King of hearts Sunday 5 January 2020: A prospective groom for Mahi comes to meet her. He is waiting for her and is greeted by Naina.

King of hearts 5 January 2020: Right then Koel is walking down and the guy looks at her legs and drools. She walks right past the guy and he excuses himself to Naina and goes after Koel. Few minutes later, Payal-Mahi enter the house and Payal is called back by her assistant who informs her that a case has been filed on her for trying to bribe the development officials.

Payal is shocked. Suddenly her phone rings and its Satya. He tells her that he knows she is in trouble and is ready to support her. He says Deepu has put her in trouble but he will help her out of it but he has one condition and that is Mahi would apologize to him. Payal looks at Mahi.

Kajal asks Satya if Payal will fall for his plan and Satya assures she will. Flashback shows how Satya trapped Deepu and made him bribe the development officials on Payal’s behalf thereby trapping Payal too. Right then Payal drives up to the chawl with Mahi. She gets out of the car and Deepu apologizes for his mistake.

He puts his arm around Payal and she slaps him. Payal walks up to Satya and then calls Mahi. Mahi forcefully apologizes to Satya who smirks.

Meanwhile, Sunil informs Tai that someone was inquiring about Satya, his background, birth details, etc. Tai is worried.

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Payal returns home and Naina confronts her and asks her what she is planning for Mahi? Payal jerks her off and Naina falls off the wheelchair. She says that soon someone will come who will protect her Mahi.

Right then Satya comes and Naina is speechless seeing him. Mahi comes there as well and helps Naina get up on the wheelchair. Naina thinks that Sid is here now all will be well with Mahi. Satya wonders who is Sid. He asks Payal about Sid who just brushes it off. They are in Nainas room and Payal says Satya is working with her. Satya feels something amiss between Naina-Payal but thinks that he should focus on his work and getting his purpose served.

Satya is sitting with Payal at the breakfast table. He is feasting on all the delicious dishes. Payal asks him if he is hungry? Satya says everytime i see good dishes, i get more hungry. Mahi comes there and watches Satya eating and burping. She is disgusted. Satya says need to go wash my hand. Mahi tells Payal that Satya is fooling her. Payal assures her that she will handle. Satya gets up and goes in the bathroom to find Mitul mami washing her face. She sees his image in the mirror and thinks she is seeing a ghost. She screams and Satya thinks that she is crazy. He goes back to eat. Mahi asks if he will eat again? Satya says yes. Mahi is disgusted with him.

Mahi asks Satya if he will sit and stuff food on his first day at work. Satya says yes, and asks if she has any problem? Payal tells Satya that he has to do one thing, get Sunil thrown out of his home in the chawl. Satya is shocked. King of hearts update Sunday 5 January 2020

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