Kindred hearts update Monday 4 November 2019, Zee World

Kindred hearts update Monday 4 November 2019, Zee World

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Kindred hearts update Monday 4 November 2019 Zee World

Jia(Disha Parmar) comes to her room in tears. She says how can she come close to Arjun(Sudeep Sahir)? For ma I have to do this. She decorates the room. Rano comes and says i and Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) will be one. No more distances. Shaurya comes in with a glass of milk. Rano says you have to stand on the door. She locks the door. Shaurya says have milk. She says you should have some too. He drinks one glass and she drinks the other one. Rano says I am coming back.
Rano says take my ring off. Jia(Disha Parmar) is worried outside. she says take my earrings off too. He pulls them. she says it hurts. Jia(Disha Parmar) is in tears. Rano comes close to Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) to kiss him. He says I am very hungry. Rano says what.. Is this a plan? he says you know me how hungry I get. She says we have fruits here. She makes him eat them. Rano holds his hand. Rano comes close. He says please close your eye. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says in heart Jia(Disha Parmar) please save me. he says smell this flower. She coughs. SHe says you know I am allergic. Jia(Disha Parmar) recalls her moments with Arjun(Sudeep Sahir).
Rano shoves Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) on bed. She kisses his hand. Jia(Disha Parmar) says ma please open your door. Ma please we are one you have help us. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says go rest first.
Jia(Disha Parmar) says if Rano spends night with hi Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) will be forced to own her. i will lose him forever.
Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) spills water. Rano slips and falls. she says pick me.He says no you belong there. He leaves. Rano says I wont leave you.
Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) comes to Jia(Disha Parmar). Ambika opens the door. she is dressed as a bride. Jia(Disha Parmar) says what is.. She closes the door. Ambika cries inside. Jia(Disha Parmar) says did you see all that? That sindur.. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) is in tears. he says ma was wearing mangalsutra. Jia(Disha Parmar) says what is it? Please tell me.
Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) recalls when he was a child. Ambika came inside the house in rain. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says ma what happened? Why are you like this? There was a letter from her husband. I am going to fulfill my dreams. Don’t try to look for me and take care of kids. Ambika took off her mangalsutra. He says baba will come back. He can’t leave us. Dont cry ma please. He will come back. Ambika said he will never come back. He has left us forever. I wont wear this mangalsutra anymore. He broke all the relationships. This mangasutra doesn’t mean anything; If we ever comes back I will wear it again. He says ma baba really loves us. Ambika says for me don’t ever take his name again. I am here for you both.
Ambiak is tears. She says I hid this pain for so many years and it came back again.
Jia(Disha Parmar) says whatever happened was years ago. He says that means he is back. I have seen ma crying every day. She hid her pain to keep us happy.
Jia(Disha Parmar) says why did he leave? He says he wanted to fulfill his dreams. He decided to go. Rano is blackmailing ma with something related to baba.

Rano gets up. Her back hurts. She tries to walk. She says I will see where can he go. Jia(Disha Parmar) comes to room and says things come back like consequences of sins. She says you have no spine. rano says shut uup. Jia(Disha Parmar) says what should I say about you.. You were dying to be used by a man. No shame. Rano says shut up. Jia(Disha Parmar) gives her bam and says use it because we are not like you. She throws it on Jia(Disha Parmar) but Akash catches it.
he says are you okay? She says lets go. She says you ran. Both brothers are coward. You thought you can come back easily? You have to go out of this house. Jia(Disha Parmar) says this is Akash’s house. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says rano has right on this house. If she is saying he should leave this house. Akash and Jia(Disha Parmar) are dazed. Akash leaves. Rano says finally you are using your brain. you should understand too Jia(Disha Parmar). I can do anything. She gets up.
Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says I had to ask my brother to leave. Didn’t have another option. We have to know a secret behind this all. Jia(Disha Parmar) says we will fix it all. Akash will understand.
Ambika is worried for Arjun(Sudeep Sahir). she looks for him everywhere. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) comes and sahys ma you stayed in this pain after all these years. You didn’t trust me to tell me anything?

Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) hugs Ambika. He says I am very angry. You never thought your son could share your pain. You hid it from us all the time. I am not that weak I could understand you. She says you are my strength and pride. He says they why hiding all this from us? Why did you hide all this from us? She says I didn’t know where your baba was. All these years he wasn’t with us, so I did all the fasts just to pray that your baba comes back but he didn’t come back. I thought I would fight him when he comes back. But he never did. When i lost the hope.. then Rano told me he is alive. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) is dazed. She says Rano said that she has abducted your baba. He says what are you saaying. She says yes that’s true. 10 years ago she kidnapped him and kept him as a detainee. That letter was a lie as well. Rano wrote it from his name. A child came to me with that letter. He never sent it. Rano kept him away from us. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says what are you saying.. How could she? She is so full of hate we gave her so much love. Maybe she is blackmailing you. She says no she called him. Rano has detained him. She says I have no other option but to just do as what rano says. Jia(Disha Parmar) says if ma thinks that was baba’s voice we should trust her. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says baba.. He never wanted to leave us. we thought he was bad. We never tried to find him. You gave us so much love and fought alone. all because of that rano. She will pay for her sins. I wont leave her. Ambika says stop. He says I will kill her. Ambika says your baba is with her. We can’t do anything. You wouldn’t do anything. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says the day I find baba i wont leave her. We have to do something.

Rano is outside. she sees a girl with her father. She says this Sinha family took my father from me. I will take everything from them.
Jia(Disha Parmar) says why did she do all this. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says I thought she hates me because I didn’t marry her. But her sins are expossing her now. Ambika says she never understood the love we gave her. She only used to think about her father. and that’s why she decided to do all this. Jia(Disha Parmar) says what is it about her father? Ambika says her father was a servant here. We treated him like a family. But 15 years ago. Watchman was hitting Manahro. Sinha said don’t hit him. He said we treated you like a family and you did this? you stole from our house? Ambika said you store from our locker. He said I made a mistake we are sorry. The watchmen hit him. Ambika says don’t hit him. Leave him. he has a daughter. Sinha said we have to think of a solution. A man made him eat fertilizer. Manohar ran from there. Ambika says he committed suicide after that. Rano was very young and she had no one. We didn’t tell herr about her father’s sin. We told her that her father died in an accident. But she knew everything.. she held us responsible for all this. I just got to know about all this few days ago. Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says I know you are worried for baba but we have to stand against her.
Arjun(Sudeep Sahir) says we can’t sit like this. Ambika says I am very scared. She says dont’ worry. We will win this. you showed so much love to her. She kidnapped baba instead.
She should be scared not us.

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