King of hearts Sunday update 8 December 2019

King of hearts Sunday update 8 December 2019

Roshni coming to the office. A man collides with her intentionally. Roshni says sorry. Man says you can’t go by just saying sorry and asks her to give tax, a kiss.

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King of hearts Sunday update 8 December 2019, Roshni slaps him hard. Man says I am Ranjeet and can buy you. He says you don’t know who am I? Neil comes and slaps him. He says I told you not to come to office and says tells him that Roshni is his bhabhi. Ranjeet apologizes to her. Neil says he is an embarassment. Roshni asks Ranjeet do you think you can flirt with any woman, you thought that I am a random model and you can do anything. Ranjeet apologizes and thinks to take revenge. Anya tells Sid that some lady had collected report from hospital and says I think Mrs. Khurana is the one. Sid says why she will do this knowing that you are pregnant with Arav’s baby.

Anya gets Mami’s call and she informs her that Simran came to meet Naina. Simran thinks once Naina sees pregnancy report of Anya then she will get Sid and Anya married soon. Sid comes there and asks Simran to come with him and not to play games. Anya tells Naina that Simran left. Sid takes her out and asks why is she ruining many lives. Simran asks what did I do? Sid tells I don’t know what you are doing, and says if anything happens to Anya or her baby because of her then he can’t forgive her.

Roshni is in her office and drinks some juice. She starts laughing in between the meeting. Neil asks Ragini, what happened? Ragini laughs heavily and apologizes again. Clients looks on surprised. Ranjeet smirks and recalls Roshni slapping him. Neil apologizes to clients and says he has to go with Ragini now. Ragini says we can’t leave the meeting. Ranjeet says this is called slap’s echo. Neil takes Ragini to his cabin and asks her to drink water.

Roshni says we shall finish the presentation first. Roshni imagines Sid in Neil and hugs him emotionally and happy. She says you came back….I missed you..missed you, don’t go anywhere Sid. She says I missed you very much. She says I am sorry, it was my mistake. Neil is shocked. Roshni is in dizzy state and says sorry. Sid and Anya come there. Sid asks what happened to her. Roshni sees Sid coming and falls on him. Sid calls Ragini and asks her to be careful. Sid asks Neil to call the doctor and asks what happened to her. Neil calls doctor and asks him to come urgently. Naina tells that there are so many work pending. Simran comes and thinks how to take the envelope out. She makes an excuse to Naina. Mami asks Servants to clean the house. Servant gets envelope. Mitul eyes it.

Doctor checks Roshni and says she is drugged. He asks them to take care of her. Neil and Sid wonder who could give her drugs. Roshni is still in unconscious state.

Sid tells Neil that he has to take his phone. Neil asks him to take and gets busy on phone. Sid whispers in Roshni’s ears that he will be around her always. Sid asks Anya to tell everyone about Roshni and goes to catch the peon. Peon says I just served her juice, but he added medicine in it. Sid sees Ranjeet and asks who is he? Peon says he is Neil’s younger bro and is taking revenge on Ragini for the slap. Sid says I will show you, what is revenge? Neil calls someone and asks to get some info.

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