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Roshni is in search of Sid however she can’t discover him.
She goes into his room and he holds her from behind.
She runs out of the room to the balcony they usually stare at one another by the glass door.
Sid opens the door and joins her on the balcony.
Roshni goes again into the room and falls on the mattress.
Sid  joins her. They quickly end up on the floor. Raj is speaking to his mom, Simran and Kritika about Misha regaining her memory.
DD rushes in and asks for Misha. Sid and Roshni hear her and come out.

Misha enters the living room and DD says she could just kill her.
She accuses Misha of killing Shiv.
She shows them the medical report and tells them that Misha is obsessed with Sid and she planned everything. Misha asks DD why she’s lying against her.
DD says she murdered her husband.
Misha says she was a victim of schizophrenia but she has been treated and recovered from it but
when Neel left her at the engagement, it triggered the illness again.
She asks DD if she really thinks she would have left London if she loved Sid.
DD says Misha can fool someone else but not her; she knows she killed Shiv. Roshni tells DD that she can’t just accuse her.
DD tells Roshni to read the documents and put all the pieces together, then she will realise Misha was the one who murdered Shiv

A police inspector enters the house and says he has a warrant for DD’s arrest.
He says a report was got that someone hacked into a hospital database and it has been traced to DD’s laptop.
DD says Misha is the criminal.
She begs Roshni not to trust Misha at all.
They take DD away. The family members gather together but Misha turns away from them.
Sid regards her with suspicion.
Sid, Roshni and her grandmother are at the police station.
DD is in jail.
She tells them that Misha is the murderer.
Roshni says they can’t just accuse anyone because they are desperate.
Sid asks the inspector how soon they can bail DD out.
DD tells Sid to trust her, Misha is very dangerous.
Sam and Yash are at home.
The kids hit Misha with a foosball and Yash gets upset.
Sam tells him it’s okay.
She tells the kids to go and play outside.
Yash is impressed with the way she handled the issue.
Sid tells Roshni to go home with her grandmother while he stays back at the police station.
Roshni says she will stay with him.
Grandmother leaves them.
Sid’s grandmother says she doesn’t understand what is going on.
Simran says DD lost her husband so they can’t imagine what she’s going through.
Grandmother says maybe the trauma has made her lose her mind.
Misha is listening to them.
She tells herself that crazy DD sounds like a good plan.

In the morning, Sid and Roshni are asleep on the bench inside the police station.
A cleaning lady arrives and starts sweeping.
Sid and Roshni wake up.
Sid suggests they go out and get tea since DD is still asleep.
They get outside and it’s raining.
Sid holds an umbrella over them and orders tea from a street vendo. The cleaning lady continues sweeping and makes her way to DD’s cell.
DD opens her eyes and sees it is Misha.

She stands up and grabs Misha by her arm through the bars of the cell.
Misha injects her with a syringe.
DD yells for help and slumps to the ground.

Sid,  Roshni and the police men rush into the cell.
DD is very weak. She says Misha injected her with a substance and she’s dressed as the cleaning lady.
The police rush to hold the cleaning lady but it’s someone else.
Misha gets outside the station and disposes off the cleaner’s uniform she was wearing.
Sid and Roshni bring DD back home in a wheelchair.
A doctor and nurse accompany them.
The doctor says they should have left her at the hospital.
Sid says she wasn’t comfortable there.
The doctor tells them to give her her drugs.

Misha enters DD’s house and asks if DD is fine now.
She gives Roshni a letter and says she has withdrawn the case she made against DD.
DD tells Misha to get out of her house.
Roshni thanks Misha.
DD tells them to throw Misha out because Misha wants to kill her
Misha leaves.
Roshni tells Sid that she is confused and doesn’t think Misha is the culprit.
DD is sleeping in her bed.
Sid is standing by the doorway.
Roshni leaves the room to get something.
Sid sits by the bed and says he doesn’t know what is going on.
He accidentally knocks Shiv’s photograph from the table.
As he picks it up, he sees some documents in DD’s drawer.
He takes them out and what he reads surprises him.
He promises DD that the person who murdered Shiv will be behind bars in 48 hours.
DD is still sleeping.
Sid takes the documents and leaves the room.

Misha is on the phone, giving instructions that some people be taken away from Mumbai within 48 hours.
Sid enters the room and asks who she is sending away.
Misha says it’s just her friend.
She notices his pensive look and asks what’s on his mind.
He says it’s a lot, DD accusing her and her medical records.
Misha says he’s doubting her.
He says he’s not.
She asks what she should do to prove her innocence because she doesn’t think there is any trust between them anymore.
She shows him a plane ticket and says once he’s married, she will be going back to London as she doesn’t want to be the cause of any chaos, so the best she can do is to leave him alone.
She walks away, leaving the ticket on the bed.
The police arrive at Sid’s house the next day.
DD’s lawyer says Misha has been summoned to court.
Sid says they can’t do that.
Misha says DD is unwell and not able to file a report.
The lawyer says it wasn’t DD but Roshni who filed it.
Sid is furious.
Sid and his family, including Misha, come to DD’s house.
Sid is yelling at the top of his voice as he shows Roshni the petition.
Roshni tells him to watch his tone
Sid says he won’t let anything happen to his best friend.
DD tells him he has chosen a side and it’s clear, so he should think twice before saying anything to her mum.
Roshni and Sid continue to argue.
Misha is loving it.
Sid’s family members and Roshni’s grandmother are not happy.
Sid says if this is how Roshni wants to behave, then they should call off the wedding.
Roshni tells him to call off the wedding.
She says maybe Sid is in love with his best friend and he has decided this is the best way for them to be together.
Sid asks if that’s what she thinks of him.
He pulls Misha by the hand and tells her that maybe it’s the way for them to realise they are supposed to be together and were never meant to be friends but lovers.
He asks Misha if she would marry him.
Sid’s family and Roshni’s Grandmother are shocked.
Misha tells Sid that she’s making a hasty decision.
Sid puts her hand on his head and tells her to say it.
Misha says he knows she can’t say no to him.
Sid say that’s it, it’s final.
Roshni tells them to leave.
Sid says he’s leaving Roshni’s house and her life.
Sid walks out with Misha.
Sid’s parents follow.
DD tells Roshni that she always told her that Sid would betray her.
Roshni goes into her room, upset.
Her grandmother asks why this happened.


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