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      Episode 102
      Kritika tells Simran that she knows how to get rid of Roshni once and for all. Now that Shiv is back in the house, DD tries to avoid all contact with him.

Biji asks what happened. Naani says when she went for pooja, oil was not there, then no gas to prepare breakfast, then no car. Biji suggests her to get a pooja done by her pandit. Naani says she is right, but DD does not agree. Sid says he is with his ex-sasusma and says if 2-3 problems occur, that does not mean everything will be dark. Simply at that point, light goes. Naani demands for supplications for the family. The fake Priest tells everyone to sit.
Sid gives Roshni a sign. As all eyes are closed, he switches places with her. He receives a Phone call and tells the person to call him later. He pushes a little burning lamp till it touches the sheet spread on the floor (Prayer Mat) and it starts burning. Everyone jumps up when they see the fire.

Sid brings water and sets it off with the help of Roshni.

The Priest says it’s a big bad omen. Sid’s Grandmother asks the reason behind it? He says someone came seeking help, but they kicked him out from here.

The Priest tells Roshni’s Grandmother that the fire indicates she has hurt someone who has asked for her forgiveness. Sid says he is telling the truth. DD arrives from work and tells the Priest to leave as soon as he is done, as she doesn’t believe in all this!
The fake Priest pretends to be offended and leaves, yelling that she insulted him.
Sid’s Grandmother asks DD to listen to her as she is her Mom’s age. DD tells Sid and his Grandmother that it’s a personal family matter, so they can leave! Sid’s Grandmother tells DD that she should let her help so they can help fix the problems in her house. Roshni’s Grandmother apologises on DD’s behalf. Sid and his Grandmother leave.

Roshni’s Grandmother tells DD that every bad thing happening in the house is because of Shiv, so they should just bring him back.
DD says she doesn’t believe in all that.
Grandmother says ever since Shiv left the house, they’ve been having problems.
DD tells her not to believe that.
Grandmother tells DD to think of Roshni and asks what if Roshni’s life is harmed.? DD gives in and says she can do what she wants!
Roshni, who was listening from her room smiles and calls Sid to tell him his plan worked. Sid says he will reunite her family for sure.
Raj hears that and smiles. Sid says he will reunite Mother-in-law and Father-in-law. Raj happily hugs him and says he has become expert in reuniting people.
Shiv is back in the house.
He tries to touch Grandmother’s feet, but she doesn’t allow it.
He calls her ‘Mother’ and asks if there is a problem?
Grandmother tells Kesar to tell him not to call her Mother!
Kesar tells Shiv to refer to her as Madam instead. Shiv jokes if she teaches in School? Kesar say no. He says she is the elder of this house and should be called Madam.
Roshni comes out and Shiv tries to approach her, but Grandmother blocks him and tells Kesar to take Shiv to his room!
Mona tells Grandmother that her Brother isn’t doing too well and Kesar should stay in the room with him.
Grandmother says no, he will stay in the guest room!

Simran is looking at the dining she set and she’s upset.
Krutika asks why she is upset?
Simran says she cooks the best food for Sid and his father daily, but they never eat it!
Krutika tells her to calm down, so she can get up on time in the Morning, as they are going to see an important person in the Morning.
Simran asks who the person is?
Krutika says the person will solve all their problems.
Roshni is sitting in a Park with Sid.
She complains that everyone in the house is avoiding Shiv even as he is back in the house.
Sid remembers Mona calling Shiv her brother. He tells Roshni that they will have to separate Shiv from the rest of the family, then slowly get them to come to be on his side and they will start with the weakest link, which is Mona.
The Family is at the dining for breakfast.
Roshni asks why the dish they are having was made, since it’s not a regular dish at the house?
Kesar says it’s Shiv’s favourite.
Grandmother gets upset and asks who made it!
Mona says she made the dish. Grandmother asks the Servant to take it away!
Krutika and Simran go somewhere and meet a Lady. Krutika gives the lady some money probably for their evil plan.

She tells them to meet her at a Coffee shop.
Simran asks what’s going on?
Roshni and Sid are in his Car.
She begs him to help her as her seat belt is stucked.
He turns to help her, but he stares into her eyes. They lock eyes for a few minutes, then he tells her to fix the seatbelt.
Roshni leaves the car in anger.
He follows her out and asks what’s wrong? She asks why he’s still hurting her; he divorced her because his Mother asked him to, even though he still loves her, yet he comes running to help whenever there is a problem in her family. She asks why he doesn’t just leave her alone!
Sid says they got married before they had a chance to be friends and they can start all over again.
He offers her his hand and says his name is Siddharth Khurana.
She takes it and says she’s Roshni Patel. He smiles and she tells him his smile won’t work!
Sid says he knows, and that’s why he wants to be her friend.
He tells her to get into the Car.
Yash and Samaira are back from their honeymoon.
Sid and Roshni are in the house to receive them.
Samaria asks why they didn’t tell her about DD’s accident and that Shiv is back?
Shiv goes to sit at the dining saying he was feeling suffocated in the room and decided to join them.

Mona says Sam he is your… Grandmother comes and says he is a guest and asks everyone to sit for dinner. They all join him at the table.
DD peeps from her room and goes back in, irked.
Shiv asks if Mrs Patel won’t join them?
Roshni says she will get her.
Grandmother tells Roshni to leave DD alone as she is resting and goes to check DD herself.
Yash tells Mona to come and stay with them for a few days.
Samaira agrees.
Mona says she can’t.
Samaira says she won’t take no for an answer. Mona thinks her brother is ill and she cannot leave him alone here.
After dinner. Samaira is helping Mona pack her things.
Mona says she can’t leave because of her older brother.
Shiv enters the room and asks Mona referring to her as Sister, if she has accepted him as her brother? She is shocked he remembers her. She jumps in happiness and shouts. She hugs him and tries to speak, but Sid tells her not to make the others know he hasn’t lost his memory. He says he is doing this drama to reunite them all. Mona asks Shiv why did he lie for so many days? He says he is her Culprit and came in to correct himself.
DD is in her room.
Grandmother goes to meet her and DD assures her she’s fine and just hopes Shiv leaves the house soon.
As soon as Grandmother leaves the room, DD looks worried.
Shiv tells Mona that he knows he hurt her when he left, but he’s happy to be back and he now has his family again and two Sons-in-law.

He looks at Sid and says ex Son-in-law. Sid feels sad. They all have a group hug.
Grandmother searches for everyone and opens the door just then.
She is surprised to see them hugging and asks what’s going on?
Everyone freezes.
Nobody knows what to say.
Sid to divert attention starts acting and pretends to faint.
Grandmother panics seeing that and leaves to get him some water.
Sid tells them it’s Shiv fault they almost got caught.
Grandmother comes back with a drink and Sid quickly lies back down as unconcious. Grandmother sprinkles water on him and takes him to Mona’s room. He drinks some of the water and says he’s better.
Grandmother asks if he’s still dizzy?
He says he’s getting better.
Grandmother tells him she might be upset with him, but she still loves him very much and would like him to stay for the night because he can’t drive in this state. She tells Samaira and Yash to stay as well.
Sid thanks and sends her out. Everyone relax. Sid says he handled the situation and says soon, they all will not have to lie.
Simran and Kritika enter the house.
Simran is holding a file and tells Krutika to make sure no one finds out.
Raj bumps into her and the file falls on the floor.
He asks what it is and she says it’s Krutika’s file.
Raj gives her some document in a file to sign and asks her to read the papers before signing. Krutika insists she signs them without reading. She signs them and wonders why Raj is still blaming her for everything when all she did was for the good of the family? She finishes signing and give the file back to Raj.

Krutika asks Simran for the file and Simran panics when she realises she accidentally gave the file to Raj.
Sid goes into Roshni room and she meets her dressing up.
He runs out and Roshni comes out asking if he is not ashamed entering a Stranger girl’s room? He asks who is a Stranger and says he came to borrow brush from her. He then goes back in to ask for a toothbrush.
She gives him a new one and asks if he also needs a towel? He enters her bathroom and starts brushing staring at her. He watches her as she applies her face cream and teases her. She asks why is he staring at her? He says She is looking like a Cartoon. She sees the cream on her nose, and enters the bathroom, and cleans it with the towel. Their bickering continues and she leaves.
He murmurs that She’s killing him with her beauty, but his Mom doesn’t understand his feelings at all.
Everyone except DD, Grandmother and Kesar are gathered in the living room.
Sid suggests they play charades as it’s one of DD’s favourite games.
Shiv says they have to find a way to make DD join them as there must be something that can scare DD into leaving the room.
Sid tells him they will have to send someone to take the scary stuff to DD’s room.
He turns to Yash.

Yash goes to DD’s space to welcome her to go along with them in playing Charades.

DD says she is drained and needs to rest. He inquires as to whether he should turn off the lights? She concurs and he turns off the lights.

He opens a little container and 2 Cockroaches slither out and into DD’s bed.

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