullets in air. They hear police siren and get tensed.

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Loveleen meets a man who asks not to think much. Loveleen says 50% is too much. He says if she wants to take SSG Records Limited to new heights, she shouldn’t think much as she will gain 500% profit by just giving 50% profit. He says she doesn’t have any option as he will reveal that she tried to kill her husband. She agrees. He says she will be SSG Records Limited’s face and he will improve business. She asks what about Amayra. He says since Kulfi is out, Amarya will be lead singer for Vijayalakshmi; they both are same and can do anything for success as they are not hesitant to step on anyone’s shoulder; for a successful business, ethics don’t work and only power works. He continues that if she accepts deal, Sikandar will not get up from bed in life and she will gain whatever she wants. Lovleen shakes hand and says lets do this.

Inspector with constables searches thieves in flats of whole building and walk towards Daadi’s flat. Chalu walks out with Kulfi and lies that 4-5 thieves have captivated Daadi and will kill her if they don’t save her. Inspector and constables run into flat, and she escapes with Kulfi and blames her for losing 10 lakhs because of her. Kulfi says it is wrong to cheat.

Kulfi asks Chalu if she can enter anyone’s house without anyone noticing her. Chalu says yes. Kulfi requests her to let her enter her own house. Chalu says it is easy to enter a small chawl. Kulfi says she lives in a big building. Chalu thinks that building is a mela of crorepatis and Kulfi must be a maid there, asks why she wants to go there. Kulfi says she stays there. Chalu thinks she maybe a maid there and her boss must have kicked her out, anyways she will enter the building with Kulfi’s help and steal there.


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