Kulfi the singing star Monday 3 August 2020 Written update,  Episode Start with Kulfi teaches her gathering that Lovleen kept an eye on media that Dr. Jacob Shepard did a mistake in Sikandar’s medicinal system and is eloping starting now and into the foreseeable future.

Chalu calls crisis center and gets some data about Dr. Jacob. Secretary says he ran off and is missing starting now and into the foreseeable future. She asks his area. Secretary says he has no idea. She demands to send Dr. Jacob’s pack to the area she is sending. Lovleen with Beauty and Cutie hears their talk over other phone beneficiary, walks around them and asks what is their new sensation, for what reason did they call crisis center. Jantar acts that he encounters gastric trouble and will break wind now. They every one of the 3 escape. Lovleen then walks around Tauji and making him hear Gunjan’s voice contending for help breaks his scenes and says she can torment even him and in case he needs her to stop Gunjan’s torment, he should go to Kulfi and find why called facility. She gives him new scenes and sends him.

Tauji walks around Kulfi’s room and asks as to for what reason did she call facility. She says she needs to find where Dr. Jacob is by getting his pack from crisis center. He asks with respect to why and desires she doesn’t reveal her plan. Sattu mother walks around and says he trusted Tauji will help Kulfi, anyway he didn’t. Tauji says he can give his life for Kulfi be that as it may.. also, leaves there. He returns to Lovely and stammering says she told someone has medicinal issue. Lovely taking his shows hears Kulfi’s voice in a hid recorder and says she will get Dr. Jacob’s sack. She walks around Kulfi’s gathering and challenges that she will get the sack.

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Restorative facility staff passes on pack. Amyra brings sack which Chalu gets and runs. Lovleen and her gathering runs behind her. Amyra asks Kulfi what is this new show. Kulfi says she will in like manner benefit with this sack and thinks just Dr. Jacob can fix their baba. Lovleen and her tea endeavor to snatch pack, sack evacuates and impacts tumble down. They all continue engaging. Lovleen brings light oil and expends impacts and asks with respect to whether their performance is over now.

Kulfi walks around Sikandar’s room when Chalu stops her and stows away. Lovleen gets away from bureau and sits on her bed. Chalu says she would have been persuaded and should be careful if someone is inside, else she can’t bolster continually. Kulfi asks where Dr. Jacob must be. Chalu says he probably returned to America. Kulfi cries in what way will they fix Baba now. She returns to her room and signs a grievous song recalling time proceeded with Sikandar.


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