Kindred hearts update Sunday 13 October 2019, Zee World

Kindred hearts update Sunday 13 October 2019, Zee World

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Some thugs harass Bini. She says go from here or.. She looks for Akash. He grasps her hand and akash comes. He says get lost. Thug says who are you. Akash beats them.
Nisha comes to kaki am and says this is my house. You thought you can live here. She throws a lizard on her.
Kaki ma screams. Jia runs upstairs. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) and Chiragh come as well. Nisha has locked the door. she says shout no one can come in. Jia stops and screams her hands are burning. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) is outside Kaki’s room.

Akash says to thugs go from here. He leaves with Bini. The thugs come after them. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) and chiragh say please open the door. Jia screams because of her burning hands.
Akash and Bini(Tanya Sharma)hide in the parking area. The thugs look for them with more of their people.
Kaki ma falls in the room. She screams. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) breaks the door and says do you have any shame.
Akash asks Bini(Tanya Sharma)did you know these guys? She says yes I had a fight with ajrun. I washed ttheir car to make them go after Arjun(Sudeep Sahir). And they gave me money as well. They thought i was a bad girl. Akash says you can’t do this with people you don’t know. this can be dangerous. Bini(Tanya Sharma)says you are right.

Jia screams. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) comes to her. he says how did this happen. she says there was something in the dish washer. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says you have no humanity nisha. Bini(Tanya Sharma)and akash come in. Nisha plays like Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) has shoved her. Bini(Tanya Sharma)says what happened mom? She says this ajrun and jia shoved mom. She says jia was working in kitchen i don’t know what reacted with her hands. She thinks I did it. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) hit me. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says shut up. Bini(Tanya Sharma)says to jia get out of this house. You ruin family everytime. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) I wanr you decide what you want. Jia can never be part of this family. She says decide between us and her. Nisha says get out of this house. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says stop. Nisha shoves jia out of the house. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) shoves nisha. Some thugs come in.
They are kidnappers. They ask everyone to sit down and give them money.
Everyone sits on the sofa. Akash says we need meds for jia her hands are burned He says i will come with you. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) applies meds on her hands.
Thugs put gun on bini’s head. Police comes in. He says ask them to leave and tell them nothing is wrong. Chiragh says nohting is wrong.

Bini(Tanya Sharma)says mom do something. Save me please. Nisha says what can I do. They ask jia and nisha to bring all the jewelry. They do. They pick it all. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) hits the robber. They all fight. Kaki ma and Bini(Tanya Sharma)hide. The robber picks his gun and points it on Arjun(Sudeep Sahir). He says Bini(Tanya Sharma)go inside. They shoot Bini(Tanya Sharma)but akash comes in front. His hand gets shot.

The bullet hits Akash’s hand everyone is dazed. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says jia call the doctor. He says I will be fine. Robber try to run but police comes in. They arrest them. Anjali says why did you have to come in front of me. He faints. jia calls the doctor.
Doctor takes his bullet out and dresses his wound.
He opens his eyes. Bini(Tanya Sharma)says I was so worried for you. why did you have risk your life for me? He says they were about to shot you. I will be fine. Bini(Tanya Sharma)gives him water. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says to Akash do you really love her? why else would your risk your life? He hugs him. Akash says anything for you all. Ji comes in. She says those robbers were real. Jia says let me bring your med. Akash says brother did you tell jia about adi? Adi says I will tell him its a promise. I have to bring Bini(Tanya Sharma)on right path. He says why you want my help? He says she doens’t listen to us. You are of same age as her. she doesn’t have any friends. She shouldn’t be like nisha. Akash says her mom is so wrong. He says you are thinking howw important a mother is. Kids should also talk to their parents. You are living your old life in this life. I know you have responsibility with this family but I am your family too. Will you keep your promise? he is silent.
Bini(Tanya Sharma)comes to Kaki. she says dadi you made this breakfast for akash? I will take it. Nisha says servants can.
Akash says I got a call she was asking about you. I will call back later. I think its about time you should tell jia everything. Jia comes in and says what do you have to tell me?

Akash says to Jia Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) said you want to eat food made from your hands. Bini(Tanya Sharma)comes and says don’t do that. Dadi already made food. Nisha says I and Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) will go on dinner tonight. jia came between us but she isn’t anymore. We were living such a good life and then thugs came. Bini(Tanya Sharma)says don’t blame jia for everything. Lets go downstairs. SHe says akash enjoy your breakfast.
Nisha says to Bini(Tanya Sharma)do you keep jia in this house? nisha says she has no shame. We have to kick her out everytime. She shoves jia out. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says stop. Bini(Tanya Sharma)says stop mom. Nisha is dazed. She says leave Jia. Nisha says what are you doing bini? Bini(Tanya Sharma)says everyone deserves a second chance. I will give her that.

She recalls she went to akash and gave him lunch. He gave her a book. He told her people change. We should always give them a chance to improve. Akahs said her you have reduce her importance by keeping her here so people forget her. If you shove her out ajrun will keep loving her. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) will see her reality.
Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says you did right bini. She isn’t selfish like your mom. Chiragh says she never loved me Binin. Kaki says she is very selfish. Nisha says stop it you all. Get out. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says why should we go? Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says do what jia did for this family. kaaki ma says can yous serve me? Chiragh says learn to love people.

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