Jodha and Akbar update Saturday 14th March 2020


Jodha Akbar 14 March 2020: On Jodha Akbar Saturday 14 March 2020, masa ask bharmal you didnt tell the name.

Jodha Akbar 14 March 2020: Bharmal says she stopped me she doesnt wanna listen and she believes that her father will do best. Masa brusts that why you didnt tell that they are not marrying her but making her bali. Bharmal says maybe this was in favour as I was not able to tell her so it was best at that moment that she stopped me. shugni bai cracks the coconut and prays to maa that you made two entities you changed the time now everything will change. She chants maa

voiceover-everybody was tensed at situation so now megwar’s would be king comes to meet bharmal he is mahrana pratap. He accuses bharmal that now you will give your duaghter to mughal, you destroyed the prestige of rajputs I am not here to sit with you. Bharmal gets angry and says where were you all when I was alone with surya fighting with mughals, when they made my sons prisoners when sharif demanded worthy things where were you maharana says you should have sent me invitation for war bharmal says I didnt gave you invitation for this marriage. He says he is here for pride, honor of amer. Bharmal says you also attacked amer please dont talk about pride and honor. He says he gave away her daughter to mughals to save amer’s pride only to save warrior and if you have guts so go fight with mughals than himself says you can’t. Maharana says you fear for your son and do not care about amer. You forget that you are the king. You have the throne. You forget that they spit on down heads. Bharmal fumes but pratap doesn’t stop and says you have bowed your head so lower your volume also. Your name will be written with black letters in history. He leaves

jodha ask moti they came now but are going too fast. Jodha says they maybe here for marriage invitation moti is shocked that she knows. Jodha says father has decided this for me and i have full faith who ever the in laws are they will be good. Moti understands that she doesn’t know the name and start crying jodha thinks she is crying for her she consoles her that you will go with me to in-laws.

jalal listens to some folk song and ask who they are. Minister says they are very near to amer’s border its amer’s song jalal ask to bring them. They comes and says to forgive us if made mistake jalal says for mistake he punishes only and says he want to listen it they are stunned jalal says he understand their language lil. They start their song jodha’s name come in song some lines for her beauty jalal remembers incounters with her in ganguhar and in jail he is lost in flashbacks and remembers every meet with jodha .

jalal stops them and gives them gift he says its for amer’s queen praising. But do not do that again otherwise will cut you tongues they leave. Jalal ask did bharmal sons reach amer minister says no jalal is angry and says bring sharif where ever he is.

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amer’s ministers are trying to find solution and says marry moti bai with jalal. But brother comes and says jalal had seen her when he came here in disguise. Maan singh comes listens to their talk and thinks moti is marrying jalal.

voiceover-here jodha is unaware of marriage. In agra rukiya is unaware that jalal is marrying again. She sees jodha’s nacklace which she had given to her and says now she will no more queen as amer is unders mughals and order to make duplicate nacklace for her as memory of amer’s victory.

jodha opens the box and sees different things connected to surya she cluthes onto her nacklace which surya returned her in ganguhar and says your sacrifice will not go waste. The one she is marrying saved them from mughals and now he will fullfil your promise to behead jalal( lol jalal will behead jalal). Maan singh comes and says moti is marrying jodha says you misunderstood she is going with me. He says he is here for her sister’s safety . Sibling hug.

voiceover-amer’s people were frustrated with mughals so one man reaches to jalal’s tent jalal sees him and ask to bring him. He says he is worker to jalal he tries to get his knife jalal shows him his knife and says its with me it is shown jalal silently taken it from him. Jalal ask why you are here he says can’t see amer’s queen marrying jalal will kill you jalal says kill me now and throws him and says go give massage to bharmal that he is coming soon. Ask to free him.

voiceover- the story of jodha akbar which had to written in history has started it will join to entities. Here bhagwan das is ordering servants to prepare and decorate fast. He says its amer so safety should be full proof. Jodha sees mughal forces men and panics she informs das he says this can’t happen you are tired thats why thinking like that jodha says jalal came to know we are here. He denies and ask her to take rest. She says she is not afraid of mughals but jalal is very cruel he must have came to know about this marriage as it is for amer’s safety. Das says after this marriage amer will be safe ever. She ask who the one who will behead jalal name him. Das says dont say like this and ask her to leave.

Suja on other hand is in saamgar for jodha’s marriage and says he promised jodha that will safe amer will brothers but couldn’t fulfill but now I will fulfill other promise and will hold jodha’s marriage box(doli) soldeir says its difficult box will go in jalal’s tent. But suja is adament. Suja says i will come back after this promise. He remembers jodhas bitter words and then surya.

shariffudden brings three amer sons to jalal. Jalal says to serve them good and take care of them as they are now friends not prisoners. He says you are here so that can take part in jodha’s marriage. They are confused. Jalal says your family is in saamgar for my marriage and ask sharif to free them. And to take them to saamgar. He nods. Jalal says yesterday they wanted to behead but now is down headed in front of him.

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jalal in jungle for sword practice. Sharif says whether its thunderstorm or anything else you dont forget your daily practice. Jalal says to be ready i will do practice with you today. He here some scream. Jalal goes to find the man. One person put sword on his neck. He his maan singh he says don’t let enemy free he can backfire. Jalal is impressed. Maan says he was practising here jalal says kill me he says he just want to protect here sister jalal ask you know who i am he nods jalal looks at him he leaves.

bharmal is happy with preparations and says hope everything goes well. Suddenly brothers that were prisoners come. Everyone is happy and delighted and greets them they ask whats all this. Bharmal says go take rest we will discuss later. Bhagwan das says jodha doesn’t know about they ask what he informs about marriage. They says its fraud but das says will explain later. jodha comes and take blessing from them. Suja in disguise is also there. All are emotional. Jodha says knew bharmal will do something for you maa’s prayer are with them. They do the puja. Menawati ask dadi what will happen now jodha will see jalal and if she will do something. Dadi says there is one ritual kankan bandhan that bride groom cant see each other before marriage. One man stares them. Here priest is doing puja along with jodha. Every body is little tensed. Priest ties knot on her hand. Jalal is informed by that man that jodha can see him before marriage . He says this injustice and ask to inform them he want to see her before marriage. Doesnt care about their rituals.

bharmal says jalal want to see her dadi says but we did kankan puja this is not possible .he says its his order he want to see her he made his mind cant do anything. They think of something.

jalal reached saamgar to see jodha. He see that halwai who talked ill about him. He closes his eyes jalal smiles and pats him. He says jalal pardoned me. Jalal with maham comes to hall all rajputs are also there his welcome is grand. Bharmal greets them and ask to come in. One rajput interrupts and says according to ritual first mother will welcome than you can come in. Masa with dadi comes jalal smiles. Masa remembers shugni bai’s words and she has her head down and doesn’t look at jalal. Someone tells she want to put tilak on your head. Maham fumes as jalal bows down she puts on his head smilingly she than remembers jodha’s word to make her take revenge against jalal. She does the rituals maham is not at all happy. Jalal comes in all welcome him. He sees water tub and sees his face with tilak. He looks at bharmal and says to start munh dikhai (face revealing ceremony) they obliges. Jodha comes in veil voiceover- jodha’s every step towards her future which she didn’t thought in her wildest dream. Their bg plays akbar cant stop smiling jodha sits in front of him. Maham comes and ask akbar to get up. Jodha and akbar gets up and see their faces in water tub. Their song plays in bg

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Jodha remembers ganghaur meet. Jalal says subhanallah God made you in very leisure time. Jodha is hell shocked. Breeze is high her veil comes off and she looks at jalal smiling. She remembers jalal cruelty and her promise that will behead him. Than when she put sword on his neck. She looks at bharmal than jalal camera pans on them. Jodha fuming while jalal smiling. She runs away from there. Jalal smiles more broadly and is very happy. Jodha is running from hallway and comes to her room. She remembers bharmals words to accept this marriage for amer and sons safety. Than suja’s words. She remembers every moment . She puts hands on her head and is shivering badly. She takes out her diamond ring and about to eat it. Masa comes and stops her. Jodha says you hide this from me. My marriage with jalal whats my fault you all knew about it. I thought i was marrying one who will save amer but i am marrying with amer’s biggest enemy. She ask bharmal you also. Everyone is crying. Jodha looks up and runs from there also. Bharmal stops menawati and says dont stop her. Bharmal says doesnt know whether jalal didnt like jodha’s reaction what will happen now. maham says cant believe bride runs away seeing india’s king. Jalal speaks in favor of jodha saying she didnt know she was marrying me maham ask now what jalal says will fulfill my promise.

bharmal and das tensed about jalal’s reaction towards jodha’s actiom. Maham and sharif comes. They greets them bharmal ask you here maham says here to give gifts for jodha which was halted by her earlier. They put down gifts it is very much includes diamonds, golds bharmal ask this much maham says he is india’s king. Maham says jalal’s wish is that jodha should accept nikkah’s dress with her own hands. All panics menawati goes to bring her.She comes to jodha . Jodha jerks her off and says never hide anything from you but what you did bharmal is king he did that for kingdom but you are my masa why you. Masa says i am your masa but king’s wife and queen also. Jodha ask you want me …? Masa says its not question . Question is what about bharmal’s promise. What about his pride what about amer. She informs her your in-laws are waiting outside for you and says everything is in your hand. Jodha looks at her. Saturday update Jodha Akbar 14 March 2020 zee world


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