King of hearts 21 February 2020: Anupama and Mitul freeing themselves and hit the goon who see them. They hide him and run away from there.

King of hearts 21 February 2020: They reach hospital indisguise of nurses where Satya is admitted. Kareena’s goon asks them to show ID card. Anupama slaps him and says she is going to give anema to patient. They get inside and feel bad for Satya seeing his condition. They worry for Mahi, Payal and Raj. Satya opens his eyes and tells that he is fine. He did acting to fool her. He says he had Raj’s low BP tablet so that Kareena feel he is unwell. He says now it is our turn to deal with her. Kareena asks Doctor about Satya’s condition. Doctor asks her to have patience and shows the report. He says his condition is sensitive as he got a heart attack. Doctor thinks don’t know what is Satya’s plan.

Kareena is coming towards Satya’s ward. Mitul asks Satya what they shall do. Satya tells them that Kareena came there. Anupama and Mitul hides. Satya acts to be unconscious. Kareena asks him to get up for his family and asks if he is not bothered about them. He says your family’s life is in my hand now. Just then her phone rings……..goon informs her that Payal’s bomb will explode at any time. Kareena says okay, let the bomb explode….she has betrayed me and acted to be my friend. Satya hears her and closes her eyes. Kareena goes and asks goons to keep an eye on Satya. Satya tells Anupama and Mitul that if Kareena comes to know that they are eloped then she will be alert. He takes Anupama’s phone and escapes from window.


Kareena sits in car. Satya secretly puts Anupama’s phone in Kareena’s car decky and comes back to his ward. He tells Mitul that he has kept the phone in Kareena’s car and tells that he has connected phones through GPS. He asks wardboy to lie down on his bed so that goons don’t doubt him. Kareena comes to the place where Anupama and Mitul are kept. She sees them tied up there and asking for water. She asks her goons to keep eye on them. The goons go out and sees Anupama and Mitul missing. Mitul, Anupama and Satya make them unconscious.

Satya, Anupama and Mitul follow Kareena. Anupama says we will make her chutney here. They see her going inside. Kareena sees Payal unconscious and says you tried to make me fool and says good bye dost, don’t come back to me. Anupama says I will hit her with stick and asks Mitul what she will do. Satya says Kareena is coming out. Kareena asks goon to keep eye on Payal and leave. Goon goes inside. Satya, Mitul and Anupama get inside and see Payal unconscious with bomb tied to her.

Mahi crying and telling the goons that she wants to talk to Kareena and asks if Satya is fine. Goon asks her to stop crying. Meanwhile Satya, Mitul and Anupama reach the place where Payal is tied with the bomb. He tries to open the rope. Kareena comes to Raj and says you might be feeling pain seeing your grand son beaten up my goons and then struggling with his life later on in hospital. Raj says you are cheapster like your mum and will lose like her. He says my Karan will make everything fine. Kareena says I am not like my mum and will kill everyone surely. She says you can’t be saved for long as this big stone can fall on you at anytime then I will celebrate for my mum’s revenge. Raj looks on. Goons outside the hospital ward think they will get big money from Kareena. Just then Pakiya’s call rings, and the goons get alerted. Pakiya elopes from window. Goons checks and calls Kareena. They inform her that Satya is eloped and that he acted to be unwell. She calls the goons and asks them to kill Raj, and says she will teach a lesson to Satya. Goon comes and hits Satya with a stick.

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Other goons catch Mitul and Anupama. Satya fights with the goons and beats them. Then he comes back to Payal. Anupama asks him to cut red wire. Mitul asks him to cut yellow wire. Anupama asks her to keep quiet and says red wire means danger. Satya asks them to keep quiet and cuts the white wire. They close their eyes. Bomb’s timer stops. Satya tries to make Payal come to her senses. Payal opens her eyes and says Satya. Satya hugs her. Anupama and Mitul smiles. He checks his phone and tells that Kareena is going somewhere. Goon tells Raj that Satya is escaped and is saving everyone, but can’t save you. Raj asks him to kill him. Goon takes out knife and cuts the rope of the stone. Satya comes and holds the rope at the right time saving Raj. Goons hit Satya while he is still holding the rope. They beat Satya, but then Satya beats them. Mitul sprays pepper spray on goons eyes. Payal and Anupama untie Raj. Raj asks Satya to go and save Mahi. They take Raj from there.

Kareena asks her goons to tie Mahi. Mahi asks them to leave her and cries. Kareena says I told your husband not to be over smart with me, but he didn’t listen. Mahi says my Satya will come and save me, and you will not do anything. Kareena asks her to stop her nonsense. Mahi sees the machine on and the iron thorns coming towards her. Satya comes there and twists a goon neck. Mahi sees him. Many goons come to him. Satya fights with them. Mahi shouts Satya.

Satya fighting with the goons to rescue Mahi. Mahi sees the iron nails coming towards her and shouts…Mahi. Payal switches off the machine at the right time. Satya stops seeing the machine stopped. Payal takes a sigh of relief. Satya frees Mahi and hugs her. Mahi is happy and emotional. Raj, Anupama and Mitul come there. Raj hugs Mahi and says everything is fine now. Anupama says Kareena is eloped. Mitul says our Satya is with us now. Satya says nobody can harm us, and says we have won…..Anupama says your believe is true. At Khurana house, Mitul says thank god, we all are safe. Satya says nothing is alright till now. He calls Inspector and tells that they have reached home safely, but Kareena has eloped. He says we can’t sleep peacefully until she is at large. He asks him to catch her as soon as possible. Anupama calls guards and asks them to guard the house and kill Kareena, the moment they see her. Satya looks on.

Raj gets Krutika’s call. He says we all are fine. Karan has saved everyone of us risking his life. Everyone looks on. Raj tells that Kareena is escaped and they will be relieved once she is caught. Payal asks Mahi if she is not fine and asks her to come and have something. Mahi says I am not hungry, am worried about you all. If that Kareena tries to do something again. Satya asks what she can do and asks her to have food. Satya asks Mitul to take her. Mahi is going to room and faints, and falls down. Satya is shocked. Everyone is shocked. Kareena is outside Khurana house and see the guards. She thinks they have hired bodyguards and says I will make sure until when your family will be happy family. She conspires to kill all family members. She sees doctor going inside Khurana house and wonders why she is going inside and decides to find out. Doctor checks Mahi. Satya says I will kill that Kareena if anything happens to Mahi. Payal asks Satya to calm down.

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Doctor checks Mahi and whispers something in her ears. Satya asks what is going on, tell us. Anupama asks what is happening and tells that Kareena is after us and we are afraid that she might have made her eaten something. Doctor says Satya is responsible for her condition. Anupama asks what you have done? Doctor says you all will be happy and congratulates all of them, saying Mahi is pregnant. Mahi feels shy. Everyone is happy. Anupama congratulates Raj. Raj takes off evil eye and asks servant to bring malai laddoo for everyone. Anupama asks for party. Raj says it will be in night. Payal congratulates Mahi and takes Doctor from there. Satya looks at Mahi and smiles. Satya smiles and gets tears in his eyes. Mahi also gets tears and smiles. Doctor tells Payal that she will go. Payal says no, I will leave. She asks Doctor if Mahi and baby are safe. Doctor says they are perfect. Kareena smirks hearing this and gets an idea. Doctor asks Payal to take her to her clinic for tests. Payal says sure. Kareena smirks and takes out the gun.

Mitul and Anupama are making something in kitchen for Mahi. They argue with each other and the sugar bottle falls down. Anupama says you have made it fall and says I was making laddoo, and says you would have made kheer later on. They argue. Anupama says I was making it for bahu and asks if she is making kheer for herself. Mitul reminds her about cake incident. Raj asks if you will take care of Mahi and baby like this and asks them to use book “how to cook best” which he kept in shelve. He asks don’t you care about our reputation. They argue again. Raj asks them not to fight with cat and dog. He goes. Anupama and Mitul asks each other to bring book. They argue again.

Satya and Mahi are in their room. He asks what you are seeing? Mahi says to be dad. Satya says I am seeing the woman whom I respect a lot in this world. He says I used to love you and respect you, but today I want to give you respect from my heart, you have my baby in you who will take our family name forward. He says you will give life to a baby and says I can see God in you…Mahi. He says when my baby will come to this world, I will hug her/him and will make her/his wish fulfill before she/he asks for. He says may be I will love her/him more than you. Mahi smiles emotionally. Satya promises her.

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Satya telling Mahi that he will not let her even raise her finger until she delivers his baby and promises to keep her happy and protect her. She says my daughter will be born. Mahi says not daughter, but son…She says she will get all blue things for him, and says their baby will get name from their names Satya and Mahi. Satya kisses on her cheeks. Mitul and Anupama come there arguing. They tell that they will make Mahi eat different things. Mahi says she wants to eat something else. Anupama and Mitul argue. Satya asks them to bring peace for her. Anupama asks are you fooling us. Mitul says I know where you can get Shanti/peace. Satya tells Mahi that now his pregnant wife is getting cravings too. Mahi smiles..

Later Raj shows Roshni’s pic to Mahi and tells that Simran used to pampered her a lot hearing her pregnancy news. Mahi says my baby is lucky to be born in this family, I am really very happy. Raj says everything will be fine, nobody can harm us.

Satya asks servant to bring pest control guys, then baby’s frame etc…Mitul comes and asks who will become God Mother of your child. Anupama says I will become. Satya says he will take their test. He asks them to make doll wear diaper and whoever makes it wear fast, will become my baby’s god mum. Mitul makes doll wear pampers. Anupama says how to use this. Satya says I have seen. Payal comes. Satya asks Payal to make doll wear pamper. Payal shows them and makes doll wear pamper. Satya says contest is over and my baby’s god mum will be Sasu mummy. Payal laughs. Anupama says I told that Payal is the right choice. Payal says everyone have become childish with this news. Satya is happy. Payal says everyone is waiting for this moment.

Mahi checks her tummy and keeps pillow over it. Anupama comes and asks her to have laddoo to get strength for baby. Mahi eats it. Anupama asks him to keep eye on Satya and tells that men distracts seeing wife getting fat. Satya is seeing magazine. Mahi doubts him seeing him smiling. He shows her that he was ready article about handling kid. He asks if your mood swings started. Mahi says sorry. Satya asks her not to judge book with its cover. Raj looks at Sid and Roshni’s pic and says your are becoming dada and dadi. I know you will bless your grand son. Satya comes and says you are happy as my parents are becoming grand parents, and says is he not feeling his happiness. He says my baby will get his destiny written with golden pen unlike me. He says his baby will get love of all his family members and he will never fail and will succeed. Raj says whenever I look at you, I remember Sid. Satya asks him not to cry. Raj asks him to come with him.

A chemist comes to deliver medicines to Khurana house. Kareena looks from far and recalls exchanging the medicines. Payal takes the medicines and goes to Mahi. She give tablet to Mahi. Mahi takes it and says she will not have milk. Payal says it is for baby and says she will love baby very much.

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