King of hearts update Wednesday 13th November 2019, Zee World

King of hearts update Wednesday 13th November 2019, Zee World


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King of hearts update Wednesday 13 November 2019 Zee world

Roshni telling Yash that she knows his truth. She scolds him for kidnapping her daughter and says she knows that he is a joker. She says a joker brings smiles on million faces, but you have made our life hell. Roshni says you will get rotten in jail and curses him. Yash gets angry and says now you know that I am that joker, so I will take Ayesha with me. Yash pushes Shabnam and snatches Ayesha from them. Roshni is shocked while Shabnam faints. Yash tells her that she will yearn for her daughter now. He is about to leave, just then Sid comes there and starts beating Yash, recalling all the incidents. He says I thought you as my brother, and you have betrayed me. He says now we will not talk, but will do calculations. He beats Yash. Shabnam gains consciousness. Sid says Roshni is my life, how can you harm her. He beats him saying it is for hurting Roshni. He says you have hurt my daughter Ayesha and beats him for kidnapping and hurting Ayesha. Sid says you have made me do a sin, and malign my dad’s reputation.

He beats him saying it is for dad’s suffering. He then beats him for troubling him. Yash hits Sid and runs away. Roshni tells Sid that Yash have eloped. They hug each other. Sid says my family is with me now. Roshni asks Shabnam to hug her. Shabnam hugs her happily. Pinto gives tickets to Sid. Sid says Yash is not caught, and gets worried for Ayesha’s safety. He asks Shabnam to take Ayesha far from them and gives the tickets. Ayesha says I don’t want to go away from here. Sid promises that this is a matter of few days. Sid says we will give big punishment to joker and will bring you home. Ayesha refuses. Shabnam says I am with you….Ayesha. Sid thanks Shabnam. Shabnam says I am thankful to you for giving me a chance for repentance and for believing on me. She apologizes to him. Sid hugs Ayesha and promises that he will call her back soon. Roshni hugs Ayesha and asks her not to cry. Shabnam asks Ayesha to come. They sit in car and leaves. Roshni cries. Sid asks her not to cry and says it is a matter of few days, our family will complete again.

Roshni cries hugging him. Sid and Roshni come home. Resham says he is Sid. Roshni asks her not to be shocked and says Sid have acted to expose Yash. Kesar is shocked. He says Yash came here and said that he have met with an accident. He says DD took him to hospital. Roshni feels like fainting and cries. She asks him to save her mum. Sid asks her not to be tensed. Sam comes there and is happy seeing Sid fine. Resham tells her that Sid is fine and did this to trap Yash. Resham recollects and tells Sid that she had seen CCTV footage of their home in Yash’s phone. She says DD is kidnapped by Yash. Everyone is shocked.

DD is seen in a jail like place and shouts if anyone there. Yash comes there and says I am here sasumom. He acts like mad. DD asks what happened to you? Why you are behaving this way. Yash asks her why did you ruin my life, and gave much priority to Sid than me. Sam cries and asks them to shut up. She says although we do fight much, but that doesn’t mean that I will believe you. She says Roshni is doing this to break my marriage, and tells Sid that Yash always supports them. Roshni asks Sam to stop it and says you don’t know anything. She tells that Yash’s game have started from God and says Yash is behind those cheap games. She says Yash have kept small cameras in our house. She shows one of the camera kept in the vase. She says he is watching us every second and recording us. She says he had even kidnapped Ayesha and made Sid to do strange things so that his loved ones go far from him.

Roshni says what else do you want to hear Sam. He has ruined everything. Sam says I don’t want to hear all this, I will call Yash now itself. She calls Yash, but his phone is switched off. Roshni says Yash will not answer any call and will not returned as his truth is out infront of us. Sam says but why he will do this. Sid says I can get it now, attacks on family, Ayesha’s kidnap, etc and says his motive was something else. He says he wants to break sasumom and my relation, but I won’t let this happen.

Yash telling DD that he used to love Roshni very much, but you didn’t let me marry her, and asks why did you get Roshni married to Sid. He sings marry had a little lamb. He says you have made my life ruined and got me married to Sam, who made my life hell. He asks why did you get that witch marry me, as Sid suggested. He says Sid have taken care of his and asks why did you put that garbage bin on my head. Sam asks Sid, why did you get me married to Yash. Sid asks her to shut up and reminds her of her suicide attempt. He says you have an attitude problem and can’t make your life better. He says you have made Yash as a bad criminal and asks her to shut her blo*dy mouth. Sid says Yash would have talked to me and I would have pulled him out of the trouble. Yash tells DD that he tried to make everyone know that Sam have become troubled for him, but everyone asked me to do adjustments. DD asks what you will get by doing this? Yash laughs and says he will get happiness. DD says why you are raising question on my decision, and says you have decided to marry and it was your decision. She says look at your face, you are looking like a wolf and I am happy that I didn’t let Roshni marry you, but Sid, atleast he tries to become my son and think of our betterment. She says once Sid comes here, he will end your jokergiri. Yash gets angry and throws match stick in her cage. He says I explained to you, but you didn’t understand, now you have to pay a big price, laughs madly.

Sid, Roshni and Simran come to the police station and file kidnapping case against Yash. Simran says how can Yash do this. Inspector gives Yash photo to Constable. DD calls if Yash is there and says I need to use washroom. She opens her hand. Sid gets teary eyes. He says she is my sasumon, and is a fighter. She will not accept defeat and will find a way anyhow. DD manages to open the lock of the door. She comes out and sees Yash standing. He asks her to get back in and says your intelligence will not work here. He shoots near her to scare her. DD gets in. Yash asks her not to do this again else he will shoot her. He laughs and tells her bye. DD feels helpless. Sam cries. Simran asks her not to cry. Roshni asks her not to cry. Sid gets Yash’s call. He asks her to take something which is placed in the lobby? Sid finds a phone there and picks it. Yash says you can’t tap this phone. He asks him to come to sunset point in the evening and not to inform Police, else DD will die. Sid shouts Yash….Yash…

Roshni tells Sid that she will also come with him. Sid says no, I will go and bring sasumom home. I won’t return without her and promises Roshni. While going to sunset point, Sid recalls his moments with DD and her words that he is her son who had left her in his childhood. He reaches sunset point and calls sasumom…Yash. DD calls him in a low and weak tone. Sid turns back and sees DD hanging in air through a bulldozer and rope. DD asks Sid not to leave Roshni and support her. Sid says nothing will happen to you sasumom. He runs towards the bulldozer. Yash holds the rope and says lets have fun. He frees the rope tied to the bulldozer. Sid runs to hold the rope and shouts sasumom.

Sid sees DD falling down the cliff and holds the rope. Yash says what a thing….Jamai Raja have managed to pulled DD up. He hits Sid and asks if he is enjoying. Sid begs Yash to leave sasumon and says she is my maa. Yash says Sid is begging infront of me, and laughs. Sid says if anything happens to my sasumaa then I will kill you. Yash slaps Sid repeatedly. Sid manages to hold the rope again. Yash says lets play with fire and lights the rope on fire asking Sid to save DD now. DD is shocked to see Yash burning the rope and laughing. Sid is shell shocked seeing rope breaking and DD falling down in the cliff. He shouts sasumom. Yash burning the rope to make DD is falling down in the cliff. Sid shouts Sasumom and jumps to hold on the rope. DD gets tensed. Sid manages to hold the rope on time. Simran looks for Roshni in the house and thinks where did she go? Yash crushes Sid’s hands with his legs, so that Sid leaves the rope. DD asks Sid to let her go and apologizes to him for misunderstanding him. She asks him to take care of Roshni. Sid says I won’t let you go anywhere, your son is with you sasumom. Roshni comes there and sees DD hanging in air through the rope. She asks Yash to leave her mum. DD asks Roshni to leave. Yash pushes her and she falls down. DD asks Sid to take Roshni from there and run. Yash puts knife on the rope and tells DD that your jamai can’t save you now. Sid asks him not to cut the rope. Roshni gets unconscious, but somehow gains consciousness and shouts Mom. Sid begs infront of Yash for DD’s life. Yash enjoys Sid begging him. Yash cuts the rope with force. Sid shouts Sasumom and runs to hold the rope, but DD falls in the cliff. Roshni asks where is my mom? She reminds Sid of his promise and asks where is my mom? Yash sits in the jeep and tries to go. Sid runs towards him, beats him up and is about to kill him with stone, but just then Police comes and arrests Yash. Simran and Raj comes there with Police. Roshni shouts mom and insists to go down. Simran says no and tries to console her.

Yash laughs and tells Sid that I told you that I will snatch your precious thing from you. He says your sasumom couldn’t get her last rites too, and laughs. Sid tries to kill him, but Police and Raj stop Sid. Yash laughs like mad. Roshni gets in shock. Simran calls Sid. Sid cries badly. Roshni faints. Sid asks her to open eyes. Simran says what is happening with us. Roshni sees DD going far from her just as she is about to hold her hand. Roshni wakes up and tells Sid that mom is calling me and is trapped there. I need to go. Sid says mom is not alive and have gone. Roshni insists that mom is trapped in the bushes and says we will bring her back, she is in extreme pain. Servant informs Sid that Police have come. Police tells them that they got a lady there resembling DD, and we have admitted her in the hospital. Roshni says she is my mom, is a fighter and can’t leave us. Sid hugs her, says sasumom is a fighter and back. They come to hospital and see DD struggling with life. Roshni says I can’t see mom like this. Sid asks Roshni to have strength. Doctor tells Sid that DD have returned from death, and they are constantly monitoring her, but her condition is still bad.

Kesar asks Doctor to save DD as she is like his mom. Roshni says I need my mom. Simran says we shall pray for her life and says God will give us justice. Sid asks Doctor to take money, resources, and calls doctors from abroad…to make her fine…He says she is not my saas, but maa…..Roshni hugs him and cries. Resham comes to DD’s office and takes over DD’s position in the office. Manager shows her necklace. She smirks looking at it. Kesar asks what are you doing? This is artificial. Resham says she has kept original for herself and will sell artificial. She says she will handle DD’s office, and says may be DD will never get well. Kesar thinks if DD gets well then she will scold them. Sid comes to meet DD and asks what’s up Sasumom. He says look at your daughter, she is sleeping. He asks you have not left this bed since 1 month and asks what do you want?

Sid asks are you angry on me? He says someone said that I am very charming and nobody will get angry on me for long. He asks her to get up, hug him and says I am back. He asks her to look at Roshni and him, and says they are in pain to see her in this condition. He says do you like to see your Jamai feel low infront of others. He asks her to slap him, say whatever she wants to, make him what she wants to see him like, and asks her to just wake up. DD hears and stares him. Sid crying looking at DD’s comatose condition and tells Roshni that he will put an end to DD’s coma state. He says if she is stubborn, then he is also stubborn. Everyone sit and do Mata ki Chowki. Kesar thinks DD will get well and will scold Resham. Simran gets Sid’s call. Sid asks about the noise? Simran tells him that Resham and Kesar kept jagrata for DD’s life. Sid tells her that there is no improvement in DD. Simran asks him to have trust. Sid brings a small candle and wishes Roshni happy anniversary. Roshni wishes him too. She says she don’t want to celebrate as mom is not well. Sid says if she would have been fine then she would have kept a party for us. He says our celebration is small. He makes Roshni eat cupcake and asks DD to take a bite. He says it is middle class thing, but it is okay. He says Sasumom should also celebrate anniversary, for our first meet. He says he has spend many moments with her, and says they first meet was in the plane, and had snatched oranges from her plate. He says I had accused her for stealing lotion, and laughs reminiscing the moments. He says her expressions was worth taking pics when I made her take auto. He laughs and says she was shocked when she came to know that I am Siddharth Kukreja.

DD shakes hearing him speaking Siddharth Kukreja…. Sid sees movement in her and continues talking. He says my sasumom is worthless, and asks what have you done when I flew with your daughter. He says you got an irritating damad. He asks her to get up and challenges her for Saas and Jamai’s fight. Roshni cries seeing DD’s condition. Doctor comes and says she might have got heart attack. He gives her injection. Roshni cries. DD opens her eyes, calls Roshni…..Roshni gets happy, cries and kisses on her face. DD says it is okay, why you are doing much drama. She asks her to stop her middle class drama. She asks where is Kesar? She says today is her meeting. She asks where is my phone? Roshni calls Sid and says mom got well. Sid calls her sasumom……DD asks what the hell….he is doing in my room. She asks how did he come here? She asks Roshni, how can a lower middle class man enter here? He calls him Siddharth Kukreja. Siddharth is shocked. Roshni is equally shocked.

Raj and Simran come there. DD asks him to get out. Sid says okay, I will leave. DD says I am feeling drowsy, call the doctor. Roshni calls doctor. DD says she is feeling short of breath. Doctor comes out and says she is fine. He says you both are amazing to have woken her up. He asks them to meet DD. Resham asks Kesar what will happen now? Raj hugs Sid and asks what did you tell her. Doctor informs Sid, Roshni and everyone that DD has a clot in her mind and that’s why she has suffered memory loss. Siddharth says she don’t remember me, and not know what we had gone through. He says you are saying that she don’t know me. He says it is wonder, I told those things to excite her, and she started her life after that point. She don’t know Siddharth Khurana, but Siddharth Kukreja. Sid says I have won her heart, and she used to love me as her son, but now she hates me. Raj asks him to relax and asks what is her situation now. Doctor says we told her about a minor accident, and says she doesn’t know about that dangerous accident. He says it will be a new beginning for you…Siddharth Kukreja. He says her mind is very sensitive, you couldn’t make her remember anything else it will take his life. Sid says we can do something personally being her family. Doctor asks him to be far from her and try to make the things normal. Sid wiping Roshni tears and asks her to go. Chadariya song plays……………DD calls Roshni and asks her to come. Roshni goes to DD’s ward. Sid thinks life moved back from where it started. He thinks to start all over it again. He thinks the game is on. Resham tells Kesar that don’t know what DD will do to them, and says it is scary. Roshni and DD come home. Resham gets shaken up seeing her. Kesar asks her to do aarti. Resham sings a song and does aarti. DD asks her to shut up and scolds her for singing D class songs. She asks Kesar, why Resham is wearing her clothes, jewellery and even copied her hairstyle. Resham says sorry. Roshni says everything will happen as you say.

Simran and Raj argue over their clothes. Sid tells them that they are doing this for DD’s recovery and gets angry on them. DD beats Resham and Kesar for using her make up etc. Roshni asks them to do as Mom says. DD says they have spoiled everything. Resham cries and thinks why did I do that puja and brought her back to life. Roshni thinks she got her old mom back. Just then she hears Sid coming through window and says it is 30th floor. She hugs him. Sid says we have to relive some old memories to bring her memory back. Resham cries and says if DD’s memory don’t return then we will be ruined. Kesar says we will go if she permits else we have to obey her orders. Resham looks on angry. Sid and Roshni get romantic. DD looks for Roshni. Roshni tries to take off her mangalsutra which is stuck to his shirt. DD calls Roshni and comes there. She asks didn’t you hear me? Roshni says I didn’t hear you. DD asks did Siddharth Kukreja is here? She tries to see through the window, but Roshni stops her. She wishes Sid plans should work. DD thinks I will not leave this Sid. DD comes to hall and sees pictures on the table. DD looks at Sid and Roshni’s marriage pic and gets shocked. Resham thinks she will get back her memory now. DD feels pain in her head and gets blurred flashes of the past. She faints. Roshni comes there and is shocked.

Doctor checks DD. He tells Sid that they have to take DD somewhere else. Roshni says where to take her. They decide on Panvel farmhouse. Doctor says he will convince her. Roshni says how will we meet there? Sid says he will find ways to meet her and says he will convince old lady. Roshni asks to whom he called old lady? Sid says sasumom. DD calls Roshni. Roshni asks whats up. DD asks who got these pics. Roshni says those are fake pics made by Resham. Doctor suggest her to go to Panvel farmhouse. Roshni convinces her. DD agrees. They reach Panvel farmhouse. DD gets down the car and says there is no signal here. She asks Kesar to get wifi for her. Roshni asks her to stop her work and says we will have fun. DD says you people can relax as I am working. She gets inside and asks Kesar to get the list of newspapers. Roshni thinks my mom is sounding dangerous, and says she is back to square 1. She thinks Sid have changed her attitude with much difficulty. She says all the best love….

Simran asks Sid what is he reading early morning? Brain…Sid says he is taking info for his sasumom. Simran says I know, and gives him prasad. She asks him to give prasad to Roshni as well. Sid says she is not here, but went to Panvel. Raj comes and asks him to meet DD. He says go and tell her about her love for you. He asks him to go and win saas’s heart. Sid asks how do you manage guys? Raj says you will understand when you becomes dad. Sid hugs them. Roshni wishes Sid shall be there. She misses him and calls Sid. Just then Sid comes and says I am here. He says I thought you are missing me and that’s why came to meet you. He says Mom brought baba ji’s prasad for you. Roshni asks him to make her eat it. Sid says Mom thought to keep a big feast when sasumom gets well. Roshni says she is not amicable now, and have become heartless like before. Sid says you are worried as she has become old DD. He says he will make her fine and that’s why became Sid Kukreja. Just then they hear DD calling servant.

Sid runs out of room. Resham comes to get water and sits on Sid thinking him to be table. Sid coughs. Resham shouts thief……..Sid puts cloth on her head and runs to Roshni’s room. She shouts and gathers everyone. DD asks what is this drama? Resham hugs her and says thief touched me. DD asks Kesar to search in room. Sid thinks where to go and hides in her cupboard. DD asks Roshni to come out of room. Roshni comes out and pretends to have woken up from sleep.

Resham goes inside room and checks for thief. She is about to open the cupboard, just then Roshni shouts….asking Resham to come out and she needs to sleep. DD asks Resham to come out. Just then Sid sees lizard in the cupboard and runs out of room. He realizes that DD have seen him. Roshni is shocked too. He says hi to DD in his heroic style. He shows his hand and says I love you in SRK style. DD asks Kesar to call Police and get him arrested. She calls him rascal and asks how dare he to enter Roshni’s room. Sid sings Jab Koi Plan Bigad jaaye…..samajhlo hain aas pass teri maa….He says he is writing a book to woo a girl. He sits on sofa and asks from where did you buy it. He says you have so much in the house, but my suit is rented.

DD warns him to keep his feet down. Sid asks him not to be violent, and says I have fallen in love with your daughter in the same hospital where we was admitted in coma state. He says I went there to get my gas trouble treated. He drinks water and asks DD to sit as well. DD keeps her foot on the chair. Sid says so you will not sit, and puts his foot on chair as well. He says I love your daughter. Resham and Kesar smiles. Roshni also enjoys his drama. Sid says I love your daughter very much. He says there is a much difference between you both. You are dry, but your daughter is like butter, creamy, white…what a beauty? DD gets angry. He says I will marry her and then you will become my sasumom. DD gets flashes of Sid calling him sasumom……She hears I am back Sasumom.

Sid asks I know your head is shaken because of my charm, and says you can’t be saved DD Patel. DD slaps him and asks guards to take him away from there. Sid says stop it and says nobody can touch me. He says it is rented suit and have to return to laundry. He says I will come again to meet your daughter. He leaves. DD asks Roshni what is going on? Are you interested in him? Roshni nods no. She asks did you get married to him? Roshni thinks we are already married mom. DD says it is not my problem if you are in love with him and asks her to wait till she die. She asks her to end her love and sleep. She scolds Resham and Kesar for letting Roshni meet Sid. She asks Roshni to go and sleep. Roshni runs to her room. Resham and Kesar also run to their room. DD gets thinking.

Sid tells Doctor that when he called her sasumom then she recalled something. He says I don’t know medical science, but knows love. Doctor asks him not to hurry up else it will be dangerous for DD. Sid tells his parents that they will return to chawl.

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