Kindred hearts update Saturday 2 November 2019, Zee World

Kindred hearts update Saturday 2 November 2019, Zee World

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Kindred hearts update Saturday 2nd November 2019 Zee World

Jia(Disha Parmar) says ma do you need help? She says no I will make it. Jia(Disha Parmar) says please tell me what it is? Ambika says why can’t you leave me alone. Go from here. She leaves. ambika says I am sorry Jia(Disha Parmar). Rano comes and the food is someone else’ favorite too. But it would never get to him. She throws it. Rano says you don’t love me. Make new food for me and clean all this. she leaves. Jia(Disha Parmar) and Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) peek in. Ambika cleans all the food in tears. Jia(Disha Parmar) says how will she work in an hour. she will fall sick.

Jia(Disha Parmar) looks at Ambika she says should I go and talk to her? Rano comes in. She gives her a bag. Ambika says did you give him stuff? Rano says yes. Ambika says when will you take me? She says soon. ambika is in tears. Jia(Disha Parmar) says what is all this related to? I have to find out.
Jia(Disha Parmar) tells Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) and Akash. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says who could it be? Jia(Disha Parmar) says we have to find out that human. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says whats Rano’s relation with that person. Jia(Disha Parmar) says we have to find out whom did she go to meet? Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says this bindi.. Rano says everyone come downstairs. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) tells them the plan.
Everyone comes downstairs. Jia(Disha Parmar) says you are so talented. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says we will do what you ask for. Just don’t make ma work. Rano says okay. Akash go and bring me food. Ajrun make me tea and Jia(Disha Parmar) will help me get ready.
Jia(Disha Parmar) gives Rano saree. she helps her in dressing. Jia(Disha Parmar) says you look so pretty. Rano says bring my shoes. Jia(Disha Parmar) brings her shoes. She says make me wear it. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says you won’t do it Jia(Disha Parmar). Rano says should I ask ma to work? Jia(Disha Parmar) says we said we ill do her work. Jia(Disha Parmar) makes her wear it. She leaves.
Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) and Jia(Disha Parmar) laugh. Jia(Disha Parmar) says I have fixed bindii package in her shoes. We will know where she will go.
Akash comes to Ambika. She pretends to be sleeping. Akash says I know you are no sleeping. Don’t you trust us? We can get you out of this trouble. Tell us what it is. Rano isn’t home. No one would know. Ambika says in heart Rano isn’t home?
Jia(Disha Parmar) and Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) follow Rano. Ambika goes out. Akash says ma stop. Where are you going? The bindis end. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says that means that secret is in the house. They go near the back door. Akash says ma please tell me why are we doing all this? Ambika leaves. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) and Jia(Disha Parmar) come back in hall. Ambika says what are you two here? What is this on floor? Rano comes and says this was made for me. THey wanted to know where am I? I am here. They couldn’t find out. Ambiak says when will you all stop it? Rano says I saw the packet and your stupid plan failed. Don’t worry mai. We will play the same game she leaves.
Ambika says stay away from all this or leave me alone. I don’t need you. she goes to her room. Jia(Disha Parmar) says i am really worried for ma. She is really upset.

Rano says it was so much fun fooling them. There are roses on her bed. she smells them and faints. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) and Jia(Disha Parmar) come in. Arju and Jia(Disha Parmar) tie her in store. She opens her eyes and says what am I doing here? Wjay is all this? Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) shows her a tub underneath her. It has pertrol.

Rano says what a I doing here? Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says tell us that secret or we will burn you and mai will tell us. they go out. Ambika says why is Rano not in her room. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says okay if you are not telling us then we will have to burn you. He ablaze a fire. Rano says I wont tell you. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says now you see what I do.

Akash comes to Ambika and says why are you worried? Your BP will shoot. Let me check it. She says where were you all? He checks her blood pressure. She says where is everyone? He says ma you need rest. She says tell me where is Rano? Aksh says they.. i can’t tell you. She says you have to tell me. I will look around.
Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) picks Rano’s pallu and says let me set this on fire. Jia(Disha Parmar) says yes go ahead. He sets it on fire. Rano says I will tell you. Rano says I will tell you. That secret is..
Akash says i wont let you go ma. He holds her. she slaps him. Ambika comes to store. Rano says what is this. Do you have any shame. She pours oil on herself. she says I will burn myself if you come between me and Rano. Rano says now you see what I do to you all. She turns on her lighter. She says I will burn ambika. Jia(Disha Parmar) pick knife and cut Arjun(Sudeep Sahir)’s hand or I will burn her. Jia(Disha Parmar) cuts his hand. Rano says well done. Jia(Disha Parmar) cries. They all leave. Ambika is in tears.

AKash says on call when will we come? this will stay between us. Rano says where are you going? He says why should I tell you? She says do you want me to burn mai? Call the person you were talking to Akash calls the person and says can you come here? Rano says you can’t go anywhere until he comes.
Jia(Disha Parmar) dresses Arjun(Sudeep Sahir)’s wound. He kisses her. rano looks at them and gets angry. She says if you are done with this go and bring this grocery. Jia(Disha Parmar) says we will.
Rano says to Akash call him. Where is he? The man comes in. He is a palmist. Its Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) disguised as palmist. He sits down; He says I know everything. Rano says can you tell me everything? He says yes. she says will i be successful in my game? He says what do you play? Football cricket? Or chess? She says its a game anywway. He says close your eyes. We will have to go to your past first. Let me hypnotize you. She says okay. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) starts hypnotizing her. He gives her water. She drinks it and faints.

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