King of hearts Thursday update 12th December 2019

King of hearts Thursday update 12 December 2019

Roshni taking her purse and is about to go somewhere. Sid gets water and is coming towards there. Naina reads court notice of divorce application of Roshni and Sid getting rejected, as they didn’t come to court, and that’s why they are still married.

King of hearts update Wednesday 12 December 2019

On King of hearts Thursday update 12th December 2019, Naina is shocked to know that they are married even now. Sid collides with Roshni and water falls on her face. Sid says sorry and wipes her face with his handkerchief, and sees sindoor on it. He goes. Naina looks at them in shock and comes to her room cryingly. She says a big betrayal….if Roshni and Sid unite then Neil and Anya’s life will be ruined. She says Neil couldn’t bear it and Anya is pregnant with Sid’s child. Mitul calls Naina. Naina hides the papers. Mitul comes and asks what you are hiding in the drawer. Naina says she saw old pics and memories got freshen up. She asks did you want anything. Mitul thinks there is something for sure.

Roshni comes to office. Suddenly flowers falls on her from above surprising her. She sees a sorry letter from Neil. Neil brings chocolate flavor cake and says it is your favorite. Roshni asks why? Neil apologizes to her for hurting her. He bends on his knees apologizing her and sees her hand. He apologizes to her. Roshni asks him to leave her hand. Neil says we shall go on a holiday and says we will just relax. He says we will go on a lunch. Roshni says okay. Anya tells Sid that she wants to eat pani puri. Sid says I can fulfill your wish before going. Naina talks to Simran and says she don’t want Roshni and Sid to stay together and says it is better if Sid and Anya go from there. She asks Simran to go with Sid and Anya and make sure they stay together, happily. Sid brings Anya to have pani puri. Neil and Roshni are having lunch at a restaurant. Manager comes and calls her Mrs. Khurana, and asks her to enjoy lunch. Neil gets angry and says I am done. Roshni is tensed. Pani puri seller asks Sid about Roshni. Sid gets sad and says she hasn’t come. Anya gets upset. Sid asks Anya to have pani puri. Roshni tells Neil that she didn’t know that manager will recognize her. She shows the holiday brochure to Neil and says she likes beaches, and asks him to book the tickets. Neil gets happy. Employee comes and informs that someone came from Khurana company. Roshni says yes, she called them.

Bunty talks to Roshni about bridal collection and asks her to go to London for the promotion being CEO of the company. Roshni says she has to talk to Neil and calls him. She tells Neil that Khurana wants her to go to London for bridal collection and seeks his permissions as they have planned for a holiday. Neil asks her to go and come back. Roshni thanks Neil and confirms Bunty. Naina tells Sid and Anya to shift with Simran and Raj and makes an excuse that Raj couldn’t handle alone. Sid and Anya are surprised. Naina says once Anya’s third month completes, she can travel to London. Neil comes home. Mitul asks Naina, if she has informed him about Sid plans to go to London for few days. Neil is doubtful. Mitul says Anya will go after some days. Neil thinks about Roshni’s words. Roshni talks to Bunty and says she will not go to London as Sid will be going there. She sees Neil coming and cuts the call. Neil asks what happened? Roshni says something is stuck in her neck and goes to washroom. Roshni’s phone rings. Neil picks it. Bunty says I have to talk to Sid about cancelling London trip. Neil cuts the call and thinks what is happening under his nose.

Roshni worrying for Neil and calls him. Someone picks the call and says Neil is drunk and is not in his senses. Roshni asks him to tell the address. Neil is lying unconscious on road after heavily drinking. He gets up and tries to walk. Roshni comes in her car and is about to hit him accidently. She gets shocked and asks Neil to come home. Neil says you came again. Roshni looks on. Sid is on the way in his car.

Neil asks what do you want Roshni Khurana? He says I don’t want to go home, slaps and pushes her. Roshni falls down and her bangles breaks. Sid hears the voice and sees Neil and Roshni’s car there. He gets her bangles and picks it up. He recalls Naina making Roshni wear that bangles as a symbol of married life. Roshni looks at her face and cries recalling Neil torturing her. She cries while Fasle song plays………she recalls her marriage with Neil and looks on cryingly. Sid is driving the car and thinks he will find out. Next morning, Neil says he made cake for Ragini with his hand. Mitul says how romantic? Anya says Ragini is very lucky. Neil asks where is she? Mitul says she is here. Ragini comes….Everyone look at her bandage on forehead. She wishes good morning to everyone. Anya says he made cake for you and asks why did he write “Sorry” on it.

Naina says Ragini is having injury and asks about it. Ragini says she had slipped in bathroom. Mitul asks if neil gave her wound. Neil says arguments happen between husband and wife and makes an excuse. He asks Ragini to sit. She sits on the chair. Neil makes her have cake. Ragini takes cake from her hand. Sid thinks bangles are missing from her one hand, it means it is hers which I found. Ranjeet asks Mitul if she has any plan. Mitul asks him to have patience. She tears the layout of the bridal collection. Ranjeet says what I will do now. Mitul asks him to have patience and laughs.

Sid sees Roshni coming and tells Anya that they should get article written by the expert on domestic violence on women. Roshni hears them and says it is a fashion magazine, social issues are not addressed in it. Sid says I know, but it is not just fashion magazine, but women magazine. He says many women are tortured by their husbands and says even successful women suffers but nobody comes forward. He says you are face of the magazine. Roshni disagrees for the article. She says may be woman are helpless and asks him to use other things to address the issue. Sid thinks what is going on and Roshni is affected.

Neil is in his office and thinks his conversation with Ragini. He thinks this is not right. How could I do this? Roshni gets inside the lift. Sid also gets in. Ranjeet sees them going and says Sid Khurana…look what I will do now. My mum will praise me. Sid shows bangles to Roshni and asks if it is hers. Roshni asks where did you get it? Sid says if everything is fine. He says we are not husband and wife anymore, but we can be still friends. He says whenever you want to share something, you can tell me. Roshni says I don’t need to talk to you. Just then electricity goes off and lift stops. Sid asks if Neil raised his hand on you. Roshni says Siddharth. Sid asks what is going on and asks about the bruises on her hand. He asks her to think about their relation and tell everything. He says I will handle everything and asks her to tell. Roshni waits for the lift to start. Sid says Roshni….

Mitul tells Neil that lift is not working, and I got tired. Neil calls security. Lift opens. They see Sid and Roshni together in lift and get doubtful.

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