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Nisha comes to Samar crying. She says there is Jhanvi in my room. He says are you mad? Let me go and check. Jia is hiding behind the window. Samar looks out but she is hidden. Saamr says there is no one here.
Nisha says I swear she was here. I broke that mirror. It is fine now. Jhanvi is doing all this. She is here. Samar says relax no one is here.

She says no Jhanvi is here. He says this is your doubt coming back. She says you saw Adi too. This is not a lie. I saw her. There is some connection. There is some secret He says that is Arjun not Adi. Relax. She says there is something we have to do something. He says you need a doctor. You have gone mad. That call has made you maad. She says this is my instinct. She says you never understood me all these years why would you now. Get out and leave me alone. He says you are right. Don’t be so weak. Whats wrong with you. She says just leave.

Jia says its my game Nisha you have to lose. SHe goes home. Arjun sees flashes in his sleep. Jia is on her way. Chini calls her and says are you okay? Jia says our plan worked. We will celebrate. Arjun is sleeping walking. HE comes on road and in front of jia’s car.
Chini saays why cake? jia says why don’t you love celebrating?
Jia says who is this man? is he arjun? She asks driver to make him sit in the car.
Jia brings him home. Doctor checks him and says he is in a shock.

He will be conscious soon. Kaki ma looks at him and says thats our Adi. Jia says this is not your adi. chini says he is my dad. That is why fate brings him to us. Jia says there is no similarity. He is a liaar and thug. Control your emotions. He came in front of my car by incident. Be practical. Next morning, jia says this can’t be adi. He is a liar. She says Adi liked black coffee. She leaves black coffee there. Arjun wakes up and says where am I? He is dazed. He comes out. Arjun sees jia. He says shame on you. you kidnapped me. She says behave. Hee says put this knife down.

He says how did I come here? She says drink this coffee. He says what is this. It is so bitter. Does it have poison? She says I will give you poison if you don’t get silent. She picks knife. he says leave it please. She says you are so irritating. he falls on her. She says ill mannered. I saved your life. you should have thanked me. he says don’t lie. You kidnapped me. She says He says you think I am adi. She says you better not take Adi’s name. Chini comes and says papa stop it. He says are you mad? how can i be your papa? don’t listen to this idiot. Kaki ma comes there and says stop it. Adi says she is stupid fooling you all. I am going don’t kidnap me again. She says you already have so many cases. He says its my first day at work. Chini says papa listen. Jia says let him go he is not your adi. That is not your papa. Jhavni points gun at Nisha. Nisha is dazed. Jahvni shoots. It was her dream. She says why do I see such dreams. She comes to hall. Nisha sees someone behind the windows.

Nisha says to Samar there is Jhanvi there. He says please look back. Its buttler packing the sheets. She says I swear someone was here. It was jhanvi. Arjun comes. Nisha says now Adi is here too. He says lets take his test. Nisha says I know what to do.
Arjun says to Adi first day. She says there is no work today. He says no please tell me. She says there is a theft in our house. Our servant stole it. He isn’t agreeing. Adi says I will make him confess. Nisha says if you succeed your job is fixed. Samar says come let me take you to come.

They bring arjun to a dark place. Nisha has knife with her. Arjun wonders what is going on. They bring him to an old man. Its babasa. Nisha says he is the one who stole my bracelet. Adi sees his face. He is dazed. He sees flashbacks of babasa sa. Babasa is coughing. Arjun sits there is shock. Samar says what happened? Make him agree. He stole our bracelet. Arjun is sitting in shock. He touches babasa’s face but slaps Samar instead. Nisha says how dare you. She is about to stab him but her knife falls.

Arjun sits next to babasa. Arjun says sorry I was hitting this mosquito. Samar is about to punch him. He says this bracelet was in your pocket. When I slapped you it fell from your pocked. Nisha says what nonsense. Arjun says I am sorry. I was killing the mosquito. Samar says now you see what I do to you.

Arjun says I am sorry madam. Nisha says let him go. I will call you again. Samar says let him go. Nisha says we need to find out if he is Arjun or Adi. Don’t do anything. I will solve this myself. Arjun is fixing his bike. jia comes to him and shows another poster. He says you look pretty. She says I gave you so many warnings. Why don’t you understand. Arjun holds her finger. She recalls her time with Adi. Arjun says you dont ruin my work. She says stop these ads. he says smile first.

She says would you stop this or go to jail? he says I have a job now. She says you better stop this. She says I have your phone I came to return it but now I wont. You have to stop these ads first. She leaves with his phone. Gopain a worker of Adi calls Kaki and says I saw babasa and Adi somewhere. Kaki says I am coming to meet you. The man was bribed by Nisha to do this.
nisha says we have to involve kaki ma to find out if Arjun is Adi.
Nisha and Samar come to Arjun.

He says I can never dream of killing someone. Samar says you said you can do anything. nisha says you can’t get this job then. We shouldn’t waste time. Arjun says I will do anything but killing.. nisha says to win my trust and this job you have to do this.

Arjun says killing someone.. Nisha says for the job you have to win my trust first. Arjun says stealing and all is different killing someone.. Nisha says okay we are going. Arjun says stop I am ready. Nisha and Samar turn back.
Jia says to Kaki where are you going? Its so hot outside. Kakai says I have to go to temple. Jia says is everything okay? She says yes. Kaki says in heart I have to know if babu sa is alive and Arjun is Adi. Jia says are you saying truth that you are going to temple? Jia says you don’t even have thaali. Kaki says thanks for reminding me. I forgot it.

Arjun calls Bablu and says thanks for getting me phone. He says I don’t feel like doing this thing. Bablu says nothing would happen we have a great plan. Arjun says neither would we kill this woman and Nisha would give me job as well. Bablu says yes I will do my part.

Nisha and Samar are in car. She says today we will know if Arjun is Adi. Kaki ma is on the road. Arjun sees her and is shocked. He is driving. He has to hit Kaki. Arjun says this is Jia’s kaki ma. He says is Nisha asking me to kill this innocent woman? Nisha caalls Adi and says if you kill her your job is done. Kaki ma is waiting for the man. Nisha say adi really cared for Kaki ma. If he is Adi he wont harm her. This kaki ma has insulted me so much. Today I would seek revenge. This is going to be fun. Samar says yes it will be fun. Nisha says you are driving. Kaki ma is looking for auto.

She asks for him to go to hospital. He says no. Bablu comes on the road on a bike.
Arjun gets ready to hit kaki ma and according to his plan bablu will save her. Arjun drives towards Kaki ma. nisha and samar are there as well. Nisha says come on Arjun. Nisha’s car starts catching fume. There is smoke everywhere. Nisha says what is happening. Jia is coming after kaki ma to find out where is she going. A car is coming towards Kaki ma. Jia runs towards her to save her.

Arjun is driving towards her. Bablu’s car bike in front of his car. He says are you mad? kaki ma is fainting due to sun. jia holds her. Nisha says samr please open the car. The car is one fire. Please do something. She coughs and screams for help.
Jia sees their car. She says there is fire on their i should go and help. She runs towards them. Arjun sees the car on fire the too and he also runs towards them. Jia tries to open the car. There is fire all around them.

The fire is not harming Jia. Arjun is dazed to see her. He says is she fire proof? Why is it not burning her?
Jia opens the door. There is Nisha and Samar inside? What are they doing here? Nisha goes back to Kaki ma after getting them out. She leaves. Arjun says where did she go?

Nisha opens eyes in hospital. She says who saved me? Arjun says of course I did. My hands go burned too. She says you saved me? He says I saved Samar too. She says you did? He says who else was there? Nisha says getting out of there was impossible. Arjun says I am a hero. I had to save you. i did this stunt. Samar says what stunts? Tell us who saved us? Nisha says he is saying he saved us. Arjun says I risked my life to save yours. You want proofs of that too? Let me undress my wounds and let them bleed. Nisha says no don’t do that. He says I came the fire around the car. I broke door and got you both out. He recalls Jia was doing all that.

Nisha says well done. Arjun says I had too. Nisha says what about the job I gave you? What happened to her? Arjun says she.. Jia tells Kaki ma everything. Kaki says you did right by saving her. Jia says where were you going? kaki tells her about the call. Jia says you should have told me. It would have been a call bby Nisha. Chini says you should haave left her for dying. Jia says there should be a difference between her and us. Chini says but she is after kaki ma now.

Chini cries. Jia says you don’t need to cry. We have to make her pay back. Don’t worry. She will pay for her sins.


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