Kulfi the singing star Monday 6 January 2020 update: begins with Amyra saying she will approach her Naanu for an AC.

Kulfi the singing star 6 January 2020 update: Kulfi gets annoyed with Sikander’s condition and gets a thought while imploring. She chooses to bring Ganpati home when she doesn’t discover Ganpati in any neighbor’s home. She takes help from different children while Kalti says they need authorization of Himmat.

They all choose to converse with Himmat however get produced when she wakes. Himmat offers custard to Kulfi while Kulfi proposes to bring Ganpati home.


Himmat concurs if everybody gives assets for the Utsav. In the interim, Nihalo says they can escape in a nourishment truck that comes each year during Ganpati.

Kulfi the singing star Monday update 6 January 2020
Kulfi the singing star Monday update 6 January 2020

Kulfi says they will wind up different divine beings to get the cash. They spruce up and furthermore choose to take help from Amyra.

Amyra thinks they are genuine divine beings and requests her old home. Kulfi puts a wet material on the table fan to give cool air to Amyra. Kulfi asks Amyra to enable them to get philanthropy from the neighbors for keeping Ganpati.

In the interim, Sikander attempts to discover an AC for Amyra on EMI. He is approached to give ten thousand ahead of time for the AC. Kulfi the singing star update Monday 6 January 2020

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