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Jodha Akbar 17 August 2021 update: jalal meets rajvanshi queen’s father, the king informs says that jodha is sending letters to us and you don’t know it, she is writing that we have problem with this relation but me and my daughter doesn’t have any problem with this relation, we have decided mutually, i don’t know how jodha can send letter to my daughter saying she wont let this marriage happen and youy don’t know it, jalal fumes and goes from there.
jodha says to moti that whether jalal and atifa’s matter is going to priest, moti says yes, all know it, jodha says enough, now i have to talk to jalal wherever he is, jalal comes there and says you donjt need to go anywhere, jalal ask why did you send letter to rajvanshi without asking me, how much will you insult me in public, jodha says i wanna ask do you have relation with married women, jalal says answer my question, how did you send the letter, jodha says this is not answer of my question, do you have affair with married women, jalal says i have, i am a king and i can marry any women and the day you became special wife, you just insulted me, you took wrong advantage of my lobve and freedom, you did wrong by sending letter, you took advantage of my love, i know you gave me heart but you also crushed it too infront of your ego, so i don’t feel shame in accepting it, jodha says don’t say anything now, don’t shout on me that even my children get to know how you to talk to me, jalal says they should know that their father has got the wife who has more concern for a beast than her husband, jodha says i told you earlier that i didn’t try to insult you but i was stopping you from doing injustice, its my religion, jalal says does your religion allow you to insult me in public, jodha begum you took wrong advantage of my love and freedom.jalal says to jodha that yes jodha begum, I love atifa, jodha cant believe her ears and close her eyes, tears just flows from eyes. maham comes there and listen it, jalal says its not my mistake, my mistake was that i loved you, i trusted you, you gave me heart and i gave it to you but now i think that you are not worth of it, jodha is shocked… tumne jo kaha.. ishq hai who ehesas, sad version plays.. jalal leaves, jodha just stand stoned, maham smirks listening all this.

Scene 2
soldiers are gossiping that jalal is going to big bulk amount in eidi, they listen khaibar shouting in well, they say that he is banging his head to walls, he will die like this.
atifa’s husband meet the priest, he says to priest that i need justice, one man wants to snatch my wife from me, he is forcing my wife to leave me, he is powerful so i came here to get justice, priest says this is wrong, tell us his name and we will get you justice, husband says he is shshehnshah jalal, priest is shocked and says he is not a common man so you have to bring proofs against him, only than we can help you, husband leaves.
atifa’a husband says to one man that i will find proofs against jalal, adham listens this and ask him whats going on?
salima tell jodha that shab-e-qadar( sacred night) is very sacred, we pray to Almighty Allah, hamida says that today God fulfill every wish and accept prayers of the one whe in problem, jodha listens this and prays, jalal comes there and sees her, she sees jalal, they sadly looks at each other, salima goes to jalal and greets him, she ask jalal to come in, jalal says no i am going, he leaves, jodha sees him going and gets sad.

Scene 3
maham comes to chand begum, she says today is shab-e-qafar, this night is for forgiving and mercy, so i thought to mercy on you and make you meet your daughter, chand gets happy, maham says 1st tell me about treasure, if you don’t tell me than i will kill you, you have time till eid, you have to decide your life or not, if you don’t tell me about tre3asure before eid then i will kill you with my own hands, she is about to leave but chand says treasure, i have seen treasure with my own eyes, it was in bulk quantity, maham ask about its place, chand says its a big lake, there are gold flowers in lake, there are silver birds there, maham shouts enough, i am not a kid to listen this story, she says that if you don’t tell me till eid then i wont let you meet your daughter and will kill you.
jalal says to soldier that me and jodha decided to distribute zakat(money for poors) in needy people, jodha listens this, jalal says that jodha know this and she must have done the preparations, soldier ask should i ask jodha, jalal says no need, i will do the preparations, jodha comes and says that i have done the preparations and i all the eidi has been decided, jodha is about to leave but jalal calls her and approaches her but jodha leaves from there.

Scene 5
jodha is going, soldiers says that beast khaibar have gone mad, he is banging his head with walls of well and he learnt jodha’s name and is shouting for her, jodha comes there.
sharif comes to jail and scolds soldiers for letting khaibar go out from jail, he ask all soldiers to search the jail and doesn’t let them go towards secret cave, he goes towards secret cave, jalal is also on survey of jail with maan, he says to maan tht we should re develop jail so khaibar incident doesn’t happen again, i think that amer’s jail was very secure, you rajvanhies make good jails so i am giving you the responsibility of its refurnishing, i want all walls here to be strong, they leave from jail while sharif goes in secret cave.
jodha listens to atifa singing song and thinks that jalal must be with her on this sacred occasion too, dasi comes and ask her to get ready as she have to be with hamida in evening, sharif comes to jodha’s room and sees her getting ready, jodah feels someone’s presence and ask who is there, sharif hides, jodha says i feel like someone is here, motis is saying to dasies to to not tell anything about khaibar to jodha, jodha comes and says to moti what are you hiding? one dasi informs that beast is banging his head in well, they leave while jodha is tensed.

Scene 1
jodha and moti are in room. Sharif is looking in. moti says forgive me jodha I didn’t want to annoy you sharif says where did she come from. He hides beneath. Moti gives jodha water and says you will feel better. Jodha says nothing worries me now I have lost love of my hubby. I have lost the one I love, I have no worries. she recalls the servant telling her that kahibar is hitting his head against the wall. Jodha says I will stay what u want. I cou;ldn;t see a bird being hunted khaibar is still a human. She stands up. moti asks where are you going ? Jodha do fulfill my responsibly. Moti says not this time please. Jodha leaves.

Scene 2
Adham khan says if her gets some sold proof he will be hanged. I think we should help him, Maham says you know what will happen later. He sasy our ways are same we can use him at least. Maham says fully insane is better than half sane. he says you have become the minister ammi jaan. maham says listen to me if you hin there is just one way to get your mission. you are wrong. Adham says you know what’s the hurdle in our success ? its your love for jalal. Adham’s wife comes there and says come I will show you my eid gifts. Adham says she is the second problem in my life that you got me stuck with. She starts weeping.

Scene 3
Atifa is going somewhere at night her husband stops her right there. She is scared first but some soldiers come to protect her. She smiles. She says its time for prayer and leaves. Her husband is helpless. he leaves ferocious.

jodha is out in dark. jalal, hamida and everyone is praying. Jala says give me what I wish for. Atifa says give me what I want lord. Atifa’s husband says make me successful in my mission.
hamida says please keep jalal and jodha happy God. jodha recalls hamida saying this night all the prayers get accepted. God listens to all the ones that are in trouble. jodha says there is nothing evil in my heart. You don’t even know what you have done wrong. This is wrong to punish you for nothing. pardon shahenshah for his mistake. She starts chanting his name inside the dungeon. Khaibar says yesss, yess jodha. he is crying. Jodha says yes I am jodha you got to know my name. I am here to set you at large. Jodha tries to take the first grill and throws in a rope. She says hold it pull yourself up. Before the prayers get over he has to run. He says hurry up, come one. Khaibar hauls himself our. He looks at the sky and laughs with joy. Jodha says no one comprehends you no one loves you. Khaibar run away from here. Go that far that no one can reach you. Wherever you go pray for my husband. whatever happens my husband will the greatest man ever for me. she says that men are coming here run away. He stands firm and touches jodha’s face. Joha pushes his hand away and says go khaibar. He wanders forwards and turns back to look at her.

Jodha recalls jalal saying you used my power against me. yes I love atifa. My mistake was that I loved you. I gave you everything but I think you are not of that worth. Jodha says when jalal doesn’t love me any more there is nothing to live for. I will jump in the well and kill myself. She is about to jump khaibar stops her. she says leave me why you saved me ? Jodha says there are two more lives attached with me I can’t kill them before coming in this world. Tears stream down her face. Khaibar swipes her tears. Jodha says what are you doing run away from here. He holds jodha’s hand and take her on his shoulder. jodha says what are you doing khaibar leave me.

Scene 4
Atifa comes to jalal’s room. Jalal wonders where is jodha ? hamida aks salima where is jodha ? I asked her to come here. jalal asks ruks. She says I don’t know where is she ? He says why don’t you know ? I asked you to take care of her. Ruks says wow you are so generous shaheneshah she disrespected you in front of all the people and denied your order still you care.
He says that’s not the answer of my question. You know she is pregnant you have to be with her. Ruks says don’t worry she must be in her room. Maybe she doesn’t wanna see whats going on between you and atifa. jalal is shocked. Don’t be dazed there are ears of walls too and i know what happens inside our haram.

jodha says where are you taking me kahibar. Leave me, he sees some men coming hides behind bushes with jodha. The soldiers see him and say there he is on that cliff. Jodha has fainted. Kahibar lays her on the ground a soldier comes. kahaibar beats him down.

jalal’s man comes to him. Jalal asks what happened ? Adka says there is a trouble. Jalal says what is it ? The soldier says that khaibar abducted jodha begum once again. Jalal stands up in anger and says how he got out of his prison and went to jodha ? The soldier says jodha begum came there herself and perhaps she released him out of mercy.


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