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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Jodha Akbar update Sunday 15th August 2021

Jodha Akbar 15 August 2021 update:  ruks ask jalal what Is he thinking. jalal says ruks I was thinking to all the women should be employed in the house. She says okay shahenshah. He asks atgah to take them to the guest house of the castle. hoshiyar ask ruks why is she worried ? Ruks says that shahenshsah doubts that they maybe the people on enemy still he allowed them to stay in the temple. Ruks comes and sits with jalal and jodha. Tansen starts singing. hamdia says he is such a good singer. Everytime he sings everything flows with his voice. he asks who are these women with tansen . ruk says these are the same women that came and you asked me assign them some work. I appointed them with tansen. Everyone is enjoying the music. Jalal says wow that was so good. I become your fan everytime I listen to you. You and you pupils should come up with something now. He says atifa just came with me. jalal says a new voice is always fresh. tansen says as you say shaheneshah. Atifa comes forward, jodha wonders why she looks familiar. She says she is the same one jalal met. She starts singing along with tan sen. Everyone is endorsed in their music. When they are done jalal stands uo and says SubhanAlla such a melodious voice. Time filled in well. He says to atifa I never heard a voice like that before. he take off his locket and handover it to her. He stops her and says you don’t have to go to the camp you are safe here. She says thank you. jodha is bit possessive. She leaves.
Jalal stops atifa and says I wanna tell you again that your voice is so melodious and I would love to listen you over and over again. She says adab. Jalal holds her hand and says what is that bruise on your hand. She leaves. Ruks sees them and says now I know. There is a new bird in castle who sings well. poor jodha.
Atifa goes to her room smiling. The man comes in and says you look so happy. She says jalal is so nice. He says and yeah he look so well. He slaps her and says you went to harem and forgot who you are. How dare you to take off this veil. Don’t ever do something that pisses me off. She sits down, crying.
Jodha is in her room and says why shaheneshah lied to me ? he knew her and made her painting. AM I thinking all this wrong ? Should i talk to shaheneshah or not.

Scene 2
sharif hurts khaibar with very hot iron rods, khaibar shouts, sharif says that today I don’t want to beat you, I want to say that I am jealous of you as jodha cares for you, I loved her, I attacked amer for her, to get her but jalal got her, he married her, I cant do anything about him as he is king but I wont tolerate you, he hurts him again, khaibar looks at cloth tied on his hand, he tries to get smell of it as its smell of jodha, sharif says that one thing is common between us, we both love her but she wife of jalal, you know that if you love a common women then her marriage can be broken but nobody can look at jodha.
jalal in his room thinks that I don’t know there is something in atifa, he looks at her painting and thinks that I attracted towards her, he smiles at her painting.
in jail, khaibar is shouting, soldier says don’t shout, you are alive only because of our good hearted king, don’t shout else I will stab you with my sword, some person comes from behind and kills the soldier with his dagger, khaibar is stunned, the man takes off soldier’s cloth.

Scene 3
jalal is in court with ministers, he says to one Rajput that relations between Mughals and rajvanshies should be made, this is good for peaceful and united india, the Rajput king agrees with relation, jalal congrats atgah for relation, jalal greets Rajput king.
the man which killed soldier in jail is none other than master of khaibar, he comes to khaibar and says now you have to kill jodha begum, she is going to give jalal heir so you have to kill her otherwise mahaC’s mission will be incomplete, he leaves, khaibar shouts in anger.
Rahim comes to jodha and tell her about toys, jodha says that will you share your toys with me? he says why not, you are my choti ammi, dasi brings toys and Rahim is happy to see it, jodha sees one toy and says that this toy is already broken, dasi says sorry, jodha opens the toy and finds one bottle kind of thing in toy, she ask dasi whats this, dasi is tensed and leaves.

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Jodha hiding the letter(from the toy) when she sees Salima.
Scene 1

Salima says : “thank you for taking care of rahim.. I hope that he havn’t troubled you.”
Jodha : “no , it is fine.. infact, rahim agreed to share his toys with me.”
Salima : “hmm.. it’s good.. now you take rest.. i might be tired.”
jodha smiles and go away from there..

Moti informs Jodha about Khaibar
Moti : “Jodha . again khaibar’s cries are coming.. may be he is again getting tortured!”
Jodha was going towards jail..
Moti stops her..
Jodha says : “I have to go to see him. Even after Shehenshah’s orders he is being tortured. this is not acceptable. ”
She leaves.

Jalal was taking round of mahal with atgah and was discussing about marriage.
he hears voice of singing songs by atifa..
He stops atgah and says : “wait here . i will just come.”
Jalal enters the place where Atifa and Tansen were Practising song..
jalal gets mesmerized by Atifa, and her singing.
He says : “shubhanallah! i didn’t know even practicing for song is also so melodious.”
Tansen says : “Thanks.!”
jalal says to tansen : “you be ready .. very soon there will be a show for music in the palace.”
tansen says : “sure! shehenshah”
Jalal to Atifa : “I hope you are feeling safe here..!”
Atifa : “Yes . thanks to you.”
Jalal says : “i was just passing from here and heard your voice.. you really sing very well.. OK you carry on.. i have to go..”

Outside of that room where atgah was waiting.
Husband of atifa comes and shows some documents to atgah. and sees that jalal is talking with atifa..
atgah says : “OK, go and show these to todarmal.”
He leaves .. jalal leaves the room.
jalal asks atgah about atifa’s husband.
atgah says : “yeah he is good in his work.. but we have heard that he is very rude. he often beats his wife..”
jalal gets angree and says : “it is not fair.. nobody should treat any woman like this..”
atgah says : “but we can’t do anything in this matter . as it is their personal matter . . and we cannot interfere untill the woman herselves raise the casel.”
jalal says : “i don;t know anything.. put an eye on him. . and report me immediately if he beats his wife again.”
atgah says : “OK shehenshah”
Scene 2

The master of Khaibar(nissar) beats him in jail.
Jodha comes there and shouts : “STOP!”
she looks at Khaibar and scolded the soldier(actually khaibar’s master nissar).
She says : “how dare you beat him. It is the order of shehenshah and you are doing this. if you did it again i will get you punished by shehshah.”
she looks at khaibar again.
She turns to leave and shocked to find Jalal standing there and angrily looking at her.
She says : “shehenshah . .. . .. . ”
Jalal stops her and says everyone to leave.
Jalal scolds Jodha for meeting Khaibar again.
Jalal says to Jodha : “why don’t you understand.. I love you a lot, but you are always ignoring my orders.. you are taking wrong advantage of my love.. . you should know how a wife should live..”
Jodha tries to make him understand , but he leaves angrily.

Jodha came back to her room
she remembered that letter.. She opens and read it..
in the letter it was written that..
(( I am the daughter of king… jalal has fixed my marriage with atgah khan’s son.. i am a hindu and i don’t want this marriage.. i would like to die but i will not get married by a mughal.. I know you are living by adjusting very hard.. You are also a hindu princess I am sure that you will help me.. tommorow that toyseller will come again . to take your answer. ))
Jodha gets shocked to read a letter and thinks about Jalal’s words.

jalal angrily enters rukayya’s room.
rukayya asks him : “what happened?”
he tells : “jodha. . she always disobeys my orders. .she is not understanding that she has the responsibility of 2 more lives now..”
Rukiya asks him to calm down.
She gives some drink to jalal and says : “you drink this.. it will relax and refresh you.”
Jalal asks : “what is it??”
rukayya says : “don’t worry .. nothing addictive. it will just refresh you.”
jalal drinks.

Scene 3

Atifa’s husband scolds Atifa
Husband : “what is going in between you and shehshah??”
atifa : “nothing..”
husband : “don’t lie.. i can see he looks at you differently.”
atifa : “it is just he respects me..”
husband : “pack your luggage we will leave this place now.
atifa : ” we will not go.”
husband (angrily) : “why? what are you getting here?”
atifa : ” freedom.. from your tortures.”
husband slaps her.. and leaves..

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Dasi comes to rukkaya’s room and says : ” adab shehenshah”
rukkaya : “jalal is taking rest.”
dasi : “somebody has come to inform you something.”
jalal rises from bed and go outside.. then in atifa’s room.
he sees atifa is lying on the floor bleeding.
he holds her and makes her sit.
he says : “show me your hand.. ”
atifa shows.. jalal holds her hand..
atgah comes outside and sees jalal and atifa..
He thinks : ” jalal is doing a great sin.. he may have to lose his crown .. it is a major sin.. he is touching a married woman like this..”
atgah interfere them and says. . “shehensah, we will take care of it.. you please leave.”
jalal says.. : ” but he beated her so badly.. he will .. . ”
atgah : ” ok we will take care.. you go from here..”
jalal leaves.

Jalal was sharping his sword..
atgah comes.
atgah : “what are you planning shehenshah?”
jalal : “i want to go for a hunt.. it’s been a long time now.”

rukayya gets the news that jalal is going without jodha..
she thought : “this is the right chance to tell jodha..”
She goes to jodha’s room and says :”is everything fine between you and jalal”
jodha asks : “yes.. but why are you asking.?”
she says : ” i have heard jalal is going for hunting without you..”
jodha says : “yes . it is fine.. there is no dispute between us.”
rukayya says : “take care of your health.”
she leaves

Scene 4

Jodha thinks it is not fair.. we are going to be parents now.. we should not fight on small matters like this now..
Jalal was getting ready for hunting..
Jodha comes from behind and wear cloak to jalal
jalal says : “oh you are here.i havn’t noticed”
jodha says(innocently) : “i have not said sorry so you will do like this??”
jalal : “what?”
jodha : “you are going for hunting without me.. you are still angry with me.?”
jalal says : “it is nothing like that.you can’t go like this. you have to take care of your health.”
jodha says : “it is not the matter of hunting.. it is the matter of “being with” .
jalal looks her angrily(that she is again disobeiyng me and arguing to go for hunting.)

The soldier(nissar) talks to Khaibar : “Don’t shout khaiber.. i know you like jodha.. and only I can help you get her.”
he says. : “take this map. this is jodha’s room.”
he gives him a pointed weapon. and says : this is your weapon. “go and get her.”
Khaibar smiles..

jodha says that why aren’t you taking me for jungle hunt, jalal sits sadly on bed, jodha says that you know that I don’t like to kill animals but I always go with you then why are you not taking me this time, jalal looks at atifa’s pic and says that if I take you then others wives will feel jealous of you. if I take all people with me then it will take more time, also I arranged meena bazar for wives too so I think I should go alone, you want me to be better husband then let me go, jodha says that if this is the case then I allow you to go, jodha is about to leave when she sees jalal looking at atifa’s pic, he sees jodha and looks down, jodha makes face and goes from there.
the master of khaibar looks at cave in jail and says that jalal and his ministers doesn’t know that there is a secret way out from palace and mahaC knows this, your mission will complete mahaC. in jail, all soldiers are gossiping that jalal is taking soldiers and ministers out for hunting.

Scene 2
jalal and some ministers are going for hunt in jungle, he sends atgah far, he talks to atifa, he ask her that are you always keep veil on your face, atifa says that my husband orders me so I have to take it, jalal says that your husband isn’t here so you can take it off, she takes off her veil jalal looks at her face and smiles. the rainj starts pouring down in jungle, jalal says to ram that we should go to tents, atifa aask ram that should we go also, he says yes as jalal is going, atifa makes sad face and ays that I would like to enjoy rain in open, I would like to ride and view jungle in rain, jalal looks at her and says to ram that I will stay here in jungle, I want to enjoy rain here, you got tents, atifa smiles, ram leaves, only jalal and atifa are left.
jodha gives Rahim new toys, salima says why you give him more toys, jodha says that kids always like toys and look I have nought many toys for him, salima says that I cant believe soon you will handle three children together, she leaves to talk with hamida. dasi ask jodha that what is your decision about our princess, jodha gives her letter and says to convey my message to your princess that don’t take drastic decision, I wont let anything wrong happen with her, its my promise, dais gets happy, jodha thinks that on right time I will tell jalal that this rajvanshi princess is not ready to marry Mughal prince, he will understand.

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Scene 3
jalal gives his hand to atifa, she shyly takes it, jalal pulls her close to him and holds her shoulders, he ask her to enjoy the view, atifa gets afraid with bear’s noise, jalal puts fire on wood stick, he throws it away and bear is hunted from it, atifa is impressed and says I didn’t know you can do this too, he ask soldiers to see the bear, they goes to see him and comes back saying that bear it that, jalal says ok and takes atifa from there, soldiers gossip that what kind of hunt was that, if bear was dead then why didn’t jalal took atifa to that way? seems like jalal is on hunt today but for something else. atgah comes back and sees jalal and atifa enjoying view of jungle together, he is upset.

Scene 4
jalal is in his court, he is listening to ram tanu’s song, atifa is there too, ram sings then atifa sings looking at jalal, jalal smiles looking at her, ram starts singing but jalal stops him and atifa to sing, atgah says this is insult of ram, jalal says I want only atifa to sing, ram feels offended and leaves from there, atifa continues the song, atgah is not happy with jalal’s attitude, after song ends, jalal praises atifa and gives her his precious ring, she takes and leaves from there, atgah says can I talk to you, jalal says yes, atgah says that you are doing wrong, its a sin. atgah says to jalal that being married, roaming around with other women is not only bad but it is considered as big sin in our religion, you know about all this but as your guider I suggest you to not do this, jalal says that you are right, you can guide me but to tell you truth that whenever I listen to atifa singing, I get lost in her, not only her face but her voice, her everything is making me crazy about her, I think of her all the time, I know I am not doing right with my wives, I should be with jodha, I thought that I cant love anyone after loving jodha but atifa make me go mad about her.
master of khaibar frees khaibar and ask him to run from jail from that secret cave, sharif comes in jail, soldier ask him why is he here, sharif says that jail is my responsibility and I can come anytime, he goes inside jail and ask why there is no soldier here, he comes to khaibar’s lock up and sees khibar missing from lock up, he shouts that soldiers this beast has run away, sharif thinks that a giant man cant run from here till he doesn’t know any secret way out from this palace, he sees cave that s going out from palace.

Scene 5
jodha is sleeping, she dreams that jalal is sitting with her on bed, he says that I love you laot jodha. in ankhon main plays.. jodha then sees in dream that jalal and atifa are together and spending romantic moments together, he gets close to atifa, jodha wakes up from dream being terrified, jodha thinks why I am sseing these kinds of dreams, this isn’t good.
jalal is going somewhere is palace, when he looks in atifa’s raoom, atifa takes off her dupatta and jewelry to sleep, jalal looks at her but then turns and goes from there. khaibar comes in jodha’s room who is fast asleep.

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