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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

King of hearts Wednesday Update 28th August 2019 Zee world

The Episode starts with Sid coming to DD’s house with the baraat to marry Roshni. DD takes off the evil eye from him. Sid gets happy and smiles. Bua Dadi interferes and tells that they didn’t follow this ritual.

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Nani Maasi says our gujrati rituals have just started and asks DD to pull the nose of the groom. Sid says it would be fun and asks DD to come. He teases her and then stops so that DD pulls his nose. The photographers clicks the photos.

DD asks why did Media came here? Nani Maasi says Punjabi’s are doing the drama. Simran says we couldn’t refuse when Bua Dadi called them. Nani says we too have one, signing at Nani Maasi. She asks Sid to step inside the marriage venue. Roshni comes down with ladies. Mere Rubara plays as Sid looks at her lovingly. Everyone smiles seeing them. She comes shyly and stands beside Sid.

Pandit ji asks them to do garland (varmala) ritual. Raj lifts Sid and Roshni tries hard to make him wear the garland. Nani asks Kesar to lift Roshni. DD gets tensed. Roshni makes him wear the garland. DD asks Kesar to get her down. Sid and Roshni sit for marriage. Beeji tells Nani, if you are thinking same what I am thinking? Nani says the same. They (DD, Krutika, Simran, Beeji and Nani) go to room and discuss. Beeji says a pregnant lady can’t take the pheras. Nani says how can we forget that.

Beeji says we have to get Gandharva vivaah. Nani says what we will say to your sister and my sister. Krutika says she has an idea. She goes down and asks Pandit ji to lower the fire. She asks him to suggest some other way for the marriage to happen. Nani suggests Gandharva Vivah. Bua Dadi asks have you gone mad? Nani Maasi says what you are saying nonsense? Jigna says Gandharva Vivah is done when the lady is pregnant.

Nani Maasi asks if Roshni is pregnant? Sid looks at Roshni. Nani Maasi asks Roshni to tell the truth. Bua Dadi pops her eyes out in shock. Roshni says yes with much difficulty. Sid smiles and is happy. He asks if this is truth? He asks am I going to be Dad. Roshni smiles. Sid hugs her. Bua Dadi badmouths about Roshni’s values and says she is sitting here after blackening her face. Nani Maasi blames Sid and says he couldn’t control his hormones. Beeji asks Nani, what is hormones? Nani says she will explain later. Raj says it is good news that our bahu is pregnant.

Bua Dadi says she will think if Roshni can be bahu of her house. Nani Maasi also argues. Roshni gets up and tries to go, but Sid stops her and says it is enough. Sid says I am hearing your nonsense since many days, he says Roshni is going to be his wife and the baby inside her is his baby . He says his family is going to be complete and it is a big day for him. He says I will not let anybody spoil it.

When we don’t have any problem and we are not shameful about it, what is your problem? I am proud of my wife and will always. He says this is my child who is in her womb.  He says our marriage is happening for second time. We love always. He says he accepts Roshni as his wife in every births. Everyone is happy and claps for them. Roshni hugs him and gets emotional. Simran telling that she had a fight with DD and was very egoistic before. She promise to keep the family united.

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Everyone claps for her. Nani asks Nani Maasi to stay silent and they look forward for the baby. Beeji tells that new guest will be coming in their home, and if anyone has objection can leave. Sid and Roshni exchange garlands and looks at each other happily. He fills her maang with sindoor.

DD looks on happily. Sid makes her wear mangalsutra. Nani gets emotional. Pandit ji declares that the marriage is complete and asks them to take elder’s blessings.

Later everyone waits for Sid. Simran asks Roshni not to get tensed and Sid might come in sometime. Sid comes and apologizes. Bua Dadi tells that she is seeing first bride, who is not crying. Roshni tells her that she is going from one home to another, and her family and husband is good. She wants to go from here happily.

DD asks Sid to maintain Roshni happy and asks him not to contact her feet. Bua Dadi argues. Simran assures DD that she is going to maintain Roshni happy, as she is their daughter and not daughter in law. She says they’re waiting for grand son or grand daughter. One woman asks Roshni to take the kalash till her sasural. DD tells that Roshni can’t hold it for longer as it’s heavy. Sid says he’ll hold it as no ritual is extra to him that Roshni and his child.

Roshni is leaving from DD’s house and hugs everyone emotionally. DD gets tensed about Sid’s relatives, and says they don’t see anything beyond the rituals. Nani asks her not to worry. After reaching Khurana’s house, Roshni and Sid are welcome with the grah pravesh ritual. Simran does heir aarti and says our grah lakshmi came with all the rituals, with everyone acceptance. She asks her to step inside the house and kicks the kalash. Roshni steps inside, kicks the kalash and keeps her feet in the colored water. Simran takes them to inhouse temple. Roshni prays to God to make her good bahu, wife and mum so that she can give happiness to her family. Simran blesses her.

Sid takes her to room and makes her wear happy mommy shoulder band, and a baby’s tiara. Roshni gets touched with his gesture. He tells that he will keep her happy and never let any trouble or pain come her way. Mere Rubaru plays……….He makes her sit on bed and touches her tummy to feel their baby.

DD tells Nani that Roshni didn’t call her after going to her inlaws’ house, and 2 hours have passed. Nani asks her not to worry and assures her that her Jamai Sid is one in Lakhs. She asks her to let them spend some time together, and call in the morning. DD agrees. Sid and Roshni get romantic in the morning. Sid says baby might be thinking dad is naughty and not letting go of any chance to get romantic. Roshni says she will bring tea and tries to go. Sid sings Abhi Na Jawo Chodke…….and holds her romantically. He then fills her maang with sindoor, and says you are now Sid’s Roshni. Roshni goes out. Sid thanks the God. DD calls Sid. Sid asks what’s up Sasu mummy? DD asks what happened to Roshni? Why she isn’t picking my call? Sid jokes that Roshni is in love.

DD asks her to stop cracking joke and give call to Roshni. Sid says okay, and asks Krutika about Roshni. She says she didn’t know. DD scolds Sid. Sid asks her to relax and he will ask Roshni to call her. He goes in the hall. Beeji asks Sid, where is Roshni? Sid gets shocked. Raj and Simran say that they didn’t know. The servant informs that Bua Dadi took Roshni to temple. Raj says today there is queue in the temple, then why she took her. Sid says it is enough of her interference.

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DD comes there and scolds Sid for not knowing about his wife’s whereabouts. She says Dadi Bua is so stubborn to get the rituals done, and she don’t care about her daughter. Sid says he will see. Roshni comes with Dadi Bua and calls DD. DD asks are you fine. Dadi Bua tells DD that she came to her daughter’s house only after a day of marriage. She says this is Roshni’s home now and talks about rituals. DD says she don’t care about the rituals. Raj accepts that they didn’t take good care of Roshni and asks Dadi Bua to go inside. DD apologizes and says Roshni and her baby is most important right now. She says she is worried about her and asks to take Roshni to her home. Sid is convinced with DD’s proposal and asks Roshni to go with her as she is not been able to get good care at his house because of the old rituals. Everyone looks on sadly. DD goes with Roshni.

DD brings her home. Nani Maasi says Roshni didn’t have anything and no one bothered about her. Roshni says she did a mistake and forgot to have food. Roshni sits to have food and starts coughing. Nani Maasi says it is a morning sickness. DD sees her spitting blood while she coughs and gets shocked. Bua Dadi asks how can you let go bahu within a day and calls them modern sasural. She says she won’t leave DD if anything happens to Roshni. Nani calls Sid and asks him to come. Sid tells Simran that he has to go. He reaches DD’s house and asks Roshni, how is she? DD asks him to relax, as Doctor is checking.

Doctor checks her and asks what she had in the night. Roshni says icecream. Doctor prescribes the medicines. Sid apologizes for making her eat icecream. DD says you will not get chance to do mistake and says Roshni will stay with her in the house. Sid gets shocked. DD asks Sid to inform his family that Roshni will stay with her until her delivery.

Sid and his family are upset with DD’s decision. Dadi Bua instigates them against DD and says that’s why elders have made the customs. Beeji says she is right. Sid blames Bua Dadi and asks why did you take her to temple? He says he will go to his wife and take care of his wife and children. Bua Dadi says your son is going to be ghar Jamai. Sid says he was ghar jamai before also, and was not ashamed of it. He says he is happy to be her servant. He says he can’t bring Roshni here because of her and that’s why he is going to his sasural.

Dd worries for Roshni and tells her that she is blinded in her sasural’s love, but they are behaving casually with her, not showing any concern for her. She asks Roshni to stay with her until the baby is delivered. Roshni asks what you are saying? DD gives her promise. Roshni calls Sid and tells him that DD took promise from her to stay in her house till her delivery. She says she is feeling helpless and don’t know what to do? Sid asks her not to worry and says I have a plan. He shares his plan with his family. Bua Dadi says it is a flop idea. Sid says I don’t want to miss a chance to be with Roshni during her pregnancy. Krutika says I understand and is with Sid. Raj says we have to take DD’s permission. Sid says she will not agree, and says he just wants to be with Roshni and his baby.

DD instructs her family members and gives them printed instructions. She gives work to everyone. She asks Nani to monitor Roshni’s exercises and food. Nani Maasi says she will keep an eye on everything. Roshni comes and asks what is she doing? Sid comes there and asks what they are doing, standing in line…….

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DD says why did you come here, wasting our time. Sid says I came to talk to you. He says you have decided to keep Roshni with her until she delivers. He says it is not your call to keep the baby away from me and my family. DD says she is not prohibiting them. Sid asks Khurana’s to come with their baggage. Roshni smiles. DD asks why did they come here with their bags. Sid says we have also taken a decision. He says they have come to take care of Roshni, and says we have to stay here with Roshni. He asks her to imagine the baby, and says he will be very lucky to be take care of by his paternal and maternal family.

DD apologizes and says it is not possible. Bua Dadi says they didn’t want to stay, but Sid insists. Nani Maasi says how convenient as you all came here, following Roshni. DD asks Raj to understand and says it is not right to shift here with your stuff. Raj reminds her that they stayed in the chawl for Sid’s happiness. He says he came here for her grand son/daughter and can do anything. Nani says you talks wisely. Sid says it is my vishesh tipri, and says I will become ghar Jamai again for my baby. He says his family is ready to go to any extent for their grand son and grand daughter. DD says she understands, but asks them to go. Sid says they can’t and have taken a decision. Roshni stands with Sid’s decision and asks DD to accept it happily. She says everyone is following her decision, then why she is not letting them stay. DD says it seems to be very difficult. Roshni says if she refuses, then she will stay with Sid’s family.

Roshni says she will stay somewhere else and not in Sid’s house also. Beeji says we will stay whereever Roshni stays. Sid says small accidents can happen if we stays separately, but Roshni’s decision is mine. He asks them to come. DD says no one will go, and will stay here. Sid assures her to trust them, and says it is a promise of your grand child’s father. Everyone smiles. Sid congratulates DD for becoming Nani and asks her to eat chocolate. DD refuses to eat from his hand and says you must have not washed your hand. Sid says he washed it two days before. Nani asks DD to eat it. DD takes it hesitantly. Nani asks Kesar to take care of Khuranas. Beeji and Nani hug each other.

Roshni tells Sid that she hopes everything will be fine and says only you gets these type of idea. He tells that they can monitor her pregnancy and shows the books. Roshni gets emotional. Sid says do you want baby to say that mummy is crying? Roshni nods no. He gives her gifts and asks to open it. She opens the gift and is emotional to see the photo frame with a message “happy baby”. He says they will capture the baby moments. Roshni gets more emotional and says I love you while hugging him.

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