Jodha Akbar Tuesday 8 December 2020 Update: Fazal and Rahim brings Shahab in room, Fazal says to Shahab that you provoked Murad, Shahab says i will go away from Agra, Rahim orders soldiers to put him in jail, we will decide about him later.

Jodha Akbar Update Monday 7 December 2020

Jalal tells family members that Jodha is possessed by evil soul, Salim says to Jalal that how it can be possible, Fazal ask what will you do now? Jalal says we have to find that magician Yogi uday, before also he saved me with help of jodha, he can help us, i will go and find him, Salim says ok i will comes with you, Jalal says no you be here and take care of everyone, he says nobody should meet Jodha, i dont want that soul to hurt Jodha, he leaves, Fazal says to Rahim that we should not anything about Shahab now.
Ruks is tensed in her room, she recalls how Jodha slapped her, hohiyar comes there with juice, Ruks gets afraid, hoshiyar sys thank God that soul just slapped you, if you had argument with her than she could have strangled you too, Ruks is tensed, Hoshiyar says dont know why they are behind us, that Dammo made me say ill things about you and now her daughter is insulting you, Ruks says you are right, first i couldnt figure out anything but now i understand anything, the way Jalal behaved in meena bazar was because he was in their control and the way jodha behaved with me was also because of that else Jodha can never do this, i just pray that Jodha gets free from that evil soul and everything becomes normal.
Jalal comes to Yogi Uday, Uday ask how is Jodha? Jalal looks down, Uday says i understood why you are here, Jodah is in control of Laboni, Jalal says but you killed Laboni, Yogi says but her soul is here only as she had desires and her soul wants to fulfill that desires, she has controlled Jodha’s body to fulfill desires and take revenge, i will try to free jodha from her, i have to call that soul here, Jalal says but Jodha will be safe in all this? Uday says i will try, he tells something to Jalal which is muted.

Scene 2
Salim is sitting in garden, Anarkali comes there and ask why didnt you come to meet me? Salim says there is some problem, he tells her everything evil soul, Anar says i listened these stories alot, Salim says i could have figured it out when i went to talk to jodha about you and me, she agreed in a second, she didnt think about Mann, i could have understood that Jodha is not speaking, Jodha told me that love is one thing which we can get even after dying, Anar says jodha is pious person, nothing will happen to her, Salim says i hope so.
Jodha is sitting in her room, Jalal comes there, Laboni leaves, Jodha ask where were you? i was worrying about you, Jalal ask how are you feeling now? she says you are here now so i am feeling good, Jalal looks at her and says i was thinking to play chess with you, Jodha says its good idea, he ask her to come.
Jalal and Jodha are playing chess, Laboni comes there and sit behind Jalal, Jodha gets tensed.
Jalal comes to Hamida, Hamida ask Jalal when will Uday start his work? Jalal says tonight only, Hamida prays for best. Salim says i think its not good that jodha is alone going there? Jalal says i know you are worried but Uday is very good magician, i am hopeful that he will save Jodha.
Uday is doing magic in Jungle, Jodha possessed by Laboni is in her room, she listens the mantras, she feels jittery and ask who is reciting these mantras? she closes door of room but Mantras are ringing in her ears, she is going mad, tries to cover her ears with pillow but it doesnt effect, she says i will not leave him, she comes out of her, Jodha is going hysteric, Jalal and everyone sees her from balcony, Jalal is sad seeing her state, Hamida comes to him, Jalal sys i am worried for her, i hope nothing happens to her, Hamida says dont worry, God is always with pious people, he can test them but cant hurt them, Jalal says you are right, i have to trust Uday, i will not follow Jodha, Jodha leaves palace, Moti and Ruks prays for Jodha.

Scene 3
jodha comes in jungle where Uday is reciting mantras, Jodha says Uday you didnt do good by calling me here, you have called your death here not me, Uday says only God decide who will get death, i have knowledge how to free people from evil souls like you Laboni, today is very pious night, you are weak in this night, thats why i called you here, Laboni says you dont know my power, Uday ask her to go away from from this world, Laboni sys i wll not go, i will take Jalal and the one who killed me, its good you called me here, you helped Jodha to kill me, today i will take revenge, Uday says i will not let that happen, you have to leave Jodha’s body, he starts his mantras and throws some powder on her, he surrounds Jodha with fire, Laboni also attack hims but he gets safe, Laboni shouts to stop all this else i will kill you, suddenly jodha comes to her senses, she says Uday please save me from Laboni’s soul, please save me, Uday smiles.

Scene 1
Jodha is shouting and laughing, she says to Yogi Uday that you wont be able to do anything, i will not leave you, Uday recites mantras, Jodha falls on ground and becomes unconscious.
Its morning, Jalal is waiting for Jodha, Salima comes to him, he ask what happened? Salima says you didnt sleep whole night, should i bring some food for you? Jalal says you didnt even sleep, Salima says nobody slept whole night, Hamida, Ruks, Salima all were awake, Jalal says everyone loves her, Salima says Jodha will return and will be absolutely fine as she has very pure heart, God wont let anything happen to her, Dasi informs that Jodha has comeback, Jalal and Salima goes to check. Jodha comes in palace, she has dark circles around her eyes and looks tired, Ruks and Hamida comes out too, Ruks says what if Evil souls is with her? all comes to Jodha, they look at her suspiciously, Jodha emotionally look at Jalal, she says Shehenshah and hugs him, all are relived, she hugs Salima and says i am sorry, she hugs Ruks, Hamida, Jodha says sorry to Hamida and says i was helpless, Laboni made do all that, she says Salima, Ruks and jalal that if i have hurt you then forgive me, Jalal thank God you are fine, all prays for her, Jodha faints, all are shocked, Hamida says maybe she is weak thats why fainted, take her to room.

Scene 2
jalal brings Jodha to room, doctor checks her and says she is fine, she is weak but will be fine, Jodha wakes up, all smile, Jalal ask how are you? Jodha says i am fine and happy to see all my family her, doctor says to let her rest, all leaves, Jalal says to ladies that Uday has done his work, i will be in debt to him for whole, i will call him here and will praise him.
Hamida is in her room, she says to dasies that make jodha’s favorite dishes, Salima says all is fine now, i am happy to see you smile, Hamida says i am happy as Jodha is my daughter, she ask where is Jodha? Salima says she is in her room, Hamida says i will go do dargah tomorrow and will thank God, Salima leaves, Hamida thank God.
Jalal comes to Yogi Uday’s den and finds him injured, he ask who did this? he ask soldiers to call doctor, Uday says its too late, i have less breaths, i wanted to meet you, he says to Jalal that Jodha is in problem, where is she? Jalal says but you made her fine, Uday says no, Laboni is still behind her, she has done this with me, flashback shows Uday coming to unconscious Jodha, he tries to wake up Jodha, Jodha opens her eyes, she grabs Uday from neck, she beats him and strangles him, uday faints, Laboni says i took my revenge, you killed me and now you will be dead, nobody can make me lose, i am evi spirit, fb ends, Uday says to Jalal that Jodha is in danger.

Scene 3
Jodha is sleeping in her room, Laboni comes there, Jodha wakes up with start, Laboni says i have removed prick from my way, i have killed Uday, he used to think that he is clever, he called me yesterday to make me away from you but he got killed, nobody can win over me, she laughs, Jodha cries. Uday says to Jalal that i am sorry, i couldnt do my work, Laboni possess Jodha’s body at night only, at daytime she is near Jodha, she injured me, i couldnt help you, Jalal ask how can i help Jodha? Uday says only God can help you or the cone who know about Magic, Laboni is not ready to leave Jodha’s body, save her, protect her, Uday dies, Jalal is stunned, he says only uday could help us and now he is no more, what will i do now?
Laboni says to Jodha that i made you kill Gul rung, i made you eat meat, i made you puff hukka, i made you dance like dancer, this is just start, i will not le you live or die.
Jalal tells everything to family, Ruks says what we can do now? Jalal says i thought Uday will save her but he is no more, we have to pretend like we dont know about Laboni so that she will not hurt any of us, i wont let her hurt Jodha, he ask Salim to find magicians who can save Jodha till then we will pretend normal.
Jalal thinks that i have to do something, Aram comes there and ask what happened to Jodha? Jalal sys she is ill, aram says i want to play with her, Jalal says not now, when she will be fine then you will play, Aram leaves, Jalal recalls flashback when he, Jodha and Aram used to play, Jalal ask riddle to Aram, she goes to ask Salima, Jodha says you thought good idea to make her go from here, Jalal says i was playing with her, i know you dont know answer of this riddle, Jodha tell him answer, Jalal praises her, jodha says now i will ask riddle, she ask him that guess who is the one who is everywhere but we cant see him anywhere, Jalal doesnt know answer, Jodha says its my Kahna and your God, fb ends, Jalal gets some idea and goes.
Salim says to Fazal that i am worried for Jodha, Fazal says all are worried, he says you remember in mewar, you were attacked, it was done by Shahab, Salim says what? Fazal says we have arrested him but didnt tell Jalal, Salim says you did right, find out who is involved with him.
Jodha is crying, Laboni says i have listened that you are strong but you are crying like kids, Jodha says every bad has end, God will punish you, Laboni says what God? nobody can give me defeat, Jalal comes there, he ask Jodha how are you? Jodha hugs him and says you are with me so i am fine, my health is not fine but you have come so everything will be fine, Jalal whispers in her ears that i am trying to bring you out of this problem.

Jalal says to Jodha that lets riddle game, you remember it, jodha says yes i remember, it was about my Kahna and your God, Jalal says then tell me where is Kahna right now? Jalal thinks i wish you understand my point, Jodha thinks he must be asking me where is Laboni right now, Jodha says she is here and there, and also sitting between us, God is all around, Jalal says you are right, LAboni shouts that God is nowhere, she breaks Pot, Jalal ignores it, Jalal says you are right, Kahna is here, Jalal says i want to bring Kahna’s idol in your room so that you can do pooja, Laboni says to Jodha that if idol come here then i will not break it but i will break Jalal this time, Jodha says i have sometime to do pooja, Jalal says i want to pray for you, Jodha says then go to Kali maa’s mandir, if you want to find light in darkness then you have to go there only, Jalal says ok i will go and pray for you, you take care, he leaves, Laboni says to Jodha that i wont allow that idol to come in palace nor i will allow jalal to come near you.
Salim ask Jalal what will you do now? we have not find any magician till now, Jalal says dont know, Jodha was hinting something, she asked me to go to mandir, Fazal says maybe she is trying to give you some clue, Jalal says yes she said that we can find some light there, i will go there right now.

Scene 2
Jalal comes to Kali Maa’s mandir, he folds his hand and says i have in your mandir to pray for the lady who have always prayed for everyone, i am not understanding anything, i want you to save Jodha, show me someway, help me, Shaguni comes there and says way is not asked but you have to find way, Jalal says you here? he says help me, Jodha is in problem, Jalal recalls how Jodha asked me to come here, he says so you are light in darkness, jodha wanted me to meet you, Shaguni says it will happen what is in fate, she says lets see whats in her fate, she says Laboni is possessing Jodha’s body, there is only one way to save Jodha, Jalal ask what? she says Jodha have to die, only then that evil spirit will leave jodha, Jalal says what are you saying, i am trying to save jodha and you are saying this, till i am alive nobody can hurt Jodha, Shugani says nobody can fight with that soul, what will you do? will you cut Jodha? will you shoot jodha? what will you so, nobody can fight with that soul, she has to die, Jalal ask isnt there any other way? Shaguni says there is one more way, you have to sacrifice instead of jodha, Jalal thinks and says yes, i can do anything to save Jodha, tell me what to do.
Murad is in his room, he ask soldier about Shahab, soldier says he is not seen anywhere, Murad shouts and ask him to find him, soldier leaves.
Hamida says dont know what to do, Ruks says these ghosts are very dangerous, they get what they want, i wanted to be with Jalal on my bday but she didnt allow me, Salima says you are right, when she was alive, she wanted to get jalal only, jalal comes there, Hamida ask where were you? Jalal says i went to mandir, Hamida ask what happened there? Jalal says i met Shaguni, ruks ask what did she say? did she tell some way to this problem? Jalal says yes but i will tell later, he says its time we have to face this soul now, Hamida says she can hurt Jodha, Jalal says we will take advantage of this, we will make her believe that we are weak then we will catch that soul, i dont want same to happen to Shaguni, what happened to Yogi uday, jalal is leaving, Ruks says dont go to Jodha, Laboni must be possessing her body as its night, she can hurt you, Jalal says Laboni want to get me, when she was alive then Jodha didnt allow her but now when she has become soul, she want to fulfill her desire, she will not hurt me as Jodha’s body maybe possessed by her but still Jodha’s soul is in her too and till Jodha’s soul is with me, nothing will happen to me and i have to tell Jodha too that whatever happen, i will be with her.

Scene 3
Laboni is possessing jodha’s body, Jalal comes there, she smirks, Jalal thinks i have to behave normal, Jodha says you are looking nice, i want to hug you, Jalal says not now, night has just started, jodha says seems like you dont love me anymore, Jalal says i love only and only Jodha, jodha says you dont know how much i love you, Jalal says i know very well till which extent you can go to get your love Laboni.. Jodha is stunned, Jalal says see listening Laboni’s name, your face got pale, you have finished her, Jodha says you dont know how much i love you, Jalal thinks i know Laboni how much low you have stooped, Jalal says we havent talk for much time, lets only talk today, jalal says you are behaving like Laboni, Jodha gets stunned, and says we get some habits from others, leave it, this night is beautiful like our love, Aram comes there, she says i want to listen story from Jodha, jodha says no i am ill, leave from here, Aram says you can talk to Jalal then you can tell me story, Jodha scolds her and says how dare you come here, Jalal says why you are scolding her? she wants to listen story only, i will tell her story, he says i will tell you story of jerk Laboni, she irritated our queen too, but our queen fought with her, Aram says then what? jalal says Laboni got killed so story ends, go to sleep, Aram ask Jodha to kiss her, Jalal says dont worry, i will make her sleep, he goes with Aram to her room, Laboni gets angry, she grabs her hairs.
Salim is getting ready, Anarkali comes there, she greets him, Salim says i am stunned to see you here? Anar says i listened that jodha is fine now so i came to congratulate you, Salim gets tensed, she ask everything fine? Salim tells her everything that soul is still with jodha, Anar says Oh God, Salim says we alla re behaving normally so that Laboni doesnt hurt her, Anar says why this is happening with Jodha, Salim says i was away from her many years but when i came here i realized how much she loves me, in childhood she used to save me from Jalal’s scolding, he gets emotional, anar says dont worry, i am with you, she hugs him. Shaguni says to herself that Laboni will not leave Jodha easily, now everything depends on jalal, i can show way but their love have to do work, she does Pooja. Jodha gets jittery in her room and says who is reciting mantras, Uday is dead then who is this now?


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