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Kindred hearts update Thursday 24th October 2019

Bini touches Ambika’s feet. She says I called her. I was so confused but Rano made me believe that Bini can be our daughter in law. Bini says I wont disappoint you. I promise you that. Ambika says where is Akash? She says AArjun(Sudeep Sahir) call Akash. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says I can’t. Ambika says he is your brother. He is your brother go and forgive him.
Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) comes to his roomm. He sees that Akash isn’t there. Rano comes too. Rano says he isn’t in his room. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says where is he? He isn’t picking his phone too. Ambika says call his friends too.
Bini says till then I will make his favorite dish. I dont know how to cook though. I can see recipe on youtube. Ambika smiles. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) comes to his room and calls Arjun(Sudeep Sahir). He doesn’t pick. Rano rests her head on his shoulder. She says I am really worried.
At night, everyone is worried for Akash. Bini gets food ready. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says his friends don’t know where he is. Akash comes home. Bini says he will be so happy to see me here. Everything will be good now. Akash comes in with Jia(Disha Parmar). They are in wedding attire. He says I and Jia(Disha Parmar) have married. Everyone is dazed. Bini is shocked.
Akash says Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) married Rano. We married too. Ambika slaps him. Akash says you don’t like Jia(Disha Parmar). i married her anyway. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) is shocked. Akahs says Jia(Disha Parmar) come in. Ambika says stop there. This girl can never be accepted in this house. Akash says I don’t wanna live anywhere where my wife isn’t respected. Lets go Jia(Disha Parmar). He says I will always stand by her. Ambika says go and leave this house then. Jia(Disha Parmar) says see Akash.. She only cares about Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) and his wife. You said your ma loves you. Akash says I was wrong. I can see how she is now. Jia(Disha Parmar) says I am here for you. Lets go. Ambika says stop.
Ambika says rano bring the arti. Rano brings arti. Ambika says don’t be happy. I haven’t accepted you. My son made a mistake and I wont make another one. You can’t take me away from my son. bini says how dare yoou akash. And Jia(Disha Parmar) you took everything from me. You always come between two lovers. Jia(Disha Parmar) says we can’t change anything. Bini says you have no shame. Now see what I do to you. I will ruin your life.

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Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says I am ashamed I loved a woman like you. Akash says she is my wife. Ambika does their arti. She goes to her room. Ambika says I haven’t accepted you as my daughter in law. Don’t think i can ever own you. I don’t wanna go away from my son.

Jia(Disha Parmar) comes to her room in tears. She says Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) must have felt so bad. He was so upset. Akash says this plan will work don’t worry. He says don’t cry. We have to expose rano at any cost.
Rano comes to ambika’s room and says Jia(Disha Parmar) is back in this house as Akash’s wife. Will that be okay? Ambika says don’t worry. I know what your rights. I did this for you. Rano says for me? Ambika says I know Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) hasn’t accepted you completely. I want Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) to see Jia(Disha Parmar)’s reality and forget her completely. When he sees her going ahead in life he will go ahead too. I have to accept her for you. Rano says accept my foot. I meant.. The way you have accepted Jia(Disha Parmar) please accept my apology. Forgive me. Ambika says don’t say all this. Ambika says I can do anything for your happiness. Thin about your life and Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) not them. I will handle them. Rano says let me make you chaat.
Ambika says if Akash loves Bini why has he married Jia(Disha Parmar)? Rano says I have to do something to kick that Jia(Disha Parmar) out.
Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says has Jia(Disha Parmar) done this to take revenge for me marrying Rano? how could akash do this. He isn’t a kid. Rano comes and says I can’t understand that either. He says I want to be alone. Rano says dont hurt yourself. RAno says how can Akash and Jia(Disha Parmar) marry each other. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says please go from here. Rano says they are not married. I think they are fooling us.. He says Rano go frmo here. Rano says come i will show you how this wedding is a lie.

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Jia(Disha Parmar) is crying. she says you caan’t imagine how i controlled my emotions. Akash says you are doing all this for your love. Jia(Disha Parmar) says yes we have to be strong. We have to help each other.
Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says what are you saying? Rani says I want you to be happy. Come and see with me.

Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) and rano come downstairs. Akahs says we have to pretend that we are not married. Jia(Disha Parmar) says what about bini? She is hurt. Akash says we need to keep it hurt from bini. We can’t take risk of hiding from her. Jia(Disha Parmar) says what about the lies. He says this lie is for the better. Akash gives high five. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) comes. Jia(Disha Parmar) says they have no manners. They come anywhere without permission. Akash says we need privacy. we are married. He closes the door. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says to Rano you brought me here. Shame on you. Jia(Disha Parmar) and Akash laugh.

Akash says i will sleep on the sofa. She puts cushion in between and says you can sleep on your side. I trust you. What if Rano or Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) come. We have to be prepared. Next morning, Jia(Disha Parmar) comes to kitchen to cook. rano says you are here with this drama. Jia(Disha Parmar) says why is it hurting you? Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) filled your hairline but did he own you? no? Rano says forgot how Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) kicked you out of this house? Jia(Disha Parmar) says you can never have a place in his heart. I heard he was scolding. He was very angry. Jia(Disha Parmar) says this racket kills lie. Rano says you fake wedding will be exposed soon.

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Jia(Disha Parmar) and Akash come to table. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) sits. Jia(Disha Parmar) says I made this tea for your akash. She makes him drink. He says its so good. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) is jealous. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) burns his hand. rano says show me. He says I am fine. Akash sends first aid. Rano says you can’t win Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) from me. Akash says lets go Jia(Disha Parmar).
Rano says something to Ambika. Ambika says as Akash’s wife. I wont do anything for her. Rano says we have to do this for society. We have to show them our rituals. Ambika says okay.

Akash says to Jia(Disha Parmar) make your tea yourself. Never make for me. Jia(Disha Parmar) says it was so good. Akash says ask me.. Jia(Disha Parmar) hits him with cushion. Akash looks at her. Jia(Disha Parmar) says what happened? he says nothing. Birju says mai has called you.
Ambika gives Jia(Disha Parmar) necklace. Akahs says why this. Ambika says di you ask me before marrying her? This is our ritual. Today is her munh dikhai in evening. Wear this. And wear decent clothes. Rano says I will dress her.

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