Kulfi the singing star 30th July 2020: On Kulfi the singing star Thursday 30th July 2020 Written update, Kulfi asks Sikandar for what good reason he wouldn’t like to accompany her. Sikandar thinks how to determine what Lovleen is doing.

Kulfi says she will record and he yells flutter his eyelashes twice in the event that she is correct. She peruses that Lovleen needs to ruin his organization’s name and execute him, so he needs to remain back and battle. Sikandar fluttered eyelashes twice. Kulfi says they will remain here and battle shamefulness. Guard advises Lovleen that lift was under fix since yesterday after now and he got it fixed a few seconds ago. Cutie attempts to flag Lovleen that Kulfi must be here itself. Lovleen doesn’t comprehend. Cutie records it. Magnificence yells that Kulfi is inside house itself. Lovleen asks Tauji for what good reason did he lie that Kulfi went from lift. Tauji stammers that he thought she left. Lovleen cautions him to overlook his significant other Gunjan now.

Lovleen with her group look Kulfi in entire house. Kulfi enters pooja room. They all yells to get her. Kulfi holding god’s venerated image plunks down and cautions them to set out touch her, else god will rebuff them.


Constable cautions reviewer not to contact god’s object of worship, else they will be in a tough situation. Kulfi begins singing while Sikandar cries inside the mystery place. After melody completes, Lovleen grabs divine beings icon and pushes Kulfi out. A man strolls in and holds Kulfi. Kulfi says mother/uncle. Man asks how set out to push his little girl out. Lovleen and her group say Kulfi attempted to hurt Sikandar and even brought phony Nimrath to remain in this house.

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Mother says in what manner can Kulfi bring counterfeit Nimrath when his sister is as yet alive and calls her. Chalu strolls in with Jantar and Mantar. Mother says she is his sister Nimrath. Lovleen’s group yell she is phony Nimrath. Mom asks Chalu to attach rakhi to him and says they are sibling and sister. Auditor leaves revealing to Lovleen that she can’t help currently as Kulfi’s has solid proof with her now.

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