Kulfi the singing star Tuesday update 17 December 2019

Mia informing Kulfi that his rehearsals are not in the auditorium.

Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) decides to go to the auditorium instead and Amyra’s plan fails.

PREV: Kulfi the singing star Monday update 16 Dec.

Ritu Torani arrives to see the play. Peter enquires about Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) but she is searching for the Tiara.

At the same time, Tiara is with Amyra and she wishes to do Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma)’s role.

Sikander gets worried for Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) while she is still searching for the Tiara.

Peter starts the play with Amyra in the lead and Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) rushes to perform her role.

Ritu stops the play and says the plot is interesting but there is no life in the performance. She decides to leave but Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma)’s beautiful song stops her.

Ritu gets impressed with Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma)’s singing and signs her. She tells Peter she will invest money for Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) and she is the only star in his play.

Amyra and Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) start to rehearse for the play while Peter gets a call from Jimmy. Peter denies making any video for Jimmy as he is directing a play.

Jimmy decides to stop the play and asks for all details.

Meanwhile, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) is struggling with her English lines and Amyra comes to correct her mistakes.

Later, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) tries to correct Amyra in her singing but Amyra gets upset and decides to leave the play.

Gunjan decides to send Lovely to jail and warns her as well.


At the same time, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) gets shocked to see Sikander in the backstage area.

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Precap Upcoming Kulfi The Singing Star episode update: Kulfi and Amyra surprise everyone with their strange decision regarding the play. Later, Sikander runs into trouble as two strangers arrive with shocking news.


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