King of hearts Tuesday Update 1st October, 2019 Zee World

King of hearts Tuesday Update 1st October, 2019 Zee World

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Sid(Ravi Dubey) and Roshni(Nia Sharma) walking in the jungle……Sid(Ravi Dubey) says he is hurt on his head. Roshni(Nia Sharma) tears her dupatta and ties on his head. Mere Rubaru plays………..She says we shall leave from here. Sid(Ravi Dubey) asks her not to hit him on his head again. He sings song. Shabnam searches for them in the jungle. Simran argues with DD(Achint Kaur) and blames Roshni(Nia Sharma). They verbally start fighting. Nani moves her hands and legs, and tries to stand on her feet on her own. She stands up and goes near DD(Achint Kaur) and Simran. DD(Achint Kaur), Simran and Mona are shocked to see her standing on her feet. They help her sit down. DD(Achint Kaur) says thank God…She says you might can talk also and asks her to try. She says she will call the doctor. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says as we came to the temple, we shall pray for your intelligence. Roshni(Nia Sharma) rings the temple bell, followed by Sid(Ravi Dubey). Roshni(Nia Sharma) prays and closes her eyes. Sid(Ravi Dubey) adores her and then prays loudly asking God to make Roshni(Nia Sharma) lose her anger, and gives her strength not to get scared of cockroach. He eats the prasad laDD(Achint Kaur)oos irritating Roshni(Nia Sharma). She then eats laDD(Achint Kaur)oos too and says she is also hungry. Roshni(Nia Sharma) thanks the God. They leave.
Roshni(Nia Sharma) and Sid(Ravi Dubey) are sitting near the bonfire. Roshni(Nia Sharma) asks him question about ant and elephant and laughs telling the answer. She laughs and falls on him. Ang Lagade Re plays……………..She kisses on his face. She then realizes and says you are not Sid(Ravi Dubey). Sid(Ravi Dubey) says I am Sid(Ravi Dubey) only. She says you are not Sid(Ravi Dubey). Sid(Ravi Dubey) keeps his hand on her mouth and gets closes to her. He asks her not to stop herself and says I want to tell you everything. He asks her to identify him and says I am not the one you are thinking and is the one for whom you have been waiting. He says I want to tell you the truth and says I am your Sid(Ravi Dubey)….Just then a car comes and stops there stopping Shabnam to hear them. It starts again and splashes mud on her face. Shabnam gets angry and then sees them missing.

Sid(Ravi Dubey) and Roshni(Nia Sharma) come home and stop fighting. Yash asks them not to fight and says leave this fight for Sam and me. Yash meets DD(Achint Kaur). Roshni(Nia Sharma) tells DD(Achint Kaur) that they are saved because of Yash today. Roshni(Nia Sharma) and Sid(Ravi Dubey) pretend to fight infront of Sam and Yash. She says we shall sign on the divorce papers. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says right away….DD(Achint Kaur) asks what is happening? Roshni(Nia Sharma) says I can’t bear you. Sid(Ravi Dubey) asks her to take out papers and end it. Yash asks what is happening? Sam says how can you talk about divorce. Sid(Ravi Dubey) and Roshni(Nia Sharma) fight again. Sam says it doesn’t matter who makes mistakes and asks her to look at her life. She says if I would have handle my life well then my life would have been different. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says she is gaining sympathy. Yash says Sam is right and tells that we have to oversee small fights. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says that’s what I want to say. Roshni(Nia Sharma) asks them to start afresh and become friends.
Sam and Yash looks at each other.

Sam and Yash hug each other. Sam apologizes to him and promises not to do any mistake again. She says I missed you. Yash apologizes to her for letting her go and hugs her. DD(Achint Kaur) asks them to be happy always. She blesses them. Mona blesses them too. Shabnam comes home. Mona tells her that Sid(Ravi Dubey) and Roshni(Nia Sharma) have united Yash and Sam, and says this house have got both jamai’s. Shabnam is angry. Mona says you have always fooled me and said that you will unite my daughter with Yash. She says you are very ill mannered woman. Shabnam tries to slap her, but Yash holds her hand and warns her not to do anything. Mona says it is God’s justice which is applied on your face She brings more mud and applies on her face.

Sid(Ravi Dubey) thinking to tell his truth once he exposes Shabnam. Simran gets worried about Sid(Ravi Dubey) and tells Raj that even DD(Achint Kaur) didn’t know about his whereabouts. Raj says we couldn’t find him. Krutika tells Simran that she will find peace when she meets Sid(Ravi Dubey). Simran says she will not let him go anywhere once she gets him.

Shabnam washes her face and cleans the dirt. She then throws the mirror and recalls Mona insulting her. She says this is done by the lookalike and says I will trap you in the conspiracy from which you can’t come out. DD(Achint Kaur) asks Sam and Yash to start afresh. Mona hugs DD(Achint Kaur). Sid(Ravi Dubey) tells Roshni(Nia Sharma) that Yash is back in the house. DD(Achint Kaur) says I want to give surprise to everyone and asks them to wait. She says Maa (Nani) wants you all to know one thing and brings her on wheel chair.

Nani puts her feet down and stand up. Roshni(Nia Sharma) and Sid(Ravi Dubey) are surprised and so is others. Roshni(Nia Sharma) cries happuly and hugs her. Sid(Ravi Dubey) hugs Nani….and is happy. He says thank god you can stand now. He hugs her again and hopes she could speak too. DD(Achint Kaur) says we will do lunch together. Everyone is happy.
Shabnam comes to the same dargah where she used to meet Gaffur. She wonders why did that man call me here. Just then Sid(Ravi Dubey) comes there in Raghu’s attire. Shabnam asks him to tell truth. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says did you hear about Vishnu’s avatar. He says but my avatar is pure….He says he is not Sid(Ravi Dubey)D(Achint Kaur)harth Khurana, and not Jamai of DD(Achint Kaur). He says he is Raghu Mechanic. Shabnam asks what is this new trick. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says this is truth and says since I saw you…..I got into trouble. He says I was thinking why did Sid(Ravi Dubey) Khurana, who was a good influential businessman slipped in affair with you. He says just look at Roshni(Nia Sharma) and yourself. He says I would have fall for you if I was in his place. Shabnam says did you think me fool and asks did you love me…Sid(Ravi Dubey) says wherever you are today is because of your talent..and says he is doing everything for money. He says he is brought by Roshni(Nia Sharma) Patel. Shabnam says I knew that you are not Sid(Ravi Dubey), but someone else..She says now see what I can do with you. Sid(Ravi Dubey) holds her closer and asks her to do whatever she wants. He asks her to get closer and get intimate, so that even air can’t pass inbetween them.

He says 1 plus 1 is 11 and tries to trap her in his words. Shabnam asks him not to try to be smart. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says I will leave Roshni(Nia Sharma) and her mum once you gives your hand in my hand. I will give you so much profit, and you will get tired of counting money. He asks where will you go Shabnam….Shabnam wonders if he really loves me and thinks I don’t have answer for my question. She goes. Sid(Ravi Dubey) thinks camel came under the mountain now. He feels bad as he has to do this without informing Roshni(Nia Sharma). He thinks he has no other way to expose Shabnam.

Sid(Ravi Dubey) comes home. Roshni(Nia Sharma) beats him for coming late in night and asks why did you wear Raghu’s wear. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says I am Raja…..Roshni(Nia Sharma) asks where did you go? Sid(Ravi Dubey) says we are not husband and wife and asks if she is liking him. Roshni(Nia Sharma) asks him to stay away and finds nail marks on his hand. He asks did you like any girl…she gets angry. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says I will not let you get close and says if you express your love then I will convince my mum. Roshni(Nia Sharma) asks what nonsense…Sid(Ravi Dubey) says if you don’t love me then why you are getting affected by this nail marks. He asks her to confess. Mere Rubaru plays……Roshni(Nia Sharma) asks him to get out. Roshni(Nia Sharma) wonders why she is getting affected by Raghu and cries. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says I am sorry my love and says few more days then everything will be fine as before…..I promise.

Police coming to arrest Sid(Ravi Dubey). Roshni(Nia Sharma) asks him not to worry as she will free him. Raghu says you have to be as if I drown, then I will take you also. Shabnam tells Tiwari to make sure Sid(Ravi Dubey) stays in jail. Roshni(Nia Sharma) comes there and scolds her for playing bad games. Shabnam says if you prove him Sid(Ravi Dubey) then he will be jailed for molestation, and if you couldn’t then DD(Achint Kaur) will go to jail. Roshni(Nia Sharma) says she will protect her husband and mum, both.

Simran and Raj talk about meeting Sid(Ravi Dubey). Just then someone comes. Simran is shocked. Roshni(Nia Sharma) and DD(Achint Kaur) talk to the lawyer. Lawyer says molestation charge is strong. Raghu gets angry and says what is this molestation charges. They hear Sundari’s voice. She shows photos of Raghu to Inspector and says he is Raghu. Simran tells DD(Achint Kaur) that she didn’t see woman like her, and says now you are using her son. Roshni(Nia Sharma) asks Simran to listen to her once. Simran refuses to talk to her and says you are dead for me when your mum shot at my son. She says my son was a good Jamai and you don’t deserve him. Now you are using Sid(Ravi Dubey)’s lookalike Shabnam claps and says DD(Achint Kaur) and Roshni(Nia Sharma) are bad players. She shows fake sympathy towards Simran and says you can only identify your son. Simran says I am a mum and will unveil this secret. She tells Inspector that she wants to meet that man. Inspector asks Constable to bring him. Sundari gets happy seeing him. Simran says Sid(Ravi Dubey) had some stitches behind his ears during his childhood. She says she wants to check those stitches. She says even Sid(Ravi Dubey) and Roshni(Nia Sharma) doesn’t know about it. She checks the marks and says he is not my son. Sid(Ravi Dubey) apologizes to his mum in his heart and thinks he got the marks removed by the doctor.
Simran asks him to keep hand on Sundari’s head and tell that she is not your mum. He keeps hand on Sundari’s head and says she is my mum. Roshni(Nia Sharma) closes her eyes tensedly. Sid(Ravi Dubey) tells that he is not Sid(Ravi Dubey), but Raghu. Simran slaps him hard for lying to everyone, and says you are just a lookalike. You can’t become like my son even if you take 7 births. Shabnam smirks.

Pinto asks Sid(Ravi Dubey) why he is trying to become Raghu and says you are Sid(Ravi Dubey). Sid(Ravi Dubey) says he wants Shabnam to be happy and celebrate over her win, and says her plan will be failed and then she will fall down badly. Mona tells that he is Sid(Ravi Dubey) and that’s why united Yash and Sam. Roshni(Nia Sharma) says he is not Sid(Ravi Dubey), but his lookalike. DD(Achint Kaur) gives her jewellery to Roshni(Nia Sharma) and says Police can come at any time to arrest her. Sid(Ravi Dubey) comes there and thanks for getting him out of bail. He apologizes if any trouble come to them because of him. He says everything would have been fine if your Jamai’s sins wouldn’t have come out. He says your Jamai had a beautiful wife, then why did he look at his saali. If he was alive, I would have killed him. Roshni(Nia Sharma) slaps him hard.

She says I told you many times not to tell anything against my Sid(Ravi Dubey). Sid(Ravi Dubey) holds her hand and says he has given her right to do anything as she has brought him. He says once Raghu mechanic holds someone’s hand, then he will not leave so easily. Police comes and arrests DD(Achint Kaur) again. DD(Achint Kaur) asks her not to cry, and asks Mona and Nani Maasi to take care of home. Shabnam says you both have played a master game plan, and says you said so much…that your jamai is back. What will happen now Roshni(Nia Sharma). Roshni(Nia Sharma) cries. DD(Achint Kaur) asks her to be strong. Shabnam says you have broken now, and says she will kick them out of the house. She calls Shambu and asks him to clean DD(Achint Kaur)’s room. She says that room will be mine for forever and no ghost can enter. She smirks.

Krutika comes to DD(Achint Kaur)’s house and tells that you can’t arrest DD(Achint Kaur) as Sid(Ravi Dubey) is alive. She says you can’t do double jeopardy. Shabnam says you can’t listen to her and leave DD(Achint Kaur). Inspector says she is right, we can’t arrest DD(Achint Kaur). Roshni(Nia Sharma) tells Shabnam that God is helping truth. DD(Achint Kaur) looks at Shabnam. Shabnam gets annoyed and goes. Roshni(Nia Sharma) hugs Krutika and thanks her. Krutika smiles seeing Sid(Ravi Dubey). Roshni(Nia Sharma) tells DD(Achint Kaur) that Sid(Ravi Dubey) is alive and nothing will happen to her. She asks Raghu to go and says everything will be fine once Sid(Ravi Dubey) is back. She tells DD(Achint Kaur) that they shall celebrate. Krutika thinks Raghu is her own brother Sid(Ravi Dubey) and she is sure. Sid(Ravi Dubey) thinks he can’t even attend his own party, and thinks he has sent this photo. He says truth will be out once Shabnam exposes.

Shabnam thinks if Sid(Ravi Dubey) is alive and wonders what is happening. Sid(Ravi Dubey) asks why you are worried and asks her what is the matter? He pulls her closer and says just look in my eyes….I have so much love for you in my heart. Shabnam says so much things are going on in my mind, I will think and let you know. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says you are taking much tension and offers his help. Shabnam says she is going to Spa now. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says he can massage her. Shabnam asks what did you say? Sid(Ravi Dubey) says you are getting late and asks her to go. Shabnam goes. Roshni(Nia Sharma) hears them and thinks she thought wrongly about Raghu. She thinks Sid(Ravi Dubey) can’t think of this cheap thought even in his dreams and thinks to kick Raghu out of house once Sid(Ravi Dubey) is out.
Later Sid(Ravi Dubey) in Raghu’s get up brings band baja and tells that his (Sid(Ravi Dubey)’s) Sasumom is back home from jail and says that counts for celebration. He asks will you marry me? DD(Achint Kaur) asks what? Sid(Ravi Dubey) bends down on his knees and asks Roshni(Nia Sharma) why she is shying now. He says you don’t shy to touch me when you are alone. He says when a girl says no then it means yes. He holds the garland and tells Roshni(Nia Sharma) to marry him. Roshni(Nia Sharma) throws the garland. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says you have thrown 25 Rs garland and aDD(Achint Kaur)s the amount to the money which she has to pay him. He says everyone here is oldies, so lets go to room and marry. We will take elders’ blessings and then……..Roshni(Nia Sharma) slaps him hard on his face.

Sid(Ravi Dubey) says I think whenever you want to ring bell, you slaps me. Roshni(Nia Sharma) asks how dare you to think that I will marry you. She says I thought you are doing masti, but I was wrong. You are pretending to love Shabnam and me. She says your face is like Sid(Ravi Dubey), but you can’t be Sid(Ravi Dubey) even after you takes 100 births. She says I brought you here in this house, so I am asking you to get lost. She pushes him asking to leave. Sid(Ravi Dubey) says she looks for a chance to touch me, today she has hit me on my heart and asks why did you bring me here if I am illiterate. He says if I am illiterate why did you let me touch you and brought me to this point that I came with the garland here. He says truth is that you loves me in heart and wants to touch my cheeks. He says my cheeks are so smooth…..

He says today you have broken my heart and plays the sad music. He sees Shabnam coming and tells that his life is ruined because of them. He says I left my Maayi for you both, and when you people don’t care for me, I don’t care for you. He says I will leave the house and I am your big enemy now. He says I am leaving now and will not return. Nani falls down. Everyone rush to her. DD(Achint Kaur) asks her to give hand, but Nani doesn’t let her touch her. Sid(Ravi Dubey) comes there. Nani hugs him and asks him not to go calling him Sid(Ravi Dubey). Everyone is shocked. Sid(Ravi Dubey) gets teary eyed.

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