Jodha Akbar 13 April 2021 update: starts with Jodha and her sisters sitting around the bed where Moti Bai is lying unconscious’Sukanya tried to shake Moti Bai awake but Jodha stopped her .

Sukanya blamed Jodha for the state of Moti bai . She also added that Jodha went to the temple to seek blessings for a desired groom for herself . A small tiff followed between Jodha n Sukanya . Meanwhile Moti Bai woke up n quoting the sister said She’s hungry and mentioned the foods that the sisters mentioned in their tiff . Both Jodha n Sukanya very happy , they broke into laughter n shared a cute moment.

Scene shifted ~~ Jodha n Sujamal playing chess , they were having a conversation but Sujamal was unmindful .
A maid came n informed Jodha that her sisters were asking her to join them in observing the princes that were coming .
Jodha defeated Sujamal . Jodha said if she could defeat Sujamal is chess , she could also defeat him in sword fighting .
Sujamal said his concentration was not in the game as he was worried about the declaration of Agmer’s future king in the evening .
Jodha told him not to worry n today the entire Agmer would celebrate the good news of Sujamal being declared as the future king . ;
Sujamal : If that came true he’d consider himself to have won the chess game of life .
He told Jodha to join her sisters in observing the princes in the terrace n to find a handsom bridegroom for her . Jodha told him that she’d find goodlooking bridegrooms for her sisters but she’ll marry that valorous guy who’d defeat and bring the head of Jalluddin Mohammad to her .


Scene shifted ~ Sukanya n others sisters were watching the princes entering the palace of Ajmer . Prince Suryabhan entered through the palace gate n all the princesses are very impressed seeing him n exchanged appreciative comments .
Their grandmother praised Suryabhan a lot . Sukanya’s necklace fell over Suryabhan’s sword’.all the girls immediately fled . Suryabhan looked up , saw nobody .
Girls came back on the terrace n teased Sukanya .
Scene shifted ~ Jodha is getting ready with the help of her maids . Her mother , the queen came n gave her some special dress n jewelries n asked her to get ready in them . She added there might be an announcement related to Jodha tonight .

Scene shifted~ Akbar chose a horse , but a eunuch informed him that Bairam Khan has already chosen it for himself . One of Akbar’s men retorted back saying that what the Shahenshah has chosen , belongs only to him . Akbar very angry , said that no one should say a word against his Khan Baba . He chose another horse , the men said what’s the use of having a kingdom if the king couldn’t even have what is his favorite.

Akbar angry n hold the sword at his neck but the men told him The shahenshah wouldn’t bring shame to his glory by killing a creep . Akbar impressed, told him that he likes him because of his sharp wit. The man said he’ll remain faithful to him always n also the glory of aa horse comes from his rider. Akbar left happily. The man said he hoped some day Jajal will realize that Bairam Khan is controlling him n his kingdom.

Scene shifted. Raja Varmaal took his entry n welcomed n thanked the guests sittling in the court. Pleasantries are exchanged. Jodha entered. ( <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ). Raja Varmaal was about to announce the name of the throne prince .Sujamal looked hopeful ,he exchanged fond looks with Jodha. But Vammal announced BhagwanDas’s name. Sujamal n Jodha shocked n upset. Sujamal furiously stood up n held the sword at Bhagwandas’s neck.

Every body jumped up n drew out their swords n pointed towards Sujamal. Jodha was panicked. Varmal asked Suja to calm down n Suja answered he has witnessed this injustice for long since , n the throne belongs to him as his father was the real king. He said he’d leave n later come back to proclaim the throne. He looked at Jodha n reminisced a scene from their childhood where they’re playing some king n queen game n Jodha playfully called him as king. He looked emotional n left the court after another look at Jodha. Jodha very sad.
Scene shifted. Sujamal in his room, taking the knife n sum other memento n seeking blessing from his father’s portrait . Jodha came running n pleaded him not to go. Suja said he’s a rebel now n if he didn’t flee now he’d be sent to jail. They shared a very emotional good bye n Suja promised to come back for Amer n Jodha, who was the only person he cared for in Amer. Guards came running to catch him. Suja fled ,while tackling them.

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He fought with many guards alone n jumping over the walls etc, while Jodha ran all over the place ,calling out his name n looking worried sick. Suja left the palace n Amer.
Scene shifted .King n queen standing in the roof. They’re conversing of today’s mayhem when Jodha came, looking upset, hugged her mother, n told her father that she didn’t understand about the politics of a kingdom, but she had lost her brother today. Her father said in defense that he also had lost his son n a brave warrior today. Jodha’s mom took the opportunity to bring forth the topic of Jodha’s marriage n said they’re only waiting for Jodha’s choice n Jodha lowered her head with Akbar’s face being shown ( PariJat BGM in back ground , my face like this .. lost track for a time )

*Ahem ahem..* Scene shifted. Akbar sitting in his throne , his spies came back n Sharifuddin informed him that all kings from Rajputana had gathered in Amer for Ganghor . Akbar said it was good time for attack. Sharifuddin said the enemy should be attacked alone. Akbar angry, Shrifu pleaded for mercy. Akbar said he’d cut away the heads of all of them together , so that they’re downfallen.

the picturisiation of the mahal,with rajasthani folklore being played in the background.

Gangaur celebrations were being taken care of in full swing.

*beautiful scene.for the first time,i got the feeling of teh real rajputana.the music,the stalls,the talwarbaazi,the dancers!Damn,it does remind me of a very famous yatra track

Jodha is seated with a few sakhis and her grandmother around,decorating shiv (gana) parvati(gauri) idols.

Sukanya and Shivani talk about prospective rajkumars as husbands,their grandmother speaks of the various competitions held for rajkumars so that the ladies get the best of the best.

Jodha’s mother enters and asks her to get ready for the utsav,when Jodha insists she would want to finish with the preparations,her mother says that gauri mayya has got her dulha,its time to find a dulha for herself now

As she was leaving,her mother’s jethani enters the picture anD asks everyone to pray.Meanwhile Motibai comes into picture,as everyone joined hands to pray,Jodha’s eyes feel on her swollen hand.Fury filled Jodha’s eyes again.

She says,there is only one thing she wanted from the almighty,that he helps her in putting an end to Jalal’s wrong doings.

Her mother says she shouldn’t be talking about ones enemies while praying,bcoz maata saraswati listens to their prayers,and grants wishes atleast once a day.If enemies names are mentioned alongsode one’ss wishes,Sawarswati maata’s ashirwaad gets connected to the enemy as well.

Scene changes,gangaur utsav exhibition is hown

Sukanya seemed like she was looking for someone.Shivani senses her feeling and teases her about Suryabaan.Very soon,they see Suryabaan Singh,Sukanya blushes.
She kept stealing glimpses at him .

*This was cute. Suryabaan is quite handsome *

Scene changes,Jalal is shown taming a wild horse *must watch scene.*

*Ghode pe savaar Rajat is just out of this world!*

Everyone praises Jalal’s valour.

Meanwhile,a soldier comes and informs Jalal that his mother,mallika-e-hindustan, Hamida Banu Begum had come to see him.

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*Pretty lady.I liked her.Very warm*

Jalal nods and goes to see his mother.

As they come face to face she greets him,to which the mother smiles widely and puts her hand on his head affectionately.

Jalal seemed cold towards her,but his actions, respectful.He bowed his head whenever he spoke to her,avoiding eye contact as mcuh as possible.

He asks her what bought her here.

She says that she had come to visit Ajmer Shareef(dargah) and thought she should come see her son,as she missed him.As she spoke,she tied a tabeez on his arm(possibly the one she bought for him from the dargah ).

He says she should have rather written letters to him,just like his badi ammi(Maham Anga).Jalal’s expression turned softer when he spoke of Maham Anga,quite contrary to how he spoke of his own mother.

The queen says that letters seem like some political message being forwarded.Feelings cannot be mixed with the seehasat.

Jalal taunts her,saying,it didn’t sound right,because she herself,put the throne ahead of her,instead of her feelings,her duties towards her son.

She tries to reply,but Jalal didn’t give her a chance to speak.She asks him to tell Maham Anga that he misses her a lot and also totell his wives that he thinks about them atleast once or twice in a day.

Feeling hurt,the queen asks him if she doesn’t miss her?

Jalal replies with a yes.He says that whenever he sees an orphan,he thinks of her.It makes him feel as if even that orphan’s mother must have had some inevitable difficulty ,due to which she must have had to leave the infant,just like his own mother.

Feeling bitter,Jalal then leaves angrily,the taabeez falls off.

The queen picking it up,pain clearly evident in her eyes,tells her helper that they should be heading back.Jalal keeps digging up his wounds again and it affects the way he sees the world.The helper asks her to take some rest,since they had travelled so much.

She refuses and says that she would like to leave.The helper asks her if she had come to see Jalal only for a few minutes and then leave?

The queen says that her presence didn’t have any effect on him.So there was no point in staying.

Flashback is shown,with the queen,tear eyed, handing over Jalal to Maham Anga,explaining to her that she had to leave with the King (Humayun) as he had to go towards gandhaar.She said it wasn’t safe to take Jalal along with him,in those troubled times.So she was handing over Jalal to her,since there is no one else she could trust.

*Humayun was in ahideout at the time after losing the battle against shershah suri*

Scene shifts back to the present with the queen saying that Jalal thinks of Maham Anga as his won mother and to a certain extent even she takes advantage of it.

She says that Jalal’s pain needs to be withdrawn from within him.He needs to see the world differently,his unruly acts need to be put an end to.She says,she hoped that all of this changes,she hoped that someoen enters his life and changes him,for good.

Cut to,Jodha and her mother visit the exhibit and enjoying the view.the mother catches sukanya staring into something,but she couldn’t figure out what.Jodha asks Sukanya where her chain was.The one which was smiliar to hers and was gifted to them by thier mother.

Sukanya blushes and says she’ll tell her about that later on.

Raja Bharmal is seen discussing political strategies somewhere close by.They talk about how to tackle the Mughals.One of them says that they shouldn’t do anything which would make Jalal their enemy.Bharmal replies by saying,but he already is our enemy.

Meanwhile,Suryabaan is shown aiming spears at the centre of armours.(he hits the bullseye each time)

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Bharmal sees this and thinks to hismelf that he seemed perfect for Jodha.He goes and talks to his queen about this,both seem happy regarding this.

On the other hand,Jodha is shown practising archery,deep in concentration,her shawl(pallu on her head) falls off,and so does one of her chains.

Motibai picks up the chain,her shawl is put in position again.Suryabaan sees Jodha for the first time,he notices the missing chain in her neck and assumes that the chain that had fallen on him the other day must be Jodha’s,since all her other jewellery matched with it.

Jodha is shown seeing some bangles at one stall.teh bangles were placed in various stands,one above the other.Suryabaan is shown walking simultaneously on the other side,the bangles stacks created sort of a barrier between them.Suryabaan hands over the chain to Jodha.She asks him where he had found it.He says that his mitra had given it to him.But then corrects himself and says bhaagya(destiny) had gievn it to him.

Jodha smiles and takes the chain.Suryabaan ask her name,she giggles and says him to ask his ‘mitra’ and then leaves smiling.

Suryabaan seemed to have grown a liking for Jodha.He asks one of his name who she was and he gets to know that it was Rajukumaari Jodha,the eldest daughter of Raja Bharmal.

Sukanya and Shivani tell Jodha about Suryabaan Singh and that Sukanya wants to get married to him.Jodha,seeing that her sister is rllaly keen on marrying him,promises her that she would talk to her parents regarding this.

Scene shifts to Jodha’s kaksh,where she is shown deep in thought.

Motibai enters and asks her what she was thinking about.She mentions Jalal again.Motibai repeats what the queen had said earlier,about saraswati maata.

Jodha’s eyes seem fierce again.

Jodha says if saraswati maata does grant wishes,she wished that she listens to her right now,she wishes that she is able to an end to Jalal’s shrewd ways of ruling.If saraswati maata does connect her wish she connects me with Jalal.I wish the world remembers me whenever tehy talk about Jalal,they should remember me as the one who changes the history of India.

Motibai jokes,saying that the amount of time and thought she puts into Jalal,if she had put it to someone else,she would have had her very own love story by now.

Jodha says that she didn’t want her love story to be penned down in history books,instead she wished,that when Jalal’s biography is written,a parapraph might br written about her,statingthat she put an end to Jalal’s wrong doings.

Stating that she changed Hindustaan ka naksha,for good.

Motibai asks her why she hated him so much.Jodha speaks of his barbaric acts.

Motibai questions her-how can she be so sure Jalal was responsible for all of them?There was also a possibility that his soldiers did all the barbaric acts and Jalal wasn’t even aware of them.

Jodha retorts by saying he wasn’t blind or deaf.He is fully aware of what was happening around him.He needs to see people as people,not pawns.

Whoever comes in his way,he doesn’t mind using cruel ways to push them aside.He only wants to make way for himself.That wasn’t right.She said that she had even heard that Jalal didn’t even respect his own mom.

Jalal is shown outside his tent. Bairam Khan says that he is very sure,Jalal will be known as one the greatest soormas.

Jalal laughs and asks him,why had he felt so now?Hadn’t he known that before?

Bairam replies by saying that surely he always knew.

He praises Jalal by saying that,may it be his enemies or his feelings,Jalal knew how to control both of them.

He said that since Jalal doesnt have a heart and works just right for a great ruler.


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