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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

King of hearts Thursday Update 25th July 2019 Zee tv


    • THursday 25 July 2019
      Episode 96
      Sid’s decision is catching up with him. After hearing that Sid met with an accident, Roshni rushes to help him. She is reminded that her love for Sid is deeply rooted.


This Episode Starts when Biji say she is not understanding what he is telling. Sid comes. Raj asks if he got divorce papers back and asks where is Roshni, if she is in temple. Biji also asks same. He says she will not come as he divorced her. Raj is shocked to hear that, but ugly Kritika and dumb Simran smirk. Raj asks Sid not to lie on this auspicious day.

Sid says he is telling truth, he divorced Roshni. Raj slaps him and says he is ashamed to call him his son.


Raj asks how he may divorce a girl like Roshni?
Sid’s Grandmother is crying.
Krutika is smiling.
Simran seems to be pensive.
Raj tells Sid to get out of his sight!
Sid leaves the room and Raj stares at Simran with suspicion.
Simran avoids his eyes.
Sid goes to the room and sees Roshni’s scarf within the wardrobe.
He pulls it out and cries into it. Tum hello ho ab tum hello ho… tune performs within the background.

He sees her sacks on the table and picks them too as he thinks about her, he implores her to pardon him in light of the fact that in his journey to be a decent Son-in-law, he neglected to be a decent spouse to her.

He sees the holder of Vermillion and recalls when she caused him to apply it on her and disclosed to him they had recharged their promises.

He packs up his things.

His Grandmother remains in the entryway, crying as she watches him.

Simran is offering requests to the Servants to pack up.

DD, Roshni and Mona arrive.

DD discloses to Simran She’s not clever like her and on the off chance that she deserts any thing, She will send it to her home, since she doesn’t keep whatever’s not hers and she treats her visitors well, so Simran can take as much time as necessary in pressing and would even be offered refreshments.

She discloses to Mona that when they leave, she needs the spot sprinkled with blessed water to avert the negative vitality! Simran and Krutika gets angered hearing that.

Grandma reveals to Sid that he has turned out to be developed to such an extent that he’s taking such choices all alone; he separated from a young lady like Roshni who unmistakably still adores him. She guides him to tune in to his heart and advise her if that is the thing that he needs to occur.

Sid says it doesn’t make a difference what he needs, the choice has been made and there is no diverting once again from it.

He gets to the front entryway and sees Roshni and her family.

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Simran inquires as to whether he’s prepared?

He pursues her out without saying anything to Roshni.

Raj and Grandmother get to the front entryway and see Roshni’s family.

Grandma embraces Roshni and Roshni contacts their feet.

Raj apologizes to Roshni and DD says he doesn’t need to apologize as they was already aware who is extremely in charge of every one of that has occurred.

She says thanks to him and his Mother for dealing with Roshni while she lived with them. The two of them leave.

Mona gives DD the blessed water.

DD ventures inside the house, sprinkling it as she goes.

Roshni is in a trance.

DD says they would have been a glad family today, yet they can’t cheer in light of the fact that Roshni’s heart is broken.

Sid returns and Roshni looks confident, yet he says he came to get his keys.

DD picks the keys from the table and tosses at him. She inquires as to why he did what he did, exactly when she was starting to confide in him and was happy to try and pardon his Mother for everything she did on the grounds that Roshni became hopelessly enamored with him once more!

She inquires as to why he has done this to her.

Sid shakes his head.

DD says he is one of those Men who let their Mothers control them and she wouldn’t like to see him anyplace close Roshni again in light of the fact that she will manage him!

Sid says she has summed him up effectively, he picked his family’s satisfaction over everything and she shouldn’t stress since he won’t set out to approach anybody in her family until kingdom come.

He twists to get the key at that point contacts DD’s foot.

DD can’t keep down the tears.

He strolls towards the entryway, and he goes to take a gander at Roshni once again with sad eyes and leaves.

DD discloses to Roshni that she needs to give up in light of the fact that Sid has his reasons.

Sid is back in his room at his family’s home.

His Phone rings interminably.

Roshni is calling, however he closes the calls without replying, at that point he turns it off. Canister tere o sajan… tune… plays out of sight. He draws out her scarf from his sack and scents it.

He reveals to himself that he longed for developing old together with Roshni as a Married Couple, he satisfied his obligations as a decent Son-in-law, however not a decent spouse. He supplicates that God favors Roshni and says he can’t survive without her, however he needs to.

Raj is going to go out, however Simran beseeches him to remain.

His Mother asks what’s happening?

Raj says he has consistently tuned in to her, yet she shouldn’t stop him today on the grounds that Sid and Roshni were frantically enamored with one another and he can nearly ensure Simran is in charge of what has occurred!

Krutika asks him for what reason he’s accusing Simran for something Roshni did?

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Sid goes into the front room and Krutika inquires as to whether he was compelled?

Sid tells his dad that it was his choice and he shouldn’t accuse his Mother. Raj considers him a liar and a trick and rushes at him, yet the Women implore him not to hit Sid.

Sid advises his father that he has the right to be hit, so he can proceed.

Raj tempests out of the house.

Sid’s Grandmother unfortunately tells she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in this house.

Roshni sits on the Couch where Sid used to rest and considers him.

Pratima brings her nourishment, yet Roshni will not eat.

Pratima says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why Sid did what he did, however she has an inclination there is something different.

Roshni says she feels it as well, she has an incredible time with Sid over the most recent couple of days and he was the old Sid once more, yet when he came to Court, he was an alternate individual.

She says she’s been attempting to call him, yet he turned off his Phone.

She asks what she ought to do?

Simran is crying as she discloses to her Mother-in-law that she doesn’t have even an inkling where Sid has gone so late during the evening.

Raj educates the Servant to set up the visitor space for him.

Simran begs him, however he says their contemplations don’t adjust so there is no reason for living respectively! She shouts that Sid has not achieved home and he is likewise alarming her.

Simran says she knows he’s attempting to purnish her and what’s more, she can’t discover Sid.

Raj says Sid is a Man that can settle on his own choices and she can likewise make hers, so the two of them needn’t bother with anything from him any longer.

He leaves for his room.

Simran begins her exaggerating. Grandma requests that her stop!

Krutika discloses to Simran that possibly Sid has returned to Roshni.

Sid’s Grandmother says that will be extraordinary. Simran blows up hearing that. Grandma chides all her calm and chooses to telephone Roshni. She calls Roshni.

Roshni says Sid isn’t with her.

The doorbell rings and 2 Policemen comes in. He educates them that Sid was in a mishap.

Roshni catches everything.

She races to Sid’s home and Simran inquires as to why she has come, at that point censures her for destroying Sid’s life!

Grandma advises her to disregard Roshni!

The Inspector returns and says no one is spared. Raj says he needs to go to the spot. The Inspector says his group is clearing the spot and he can’t till now. Simran is heavyhearted and tumbles down.

Roshni and Grandmother hold her, at that point Roshni goes to the family special stepped area to ask.

Toward the beginning of the day, Roshni is still with Sid’s family. She is asking as the others sit and pause.

The Inspector returns and says they got data that one Man endure the mishap, however his condition is basic. .

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Grandma says it must be Sid so they ought to go to the medical clinic.

They get outside and see Sid offering directions to somebody in a taxi.

He advises the individual to leave so they don’t get in a tough situation.

Roshni keeps running into his arms and asks where he was on the grounds that everybody was stressed over him? Simran and Krutika get maddened seeing that.

Sid gradually grasps her hand off his body.

Sid says he was at a companion’s place.

Krutika asks who was with him in the taxi that dropped him off?

Sid says it was his companion.

Grandma asks how he got into a mishap?

He says his driver was being foolhardy, however the mishap was gentle so he’s down and his companion lifted him up.

Raj considers him a trick and says he ought to have educated then that he will be fine!

Grandma says they should all head inside and Roshni ought to get Sid a glass of warm milk.

Roshni glances around and says she will get moving

Raj offers to get the driver to drop her, yet she decays.

As she leaves she pivots to take a gander at Sid one final time.

At home, DD is supplicating and stressed.

She’s strained and shouts that Roshni doesn’t generally illuminate her before going out and aside that, Sid inconveniences them. She says Sid doesn’t merit any satisfaction!

Roshni enters and says DD shouldn’t say that regarding Sid. DD says Sid has deceived her, yet she guards him.

Roshni says everything he did was separate from her.

They hear a voice saying an affection like that can never kick the bucket.

They turn and see Sid’s Grandmother.

She says she knows the individuals from her family are never again welcome in their home, however they ought to think about her age and permit her see Roshni. She inquires as to whether she doesn’t need Roshni and Sid to rejoin and apologizes to her. DD asks her not to apologize and says she can meet Roshni at whatever point she enjoys. DD says she is constantly welcome.

Ronnie implores her to come in.

Grandma says Roshni will consistently be the little girl in-law of the family.

Roshni takes her to the room and she says she can see Sid is hopeless without Roshni and Roshni is the equivalent so for what reason would they say they are doing this?

Roshni says it’s Sid that has changed towards her and does not have any desire to address her, and even today, he didn’t address her, perhaps he doesn’t feel anything for her once more.

Grandma says it’s an ideal opportunity to fix things again and She’s thinking about an arrangement.

She inquires as to whether Roshni is with her on it?

Roshni holds her hand and says she is prepared to successfully have Sid back in her life.

Grandma advises her to listen cautiously.

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