King of hearts Friday Update 4 October, 2019 Zee World

King of hearts Friday Update 4 October, 2019 Zee World

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Roshni crying and tears Raghu and Shabnam’s wedding card. Sid comes there and says you have taken away my respect first, and now you have torn my wedding card. He says what I will tell my Shabnam now. Roshni cries and says don’t know how this has happened, and says she loves only Sid. Raghu can’t see her crying and says there is nothing to worry. You might think that I am a flirt, and don’t respect woman, but I respect woman and really cares for your respect. He says I was just joking and nothing had happened between us. Roshni asks really. Sid says I promise, nothing has happened between us. Roshni says joke, and beats him with pillow. Sid runs out of room. Roshni thinks why do I feel that he is my Sid……

Raghu comes to Pinto and says I can’t hide this fact anymore. I am getting weak, whenever Roshni’s matter comes to me. He says Roshni was talking with innocence yesterday night and says he want to tell her that her Sid is back and want to hug her. He says I am tired of acting. Pinto says today is your engagement and it was your plan. Sid says I am done with the plan. Pinto asks him to tell Bhabhi about the truth. Roshni comes and asks what is the truth? Sid and Pinto looks on shocked. Raghu says which truth and asks if she is mad to hear two men speaking. He asks her to go and do her work. He says I am paraya dhan and asks her not to stare him. Pinto says he is getting engaged. Raghu asks if someone said statue to you, and asks her to go. Nani says you will not get engaged. Shabnam asks Roshni to take her inside and says he is my Raghu. Nani cries, and asks him not to marry Shabnam. She says you are our Sid, and not Raghu. Sid thinks he will get weak if she cries, and thinks he has been doing this for them. DD asks Nani to come with her. Shabnam says he is not Sid, but my Raghu….he is the new Jamai of this house. Nani folds her hands and asks him not to marry Shabnam. Sid wipes his tears. Roshni gets doubtful about his tears and thinks to find out.
Roshni comes to Raghu and sees him reading business magazines. She asks what you are understanding in this magazine. Sid says he was seeing the advertisement and tells about the offer on Pant. Roshni asks him not to hide and tell the truth. Sid says I think time has come to tell the truth and says I have hidden much, not anymore. He says I have decided to tell you the truth and will not hide anything. He says truth is that………………that clouds are thundering since morning. Raghu asks enough, until when you will do drama and asks him to tell the truth. He shouts and says I am Sid Khurana, and I am SRK, Amitabh Bachchan etc. Roshni asks him to confess that he is her Sid. Sid says it is limit now and pushes her. Roshni falls and gets hurt. He asks her not to touch his collar again. Later he injures his hand and thinks it is a punishment for hurting his Roshni. He asks God why he is playing game and forced him to live a double life. He says you have to end this game now, else I will punish myself daily…and you have to pay for my blood drops.

Roshni cries and says my Sid can’t do this. She thinks if Raghu and Sid are two different persons, and then thinks Sid might have memory loss and that’s why not remembering them. She goes to Doctor and asks him about amnesia. Doctor asks her to make him remember all the incidents. Roshni thinks to make him remember everything before he gets engaged to Shabnam. DD sees Raghu washing clothes near the swimming pool and asks who gave you permission to wash clothes here. Sid says I am to be husband of the owner of this house. DD tells Roshni that Raghu is not equal to Sid’s nail also. She says atleast Sid had a class. Shabnam comes and shows her ring to Raghu. She tells Roshni that she will enjoy with Raghu and will teach them a lesson. She says my mum died because of you people and you have snatched my Abbu. She invites Roshni to come for her engagement at 8 pm and says they are going to unite. Roshni thinks to make Sid remember everything before his engagement. She says this engagement can’t happen.

Roshni sending a chit with the servant to Raghu. Raghu reads it “do you remember my birthday” . He asks Servant to go and gets another chit….. “eat sweets to get good thoughts”. He asks Servants to work and reminds of the evening engagement. Roshni thinks he can’t be Sid and thinks to go to the same place where DD saw Sid. Sid thinks to meet Roshni at the place where DD saw him, and says I won’t let your hope break. Bunty asks Doctor what happened to Krutika. Doctor says it is common in this situation and asks him to take care. Simran comes and asks what happened? Krutika says she got vomitings. Bunty thinks may be Krutika got pregnant after yesterday night. Simran thinks Krutika got ill.

Roshni gets ready to search Sid. Sid comes and asks she is going to find whom and says I am near you………..They have an eye lock….Mere Rubaru plays…………He makes her wear earrings. Roshni thinks it is her imagination. She thinks once her Sid comes back then she will see Shabnam.
Nani is praying in the temple. Roshni comes and fills her maang with vermillion….She asks God to give her strength, so that she can bring her husband home. Nani blesses her for marital life and says you will get your Sid today.

Servant comes to Bunty and says Krutika called you in the hall. Bunty sees flowers made up like a heart with theme park passes. He says lets go. Krutika refuses to go. Simran feels bad for Bunty, and thinks Krutika doesn’t come near him and don’t want to see his face. She thinks Sid might have clear the differences between them and thinks where is he?

Shabnam calls Raghu……Sundari says he might be here only, and asks her to keep searching…Shabnam asks servant if he saw Raghu. Servant says no. Shabnam asks DD, where did you hide my Raghu? DD says I have hidden him in my purse, and asks have you gone mad?Is he a child? She says he might have vanish to escape engagement with you. Shabnam wonders where did he go. Roshni and Raghu are seen in the car. Raghu says you told me that you want to make me meet Shabnam here, and asks if she lied? She shouts asking people to save him. Roshni asks him to come to the point and asks him to help her find Sid. Raghu says I don’t want to meet him, and says I will not forgive and beat him. Roshni asks him to keep quiet. They see Shabnam standing….asking her to open the car door. Raghu says thank god….you came my sweety pie. Roshni asks Raghu to sit in the car. Shabnam accuses Roshni for trying to steal Sid. Roshni says it is your habit to snatch someone’s husband and then you killed him. Shabnam says what nonsense and says I didn’t kill Sid. She says DD killed him. Roshni asks Raghu to come with her. Shabnam pulls him closer holding his hand. Roshni pulls his other hand. Raghu says I am going to be engaged to Shabnam darling and refuses to go with Roshni. He goes with Shabnam. Roshni swears not to let Raghu marrying Shabnam, and thinks she will bring Sid back home.

Simran and Raj come to Shabnam’s engagement and congratulate DD. DD says Sid is alive…and says she has seen with her own eyes. Krutika says she has photos. Simran asks DD to have God fear, and says you will not rectify your mistakes. She says I did a mistake once, by trusting you but will not trust you again. DD says Sid….you have to come infront of have to save my respect being my king of heart. Roshni comes to the address which DD told her. Sid is also there and thinks he will not make her lose hope. Roshni asks someone and he says he is there. Roshni sees Sid and gets emotional.

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