• SATURDY 27TH July 2019
      Episode 97
      Sid helps DD sneak in the man she accidentally bumped into the house. The question is though, who is this man and what are his intentions?


This Episode started when Grandma says it’s an ideal opportunity to fix things again and She’s thinking about an arrangement.

She inquires as to whether Roshni is with her on it?

Roshni holds her hand and says she is prepared to successfully have Sid back in her life.

Grandma advises her to listen cautiously.


He takes man to DD’s home and requests that DD help him bring man into house. He begins his gabbing. DD requests that he stop his prattle pattar and take this man in. He requests that her assistance him and the two of them reach inside house, yet observe Kesar and take cover behind couch. Roshni likewise comes and gets into her room. The two of them at that point bring man into DD’s room and make him rest on bed.

Entryway chime rings. Sid says doc more likely than not come. Roshni opens entryway and asks doc what is he doing here. He says DD called him. He sees Sid and requests that he turn out. Roshni asks what is he doing here. He says ex-relative met with a mishap. DD says it is a straightforward mishap and will get her standard examination and takes Sid in with doc. Roshni, Mona and Kesar are confounded and Kesar says snake and mangoos are as one, it is extremely befuddling. Doc checks man and says he is fine and will wake up in some time. They leave room and doc says DD is fine however will need rest. Sid waves bye to Roshni and leaves. Roshni attempts to go behind DD, however she runs and bolts entryway.

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DD thinks back mishap and this she won’t let anybody see this man. Man in the first part of the day gets out. Roshni get apprehensive and holds light shade against him. He asks her to unwind and requests what reason is he here. Roshni calls Kesar. Entire family turns out. Man asks who brought him here. DD inquires as to whether he doesn’t have a clue her identity. He says no. Roshni asks who is this man and what was he doing in her room. Man yells who hit him and for what reason did they abduct him. DD says no one grabbed him and powers him to sit. She asks Kesar to call doc and herself calls Sid to come there.

Doc checks man and tells man has lost memory and should remain here for some days. He gives remedy and leaves. Roshni inquires as to whether she made mishap of this man. Sid says it is an attempt at manslaughter case and DD won’t be saved, so she should keep him home, else she will be sent to imprison. He says nothing is in his grasp now. Roshni says Sid is correct and expresses gratitude toward Sid for helping DD. DD consents to keep the man at home. Sid says he will leave now. DD says thanks to him. He says she ought to have expressed gratitude toward him yesterday itself and says no issue by any means, he will come day by day to check this man and leaves. Roshni says even she is landing late for her position and leaves.

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Kesar asks DD what will do now. DD says they need to hold up until this man recovers his memory. Mona asks in what capacity will she endure this man. She says they all need to endure this man for the good of Roshni and asks them not to advise anything to Roshni.

DD is organizing a gathering at her home. Man begins eating all the embellished vegetables. DD comes and asks what’s going on with he. He says he is eager. Kesar says he is destroying DD’s gathering. He asks who is DD. Kesar focuses at DD. Man says she resembles a hitler here. DD requests that her go inside room. He says he chokes inside room. Roshni meddles and takes man from that point. Man expresses gratitude toward her and says DD is controlling everybody here. Roshni says she is her mother.

Sid attempts to leave home. Simran says she realizes he is going to meet Roshni and requests that her expel her totally from his life and quit tormenting himself. Sid says he is totally fine and is getting a charge out of.

DD acclaims Kesar for orchestrating gathering great. Sid comes there. DD says she didn’t welcome him, at that point for what reason did he come. Sid says he came to meet uncle and discusses a urdu shayari/lyric. Kesar acclaims wah. Sid says he realized he might want it and discloses to DD she is english medium and may not get urdu and tells its significance is the point at which he was her jamai, he couldn’t have cared less, presently he is ex-jamai, so he doesn’t care at all. She requests that he proceed to meet man. He pursues Roshni rather who requests to quit following her.

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Sid asks Kesar to give his garments to man, else he will educate police chief about the mishap and will send DD correctional facility. Kesar gets apprehensive and gives man his garments. Man begins getting a charge out of gathering and eats from visitor’s plates. Visitor shouts who is this improper man in DD’s gathering. He says he is eager. DD asks Sid to remain there, however control this man. She asks how manned get new garments. Kesar says he gave as Sid coerced him. Sid says his tonge slipped.

Roshni descends preparing in a wonderful sari. Sid gets hypnotized with her magnificence and keeps gazing at her with moth open. Man requests that he close his mouth, else fly will enter. He says his hair didn’t dim simply like that and says he lost his memory, not his cerebrum. Roshni stops Sid and inquires as to for what reason is he drinking so much and meandering around. The two of them begins their nok jhok. Roshni then goes to man who says she is looking excellent and inquires as to whether she needs to have nourishment. She says no. Sid holds Roshni and says she should hit the dance floor with him, else he will send ex-sasuma DD to imprison. She says let us see.

Music begins. Sid hauls Roshni for a move and the two of them exotically move on Na seekha mai ne tere bina… .melody… .DD grins taking a gander at them. The two of them get enthusiastic. Everybody applauds them after their move.


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