King of hearts Zee world update Tuesday 18 February 2020

King of hearts Tuesday 18 February 2020: Satya telling Payal that he will make Kareena go from this house, once Mahi and Raj go to chawl for their safety.

King of hearts Tuesday 18 February 2020: Payal asks him to be have patience. Mahi comes there and claps hearing them. She says I know my Satya can’t change in a day and hugs Satya, asking him how can he be so selfless. Payal praises him. Satya says it is my duty. I have not done anything great, I wanted to tell you, but couldn’t. He says I took your Mamma’s help and tells everything. Mahi gets emotional and hugs Payal. She thanks her for helping Satya and says we shall forget everything and start afresh. Payal also gets emotional and teary eyes. Satya says we want your help…you have to take everyone out far from here including you. Mahi nods. Payal says we will teach a lesson to that witch and even ghost can come to teach a lesson to witch. She says you know naa what we have to do? Satya says yes, I know well. Payal smiles.

Later in hall, Mahi tells Satya that they can’t stay under the same roof as Kareena and leaves with her family. Kareena smiles and thinks now she can make Satya danced on her tune. She is in her room, and sees light blinking on and off…….She sees someone standing and asks Satya not to joke with her and come to her. Satya in an injured look tells that he is not Satya, but Siddharth Khurana….He says this is my house and my family. He says all the things here is mine, this wealth etc….He says your mum knew me very well. He says Shabnam tried to ruin my family many times, but I was also protecting my family. He says I am dead and will kill you just your mum was killed. Kareena gets scared, runs out of room and locks it. Payal is outside the room. Satya thinks she has locked the room. Kareena goes to hall and tells Payal that she saw ghost, and then says it is Satya’s plan to scare me. Payal says how can he plan? Kareena says did you see him? Payal thinks Satya is locked in her room and gets worried.

Mahi tells Satya’s plan to Raj and asks him to trust Satya. Raj asks her to call Satya. Mahi says if I call him then he will land in trouble, says Payal will call and give her update. She asks him not to worry. Kareena comes to Satya’s room and calls him. She couldn’t see him and tells Payal that he was Satya’s only. Satya comes out from washroom and asks if she is trying to take his advantage when his wife is away, says he is not that kind of a guy. Payal takes Kareena from there. Satya recalls coming out of window. Payal asks Kareena not to get scared and says Siddharth Khurana can’t come and scare you. Satya smiles.

He calls Mahi and asks about Raj. Mahi says he is fine, and tells that Raj went for a walk with Mitul. They have kept Anupama in a different hotel room. Satya asks her to lock Anupama. He hears Kareena coming and pretends to talk to Raj and refusing to leave his house. Kareena thinks Satya is dancing on my tune. Satya thinks it is very easy to fool evil people.

Satya as Siddharth Khurana scares Kareena. Kareena gets scared and faints. Payal is hiding and looks at her. Later Kareena gains consciousness and tells Payal that Sid’s ghost is scaring her. Satya scolds her for waking him up at midnight. Payal says I will call doctor tomorrow and we will go for check up. Kareena requests Payal to let her stay with her tonight. Payal smiles.

In the morning, Payal is calling Doctor. Kareena comes and snatches her phone from her hand, says she is not afraid of ghost now as she has hired body guards. Payal calls Satya and informs him. Satya says now I can’t scare her well.

Kareena hiring guards for her safety and asks them to see if there is a ghost or someone trying to scare them. Anupama asks Mahi, that she said that they will stay in chawl but came to hotel. Mahi says they will be in hotel till Raj becomes fine. Mitul acts to have stomach ache and asks Anupama to come with her for a walk. Mahi asks her to go with Mitul. Anupama goes forcibly. Raj asks Mahi to call Satya and take update. Mahi says okay. Mitul irritates Anupama and says what I had eaten yesterday. Anupama thinks she has to find out what Mahi and Raj planning. Mahi calls Payal. Payal tells her that guards came here, and will keep eye on Satya 24 hours, now he can’t do anything. Raj says Satya is not alone and asks them to hear his plan.

Satya laughs hearing his plan and asks which medicines he takes to make his mind run faster. Raj says he had trained his son Sid and now it is your turn. Satya says I have understood everything. Raj cuts the call and signs Mahi that Anupama is hearing them. Raj tells Mahi that Satya is selfish. Mahi asks him not to think about him. Raj says yes, you said right. Anupama thinks she has to do something.

Kareena tells Payal that there is no activity of Satya as he is sitting. Payal says I have an idea and gives her sleeping pill. She says we will make Satya sleep and observe if any activity happens. Kareena likes her idea and asks guard to give juice to Satya. Satya drinks the juice. Kareena waits for him to get unconscious. Satya acts to get unconscious. Kareena asks guards to lock Satya in room. They take him to room and lock him. Satya thinks Payal’s plan is working and hopes it will be a superhit. Payal then wears mask and throws cracker near the guards, then she sprays on them to make them unconscious. She then frees Satya. Mahi and Mitul comes there wearing black clothes. Payal asks them to focus on work.

Satya as Siddharth Khurana comes to Kareena and makes her wake up. He threatens to kill her. Kareena runs out being scared. Mahi and Mitul scare her as ghosts. Kareena asks them to leave her. Mahi asks Mitul to cover her face, else Kareena might see. They hold Kareena. They put rope in Kareena’s neck. Kareena asks them to leave her. Payal looks on from far. Satya moves his hand. Payal pulls the rope. Satya says I will take you with me. Kareena gets scared. Payal asks Kareena why she is hanging herself. Kareena says something wrong is happening for sure. Later Anupama reaches there. Payal messages Mahi that Anupama reached there. King of hearts tuesday 18 February 2020


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