Kindred hearts update Monday 11th November 2019, Zee World

Kindred hearts update Monday 11th November 2019, Zee World

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Kindred hearts update Monday 11 November 2019 Zee World

Adi comes to the police station, he says to inspector that this is wrong, we are respectable people, inspector says if we got late then he would have burned his daughter in law, Adi says this was my wife’s plan, inspector says we have proofs against him, this is your family’s filthy truth that is coming out, I will have to lock them up. Policeman takes Kaka and Kaki to lockup. Adi says to inspector that I am requesting you to be nice to them, you have parents too, Inspector says we wont be strict with them till court takes action. Adi leaves. Adi calls Sameer and asks him to arrange bail papers as soon as ehe can, Sameer says its little impossible, Adi says do anything but bring them out, he ends call. Adi says to Raj that I will go home with Baba, he leaves with Baba.

Adi brings baba home, Neha says kids slept, Adi asks Baba to go sleep, everything will be fine, Baba nods and leaves. Adi calls Jhanvi and asks how is her mother? She says she is not fine, she pneumonia, Jhanvi asks Adi if everything is fine at his home? Adi tells her everything how Nisha put herself on fire, called police and put money in Kaka’s cupboard to send them to jail. Jhanvi says dont worry, I am coming there, Adi says no take care of your mother, I know you are not physically with me but you are always with me emotionally, he ends call. Adi sees burned photos of his family, Nisha has burned it. Adi thinks that Kaka and Kaki are getting punished without any mistake, now its for Nisha to get punished.
Adi comes to Nisha, she is sleeping, he wakes her up. She says you cameback leaving them at police station? Adi says you wanted this peace right? Adi says you hired a man who kidnapped Jhanvi, tried to rape her and murder her. You know found a weakness of that man, he has a sister and mother whom he loves, he does all this for them, they are very important to him, I have kidnapped that goon’s family and I have told him that if he doesnt confess his crime and who asked him to do those crimes to police then he wont see his family again. Nisha laughs and says Adi you cant do that kind of thing. Adi grabs her neck and strangles her, Adi shouts I can do that, I have bear you for 8 years, I had to bear all your cruelty to protect my family, now I will go to any extent, I wont spare you, I will destroy your peace, I will torture you so so much that you will beg for a moment of peace, now this is war! I will bring Kaka and Kaki out but you will live in fear that when that goon is going to tell truth to police, you will keep thinking when police is going to come to arrest you, you will live with that fear constantly, now sleep with this fear goodnight sweetheart, he pushes her away and leaves.

Nisha huffs for breath and is scared. In morning, people are chanting against Kaka outside Adi’s house. Adi comes out and shouts to stop it, one man says you people used to be honor of your community but you have disrespected us, Adi says what do you? you know Kaka for 50years, wrong has happened with Kaka, you people can blame anyone without investigating? I respect guests and before I lose my values, leave from here, community people leave.

Adi comes to police station. He asks Kaka and Kaki if they are fine? Kaka nods. Adi says I have talked with Sameer, you both will be bailed tomorrow, trust me. Kaka says I fully trust you, you are not responsible for our condition, I am responsible for this, I chose Nisha for you, I gave her confidence so much that she stooped thsi low, you have bear a lot more than this, just think that we are not weakness in all this, we are your strength. Kaki says what if our community throws us out of community? what if they believe Nisha? Adi says no no, they came to house and they trust you, they are with you, Inspector takes Kaka and Kaki away. Adi thinks I am sorry, I have to lie to keep you both at peace, I just want to fight Nisha right now. At Adi’s house, door bell rings. Nisha gets scared and recalls how Adi said that her goon is going to confess her crimes soon, she says police? she doesnt open door, door starts knocking, Nisha panics, she hesitantly takes steps towards door. She slightly opens it and finds no one standing outside, she looks around and closes door, she have sigh of relief. House phone rings, Nisha gets afraid, she says God! Nisha comes to phone, she takes it and says hello.. but no one answers, she puts it down and says relax Nisha, Adi wont do anything, nothing happened. Another phone rings, Nisha’s mobile start ringing too, Nisha panics and throws it away, she screams no.. no.. no..

Jhanvi prays to God and says God show some way to Adi that he can use to save his family.

Adi gets call from Jhanvi, Adi asks how is her mother? she says she is better. Adi says I dont know what to do, Jhanvi says I have an idea with which you can bring Kaka and Kaki out, Adi says okay, Jhanvi tells him some idea which is muted, Adi nods and ends call.

Nisha is tensed at home, she looks terrified, she drinks water with shaky hands, door bell rings again, Nisha says it must be my fear. Police comes to Adi’s house. Nisha panics and hides behind pillar. Neha opens door, inspector says call Nisha Jindal, we have arrest warrant against her. Neha says to Nisha that its useless to hide now, come out, Nisha looks scared to death. Nisha comes out and says you cant arrest me. Inspector says you are alleged for attempt to murder, attempt to kidnap and rape, we have proofs against you, people in jail have taken your name. Nisha calls Adi and says how can you do this? you forgot kids’ condition when I left them earlier? you cant do this, Adi says did you forget? I begged you to take case back but you didnt listen, he ends call. Baba says to Nisha that I am happy Adi is taking action against you. Nisha says to inspector that you cant arrest me after 7PM, its women right, inspector says there is 10 minutes remaining in 7PM. Nisha says let me meet my kids, he says okay make it fast.
Nisha comes to kids and says Adi wants to send me to police, papa doesnt want me to live with you all, Neha comes there, kids say dont leave. Nisha says if you dont want me to leave then irritate Adi, dont eat anything, dont drink anything, Binni says what if I am thirsty? Nisha says then bear it, I will only comeback if you dont eat or drink anything, when I leave, lock your door, dont talk to anyone, dont even answer Adi, I will only comeback if you do that. Inspector comes there and lets go, Nisha cries.

Ambika says another problem is here. Tell me arjun how can I ignore all this? I can’t see them in trouble. I am his mother. Arjun says I know your fear but think from Akash’s shoes. We can’t bring Nisha in this house. she is very dangerous. Ambika says you can’t know pain of parents yet. Arjun says please mom I beg you don’t do all this. ambika sahys for Akash’s life I am saying nisha.. Arjun says nisha wont come here. I am sorry but i know her very well. She can’t come here. We will do anything but bringing nisha here means risking everyone’s life.

Jia says to Bini for ma’s satisfaction. Please once.. Bini says are you serious? jia says think about ma. Akash is her son. She is scared for him. Think from her point of view. Akash says for few moments we can bring Nisha here. Bini says this will only increase the problem. Jia says Nisha is your mother. she will be happy for you. I promise nothing would go wrong. Arjun says you are syaing all this? You know what she can do. I can’t bring her here to ruin everyone’s lives. Bini says you are right Arjun. She is very dangrous.
Constable says to inspector this is fifth complaint from her. She broke nose of another prisoner. We have to do something.
Jia says try to understand pleasse. Akash says nisha isn’t coming to this house and thats final. Jia is cooking. Arju comes to kitchen. Jia says eat this first and then take medicine. He says no I am fine. she says please take this. It falls on her hand. He says it burned. I am sorry. Jia says you are so scared of Nisha’s name? You can tell me whats in my heart. He says you wont understand. Bini overhears it. She says everything is going wrong because of me. Please fix everything God. Bini tells everything to Akash. He says don’t give up like this. I love you. She hugs him. Ambika says where is everyone? jia comes and says sorry ma it got a bit late. Ambika says something happened? Did arjun say anything? Jia says everything is fine. Bini sends a video to akash. She says I love you aksh but I don’t want trouble in your family because of me. I have decided that I will go far away from you I love but don’t try to find me. Arjun says to Jia this all happened because of you. Arjun says you are responsible for all this. Jia says I am trying to help. I care for bini and aksh. You always run from situations you ran from wedding first and now this.. Arjun is about to slap her. Ambika stops him. Jia goes to her room. Ambika says her name is bringing all this in our house what will she do when she comes.

Nisha beats different prisoners in the jail. Constable tells inspector. He says keep an eye on her. She is trying to run.
Arjun is worried. Ambika brings him food. She says you didn’t eat. Arjun says I just wanna sleep. She caresses his face. Ambika says why can’t you forgive nisha? All people should be given a chance to change. That is what jia is saying. We all deserve a chance. What you did with Jia was so wrong. She is doing all this for Jia. Now you are hurt as well.
Akash is worried. Bini comes home. Akash hugs her and says how could you leave me. Ambika and Arjun come too. Ambika says we were all so worried. Bini says I wont have come back if Jia didn’t bring me. Arjun says Jia I am sorry I made a mistake. Jia says on one condition. he says I will do what you ask. jia says bring nisha here for one day.

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