King of hearts Tuesday update 10 December 2019

King of hearts Tuesday update 10 December 2019

Ranjeet telling Mitul that he has taken revenge on Sid and got him beaten by Neil. Neil addresses to the press and tells about Roshni sincerity. He tells that he has decided that Ragini will not only be his life partner, but also his equal partner in mauve.

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King of hearts Tuesday update 10th December 2019, Everyone claps. Neil says the people who are spreading rumours should know that Ragini has made my life beautiful and happening. He says it is not easy to break mauve, and challenge to attack them from front. Sid looks on. Neil thanks everyone. Mitul tells that Ragini has done black magic on Neil. Naina asks what happened? Mitul says Neil doesn’t think about Ranjeet and have made Ragini as his business partner.

Neil comes and tells her that Ragini works for mauve as if it is her own company unlike some people, taunting at Ranjeet. Neil asks Ragini to sign on the papers and says he has board meeting tomorrow. Ragini says she don’t have those papers right now. Neil asks her to get it. Ragini calls Kesar and asks him to meet her in hotel. Mitul hears her. Ragini tells kesar from where they will arrange the documents as everything is on Roshni’s name. Kesar asks her to give original documents and says he will see what to do? Mitul wears hotel staff’s dress and rings Ragini’s door bell. Ragini opens the door. Mitul says she came for sprinkle medicine for pest control.

Ragini gives papers to Kesar. Mitul takes a paper which was fallen on ground and reads it. She says Roshni Patel, daughter of Durga Devi Patel. She comes to conclusion that she is not Ragini. Sid talks to Anya and tells that he will meet Roshni in the hotel. Simran hears him and cuts her hand to stop him from meeting Roshni. Sid takes her to hospital. Ragini calls Kesar and thanks him. Ranjeet and Mitul comes there. Ranjeet apologizes to Ragini. Ragini says it is okay and says I have to go. Mitul keeps the paper in Roshni’s file and asks her to go to meeting.

Ragini gives the papers to Neil. Neil reads it. Mitul says bomb will explode now and we have won. Neil asks Ragini to come there and asks what is this? Roshni says sorry as she sees the joker’s sketch. Roshni takes that papers. Mitul says I have kept it with my hand. Ranjeet says where did it go then? Neil announces that Ragini Desai is his new partner. Everyone claps. Sid couldn’t take it and goes. Neil smiles. Mitul thinks someone is helping Ragini. Ranjeet says may be Sid khurana, and says he will find out about Roshni, says Neil will repent much.

Ragini tells Neil that I hope that you don’t repent for this in future. Neil says I would have done this before and says I trust you for your capabilities. Neil asks if she has any objection to be his life partner. Roshni says not at all. Neil says I have one more surprise for you. Roshni says she needs to call Kesar. Neil says call him later and takes her to show the surprise. Anya asks Sid if everything is fine.

Sid says he wants to talk to Roshni. Anya asks him to give her some time and space. Sid asks what you are telling? You know everything. He says I am going. Anya says I will come. Simran tells Roshni that Anya and Sid went to book banquet hall and smirks. Anya pretends to faint. Sid asks her to come with him. Roshni sees Sid taking anya with him in the lift and is shattered. She thinks if Sid’s mum said truth. She thinks I was going to hurt Neil for Sid who has moved on. Simran smirs seeing Roshni shattered.

Ranjeet is pushed by his friends. Roshni comes and thinks Sid is saying something and doing something. Ranjeet tells his friend that Neil is mad about her. They go to talk to her. Ranjeet says I want to see why my brother is mad about you. Roshni asks him to move back and stay in his limits. Ranjeet tries to get close, but Sid comes and slaps him. He asks how dare you to touch her. Roshni looks on. Sid beats Ranjeet angrily. Ranjeet’s friend runs from there. Sid is about to throw stone on him, but Roshni shouts no. Sid asks why did you stop me, and asks if you are fine. Roshni says I want to talk to you. Sid says I know, but I want to hear from your mouth, says his ears are yearning to hear her. Roshni cries and says she wants to say….she gets Neil’s call. Neil asks where are you? He asks her to come and says it is urgent. Roshni says ok. Sid asks what you was saying? Roshni says I want to talk and says we will meet in night. She says she will message him address and goes. Mitul puts ointment on Ranjeet’s wounds. Ranjeet says he will expose Roshni/Ragini now. Mitul asks him to be quiet without proofs else they will kick them out. She sees Ragini coming and scolds her son. She asks her not to tell anything to Neil. Ragini says he should be in jail, and says it is the result of bad upbringing and freedom. She tells Ranjeet that if he does any thing again then she will kill him. Mitul thinks she will expose her.

Sid thinks to freshen up, and keeps his phone down. Roshni thanks someone for the perfect decorations which she has done to surprise Sid. Sid looks at his phone and waits for Roshni’s call. Someone comes there. Roshni thinks Sid came, and says you have beautify my life and picked up my shattered pieces of life. She says when you touched me, everything got perfect. She says she wished for perfect husband, jamai, friend, and life was perfect. She says I was blinded for sometime, and ran away from true love. She says I have realized what did I lose? She says we are not perfect, but I know that you and our relation are perfect. She says she is feeling light today and wants to laugh today. She says I want to fly high and want to tell everyone that I love you…..She smiles and says I love you. The man turns out to be Neil, he comes to her and holds her hands. Neil says finally you said this. Roshni is shocked. Neil says I wanted to hear this. Sid is stuck in traffic jam. Roshni turns and is shocked to see Neil. Neil asks her not to get emotional and hugs her. Roshni cries.

Naina and Simran also comes there and congratulates them. Naina says it is so beautiful and congratulates them. Roshni thinks what is happening? Neil says all thanks to Simran, and says she has co ordinated this. Roshni thinks why did you do this Maa? Simran smirks and says Roshni asked her to do this. Simran asks Neil not to postpone the marriage. Naina says Neil and Ragini will marry on the same day as Anya and Sid, double dhamaka. Simran smirks. Neil says we can’t wait for longer now. Sid comes there and thinks why did Roshni call me here, away from the city and calls Roshni. Naina calls Anya and tells her that Neil and Ragini also will get married with you in a week. Simran thinks I won’t let you come back to my son’s life. A fb is shown, Simran reads Roshni’s message, and saves her number as Roshni’s number in Sid’s phone, thinks she will send a different address to Sid.

Anya calls Sid and tells him that their marriage is fixed along with Neil and Ragini’s marriage. Sid is shocked. He comes home and asks Simran why she is playing games till now. He says even though that you know that I love her and she loves me and asks her to accept it soon. Simran says I don’t know what you are saying? She says I don’t want to get involved in this. Sid says you are involved in all issues. Simran says Roshni doesn’t love you and shows him video in which Roshni saying I love you. Sid is shocked. She asks did you see with your own eyes? She says I couldn’t believe also, and says she said to Neil that she loves him and asks him to accept it. Sid says it is a lie and says this can’t be true. It is a blo*dy lie and has done by you. Simran says you will not talk to Roshni, and says she said that she loves Neil. She says she is not Roshni, but Neil’s Ragini. She asks why do you want to ruin your life, and says that is your sasural. Sid says that is not my sasural. He says I don’t love Anya, and Roshni don’t love Neil. Simran asks him to go and tell Naina that he don’t love Anya. She blackmails Sid and asks him to make Naina die because of shock. Sid is teary eyes.

Ranjeet hears him and smirks. She tells Mitul that they shall inform everyone about Roshni and Sid’s marriage. Mitul asks him to think and says if Roshni and Sid marry Neil and Anya, and think what will happen. She says they will cheat on Anya and Neil. Ranjeet thinks you are very cunning. Mitul says you are also like me. Sid calls Roshni and says I want to talk to you. Roshni says I want to talk to you also. Sid asks her to come to park. Sid gets a message and is shocked. Roshni leaves from there. Mitul follows her. Roshni waits for Sid and thinks why did he not come there. Neil calls Roshni. Roshni picks the call. Neil says where are you? Roshni says I will be there in the office . Just then Simran comes to Roshni and says she heard their conversation. She says I tried to separate you both, you both are meeting. She asks Roshni to see the right and wrong. Roshni asks what you are saying? Simran says you want to know naa why Sid haven’t come here and takes her somewhere. Mitul spy on them. Simran brings Roshni to hospital. Anya tells Sid that her mum can’t bear this and says it is better if she die. Roshni asks why we came here. Sid asks are you mad? He says what you were trying to do ? Abortion? He says it was good that doctor called me, else what would have happened? Roshni is shocked. Anya says your life is in danger.

Anya says you have done so much for me. Simran smirks. Anya says you have sacrifice your true love for me and my baby. She says this is not right. She says we are not your responsibility, leave us alone. Roshni is shocked and thinks Sid is the father of Anya’s baby. Simran smirks. Neil calls Ragini and thinks why she is not picking the call. He calls Naina and asks about Ragini. Naina says I didn’t know. Simran stops Roshni and asks did you see? Anya is ready to sacrifice her baby just for you and Sid’s relation. Roshni cries miserably. Simran says if that baby is grown up then he will be without father just because of you. She asks Roshni to try and understand and emotionally blackmails her. Roshni says she will leave from Sid’s life, but will not betray Neil and will tell him everything. Simran is shocked as her plan will fail.

King of hearts Tuesday update 10 December 2019

Roshni promises that she will not let anything happen to Sid and Anya’s baby, and will go very far from Sid. She sits in car and cries. Simran looks on happy. Roshni calls Neil and says I want to meet you for some important talk and asks him to meet at home. Neil agrees. Simran thinks if Roshni tells everything to Neil then he will ask Sid, and the truth will come out. She thinks then nobody can stop Roshni and Sid from uniting. Just then she sees Mitul hearing her and calls her. Mitul goes in her car. Sid tells Anya that he wants to live his life with Roshni, but will not leave her baby also. He says Roshni is very mature and will understand her. He says Roshni and Neil will understand. Anya says she can’t hide her pregnancy for long and what she will tell people. Sid says I am talking about your family. He says we will continue to act as husband and wife for the society. Anya asks if Arav don’t get well then. Sid says he will get fine, else I will give my name to your baby. She says your baby will grown up with father’s love. Anya looks on.

Neil hearing Mitul saying Ragini is actually Roshni. He asks what you was saying? shouts and asks her to tell. Mitul says she is Roshni Khurana. Neil is shocked. Ragini comes home. Naina asks her about Neil. Ragini says she doesn’t know. Naina asks her to get ready for puja. Ragini thinks she has to tell this before puja. Neil comes then. Naina says you got late and asks him to change the clothes. Neil says first I have to talk to Ragini and takes her to room. Sid asks Anya not to worry and says we will talk to Ragini and Neil. Anya says even if they agree, then what about maa. She says Naina is doing all the arrangements and says she don’t want anything happen to her. She tells Sid that let her do this and goes. Ragini tells Neil that she wants to tell him something, but couldn’t. She says trust me, I don’t want to keep you in dark. I tried to inform you, but…..Neil says that you met Siddharth Khurana suddenly here. Ragini is shocked. She asks did you know this? Neil says you shouldn’t have waited this long to tell me. He says your name is Roshni Khurana. Roshni is shocked. Simran thinks what will happen if Mitul tells everything to Neil. She says she can’t let Roshni come back to Sid life again and calls Mitul.

Neil holds her hand and tells Roshni that their present is also precious. He says I am upset that why didn’t you tell me before. He says if you want, then I can return your ring, but I want you to wear wedding ring. Roshni thinks Neil is ready to accept her after knowing her truth. Neil asks will you marry me? Roshni thinks about Simran’s words that Anya is pregnant.

Anya brings Sid to lawyer. He asks her to sign on the papers and asks him not to worry saying this is just fake papers of marriage. Sid is confused. Anya seems to be conspiring with Simran and asks him to trust her. Sid signs on the marriage papers without knowing its truth. Roshni agrees to marry Neil and cries hugging him. Neil asks her to stop crying and says this stress would have gone if you had told me before. He says we will marry today itself. Roshni says today….Neil says Pandit ji is here and mahurat is also good. Roshni says how? Neil says today only and goes to talk to Naina. Roshni thinks if I have to move on then I shall marry Neil today itself. She thinks something is wrong somewhere and says she can’t ruin Sid and Anya’s life. Lawyer tells Sid that you both are husband and wife for the world. Naina gets happy knowing about Neil’s decision and informs Pandit ji. Simran calls Mitul and says you hav misunderstood whatever had happened in the hospital.

Mitul asks her to come and see what has happened and smirks. Sid tells Anya that it was not required. Naina calls Anya and asks her to come home fast. Anya says what happened? She informs Sid. Sid asks her to sit in car. He is worried. Anya says may be something good is happening. Roshni gets ready for the marriage. Mitul knocks on the door and asks Ragini to open the door. Anya calls Roshni and Neil, and says their call is not connecting. Roshni opens the door. Naina looks on happily. They bring Roshni and make her sit beside Neil for the marriage. Anya asks Sid to stop the car. Sid asks what happened. Pandit ji asks Neil and Ragini to exchange garlands. They oblige. Anya gets down the car and vomits. Sid gets concerned. Anya gets unconscious. Sid drives the car. Neil takes a pinch of sindoor and fills Roshni’s maang shocking Sid and Anya.

Roshni and Neil getting married. Roshni thinks she has done this for everyone betterment and now everyone will be happy. Naina says marriage has happened in a hurry. Sid says when you have news for us, then we are also having good news, and says they got married. Neil says you both are already married naa. Naina says no, and says she has hidden this truth from him. Neil asks why and is upset with him. Roshni thinks if there are many secrets hidden from her. Naina asks why can’t they wait for marriage. Sid says just as you couldn’t wait. Sid says we couldn’t wait as Anya is pregnant. Everyone is shocked.

Naina scolds Sid. Simran comes and asks Naina for forgive Sid and Anya, when they want to rectify the mistake. She says Anya is like her daughter Neil asks what is the proof? Sid shows them proof. Everyone is sad. Simran says we should be happy and celebrate, and asks newly weds to take elders’ blessings. Roshni, Neil, Sid and Anya take elders’ blessings. Simran goes to kitchen to get sweets. She asks how this is happened?

Mitul says Neil is sensitive and married in a hurry. She asks her not to tell Sid, Anya, or Naina know about Roshni’s past. She recalls telling Neil that Roshni was earlier married to Sid’s cousin and was not happy in a bad marriage. They take sweets. Mitul thinks that her plan is fool proof. Simran makes Neil and Roshni have sweets. Roshni enters Naina’s house after grah pravesh rasam. Simran says my bahu’s grah pravesh is remaining and invites everyone for party at her house. Naina gets emotional and says one daughter came and other is leaving from here. She asks Anya and Sid to give shagun plate to Roshni. They give. Sid looks shattered.

Roshni keeps on looking at Sid. Sid also looks at her. Naina asks Ragini to wear some bangle and says it is a sign of your marriage. Raj tells that they shall leave now. Sid is shattered and is about to leave. Naina stops them. Simran says we can stay here for some more time, and even Sid and Anya will stay, afterall Ragini is now Anya’s bhabhi. Tumko Chaha Chaha plays…………as Naina does Neil and Ragini’s aarti.

Neil promises to Ragini that he will take care of her happiness, and there will be no curtain of lie between them, and asks her to accept him and his family with true heart.

Anya asking Simran to leave for there for her son’s happiness. Simran blesses her and says they shall leave. She tells that she is keeping party for the celebration of Anya and Sid’s marriage and invites them. Naina says we will come. Simran asks Anya to come with them. Naina blesses Anya. Anya apologizes to her and asks her to take care. Sid looks on sadly and shattered as he walks off from the house. A sad song…..kabhi alvida na kehna plays…………..Neil asks Roshni to come. Sid and Anya reach Khurana house. Simran does their aarti. She asks Anya to come inside, and asks her to take care of their house happiness and peace. Anya steps inside the house kicking the kalash. Anya touches her feet and bless her. Simran sees Sid not touching her feet and blesses Anya again. Raj goes sadly. Simran hugs Anya. She says you are my ego, lakshmi etc of the house. She takes her to Sid’s room and says it is yours from today. Anya looks on. Simran says it is messy, but I will clean it. She picks something and Roshni’s pic falls down. Simran angrily picks it and is about to tear it, but Anya stops her and says I will take care of everything. Krutika brings bangles and gives to Simran. Simran makes Anya wear it and asks her to get ready for evening party.


Neil romances with Roshni. Roshni feels Sid instead of him, but then is shocked to Neil. Naina and Mitul enter their room and laugh. Mitul says it seems they will make us Dadi soon. Roshni runs to washroom and is upset. Mitul tells Naina about Neil’s past. Naina says she is sure that Ragini’s love will heal everything. Roshni goes to washroom and cries badly looking at her bangles, sindoor etc. Sid also cries looking at her pic. Chhan se jo toota song plays…..Roshni cries and thinks she has sacrificed for Sid and Anya’s baby. She says she is feeling suffocated and couldn’t live. Sid says I was breathing, you have snatched my breath and made me live suffocated. He asks what wrong did I do. He asks who gave you a liberty to kill me again.

Sen Gupta family come to Simran’s house. Simran welcomes them and says this is your house only. Raj also says the same thing. Simran says all family is one now. She says since Anya entered our house, it is happiness all around, but one thing is remaining. Naina asks what? Simran says I thought they shall do one ritual infront of us, and says she can’t let her bahu without mangalsutra, and that’s why thought Sid will make Anya wear mangalsutra infront of all. Sid, Roshni and Anya are shocked. Simran asks Sid to make Anya wear it. Simran asks Sid to hold it and why is he shying? Sid makes Anya wear mangalsultra shattering Roshni. Simran smiles. Raj, Krutika and Bunty are sad for Sid. Roshni cries remembering her marriage with Sid. Mitul sees her.

Roshni telling that she is missing her mum. Neil says I didn’t know that she is so emotional. Simran praises Anya infront of Naina and others and says she made kheer and didn’t let her do anything. Roshni coughs. Sid and Neil gives her water. Roshni takes water from Neil’s hand. Sid goes, Anya follows him. He says he can’t act anymore, and can’t feign fake smile. He says lets go to London. He says we don’t have to act as husband and wife, and says we have to go. Naina hears them and thinks what Sid is saying? They will go separate ways in London. He thinks what will happen if Neil comes to know this and worries about Anya’s baby. She gets an attack and she falls down. Someone makes her have water.

Naina says now she can go peacefully from here. Simran asks what you are saying? Naina says I have one last wish, I want my daughter to stay with me until she delivers her baby. Neil asks Naina to talk calmly. Naina asks Simran to permit Sid and Anya to stay in her house. Everyone is shocked.

Naina tells Sid to agree. Neil asks her to relax. Mitul asks Sid, if you will come to our house as ghar jamai. Sid agrees shocking Simran, Anya and Roshni. Mitul says this is so good. Naina thanks Simran. Simran says it is okay unwillingly. A sad song plays………………Roshni tells Sid that it will be difficult for her if he stays at her house. Sid says it will be difficult for him and not for her. Sid tells Anya that he has promised Naina, but he can’t stay at her house.

Naina tels Neil that she will not spoil his first night and asks him to go. Neil goes. Mitul says Ragini said that she will stay with Naina and Neil was stunned. Naina asks Ragini to go and get ready. Ragini says she will be with her tonight. Naina says Anya and Sid are with me, don’t worry. Mitul says they have already celebrated their wedding night even before marriage and laughs. Everyone looks on.

Roshni goes to her room. Sid looks on disheartened. A sad song plays in the background. Roshni takes milk in her room. Sid cries.

Sid getting jealous and shattered seeing Roshni in Neil’s room. He couldn’t bear her to see with someone else, and knocks on the door. Neil opens it and asks what do he wants. Sid says Naina’s prescription. Neil says I forgot, gives the prescription and closes the door. Sid comes back to Anya and says he couldn’t see his wife getting ready for wedding night with another man. He says he is feeling suffocated and couldn’t see Roshni with Neil. He asks Anya to convince Naina and says they will leave in 6 days. He says it is like a hell to me and I refuse to stay here. Neil kisses Roshni on her shoulder, and moves his fingers on her lips. He makes her lie down and tries to get close, but Roshni pushes him and says sorry. She says I got married to you, but can’t do this. She apologizes and goes to washroom. Neil feels bad. Roshni cries badly in the washroom and says she can’t do this….Siddharth

Neil comes to hall and drinks wine. Mitul sees him and says very soon Neil’s secret will be out even to Roshni and then everything will be ruined. Simran tells Raj that her plan is ruined as Anya and Sid went. Raj asks her not to talk to him. Simran says everything will be fine. Raj says they are under the same roof and says lets see who will win, your happiness or their love. Simran says she can do anything for her son’s happiness and reminds him about Anya’s pregnancy.

Mitul tells Naina that Roshni and Neil haven’t come till now. Roshni comes. Mitul teases her and asks about the night. Sid couldn’t bear it. Roshni asks Neil to have bread, and tries to make up. Neil is angry on her and asks her to do her breakfast. Sid couldn’t beat and pushes his plate. He says sorry, it was slipped from his hand. He goes from there citing meeting. Roshni gives Neil’s suit to him. Neil seems to be angry. Naina taunts Ranjeet and asks him to make arrangements for party. Ranjeet tells Mitul that she is treating him as a servant. Mitul asks him to let them celebrate and says Neil will become like old Neil soon, once Roshni rejects him after knowing his truth and laughs.

Neil is tensed. Roshni asks if he is fine, and says she will bring juice. She says she will massage his head. Neil says it is okay. Roshni insists and massages his head. Sid is surprised and jealous to see Roshni caring Neil. Neil sees Sid and asks if he has some work. Sid says I will come back later. Neil asks him to wait and asks Roshni to excuse them. Neil and Sid discuss a project. Neil says Ragini and Khurana name look good. He asks why didn’t you tell me about Ragini and your past. Sid is shocked and asks how do you know? Neil asks if Ragini had broken this marriage or if the reason is something else. Sid says you are her husband now and her present and future, and asks him to ignore her past. Neil says may be you are right.

Anya telling Sid that Roshni has moved on and is giving attention to Neil.. She says Roshni didn’t bother to speak to him before taking a decision. She asks him to give a chance and move on. Sid says it is my call to move on or not. It is Roshni’s wish to move on, when I am not interfering in her decision then why you? He says sorry and asks her to focus to convince her mom. He says I don’t want to hear anything wrong about Roshni, and goes. Neil thinks about their wedding night and Roshni asking him time. He messages Roshni that he is coming home and thinks he is thinking much. He buys flowers for Roshni on the way.

Simran comes to Naina’s house and tells that she is missing Anya and Sid. She shows the necklace to Anya and Naina and asks her to call Sid so that he will make her wear. Naina asks Ragini to see it. Ragini says it is good. Sid comes. Simran asks Sid to make Anya wear it and asks him not to make any excuse. Sid says I am getting late and have to leave. Simran asks Sid not to show attitude and make Anya wear it. She asks Ragini to give necklace to Sid. Sid and Roshni look embarrassed. Roshni gives the necklace. Sid makes Anya wear it hesitantly. Mitul looks at their reactions. Anya smiles. Sid leaves. Anya asks how is it? Simran says it is good. Roshni thinks Sid is moving on, but she is stuck on the same place. She says I will try to move on for your and Anya’s happiness. Roshni thinks she will sleep before neil comes home. Neil comes home calling Ragini. Roshni pretends to sleep and covers herself with blanket. Neil sits on the bed and is about to touch her, but sees Roshni closing her eyes and thinks she is feigning to be sleeping. He gets sad and goes out of room.

Naina hears a sound and comes out of room. She sees Neil drinking and wonders what happened to him again. She recalls Neil’s condition when his girl friend ditched him. A fb is shown, Neil breaks the things and started drinking wine. Fb ends. Naina says my son can’t become like old Neil, nobody should know this, I won’t let this happen and will do something. In the morning, Roshni helps Neil wear suit and asks him to talk to her. Neil says he is going to office and pushes her slightly. Roshni looks at her hand. Naina calls Roshni and says Neil brought this saree and flowers for you. Roshni says I slept yesterday night. Naina says it is not good if husband and wife sleeps in different rooms a day after marriage. She asks her to understand the matter and Neil, and asks her to take care of him. She says I am not your saas, but maa and asks her to share her heart feelings.

Sid asks Anya to talk to Naina sooner and faster. Anya says she will talk after party. Sid says I want to go from here as soon as possible and asks her to convince Naina. Sid sees Roshni’s hand wounded and asks what happened? Roshni says nothing and goes. While roshni is wearing clothes, and setting her dupatta.

Mitul sees her and asks Sid to go as Ragini is calling. Sid goes to her room. Roshni thinks Neil has come and asks Sid to help her attach the dupatta. Roshni turns and sees him. Sid asks about her injury. Roshni says this is my room, please just go. Sid goes. Roshni recalls getting the injury. She thinks what to tell Sid that his memories are wall between Neil and me.

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