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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Jodha Akbar update Monday 16th August 2021

Jodha Akbar 16 August 2021 update: jodha is sleeping, khaibar comes near her bed and smiles looking at her, he removes curtain and have broad smile on his face, he sits on her bed and keeps looking at her, he is about to touch her face when sharif calls out for his name, jodha wakes up and is shocked to see khaibar on her bed, sharif says how dare you to touch our begum, I will not leave you, he is about to beat khaibar but khibar throws him away and gets angry, soldiers come and tries to handle khaibar but he beats them all, he strangles shairf’s neck and is about to kill him when jodha comes and says khibar leave him, don’t kill him, khibar leaves sharif and doesn’t hurt him, soldiers come and arrest khibar while he stands silen t and keep smiling looking at jodha, they take khibar away while jodha is tensed at his behavior.
in morning, sharif scolds soldiers that I know one of you is involved in all this, I will know who took khibar out from jail, jalal is coming there after hunting spree ,sharif thinks to tell jalal about khibar’s deed then jalal will not let khibar alive, he will kill him, jalal and atifa comes there and jalal keep looking at her, sharif notices it and smirks. jalal says to atifa that I hope you enjoyed hunting, go and take rest, all notices jalal flirting. sharif says to jalal that I want to tell you something important.

Scene 2
jalal shouts that how can that beast come in my harem, how can he touch my jodha begum, I will not leave him, sharif says you are right, how can he touch jodha begum, how can he go I her room, I will not leave him, jalal agrees and says I will punish him but how you got to know, sharif says I went to jail and found khaibar missing then I saw him in jodha’s room touching her, how can he, he should not be alive, atgah says how can he run out from jail and no soldier knew about it? security isn’t that weak, sharif says I know someone helped khibar to come out from jail, we will soon find him, atgah agrees, sharif thinks that thankfully I saw that secret cave but I wont tell about it to anyone as that cave goes to jodha’s room and it will help me, he leaves. atgah says to jalal sorry to say but I noticed that sharif was so possessive when he was telling about jodha, I didn’t like the way shairf was telling you about incident and discussing jodha, jalal doesn’t pay head and says I don’t want to discuss all this, just find the person who helped khaibar, atgah agrees
atifa is sitting in her room, her husband comes there, she shows him that jalal has given her coin as token of appreciation, he says that I know what is appreciation and what is gift, I am telling you that we will leave the palace after eid, she ask why? he says I cant share you just for money, he leaves.

Scene 3
jodha is thinking that how can jalal kill anyone innocent, jalal comes there and greets her, jodha says don’t kill anyone in Ramadan, jalal says that I will punish khaibar as he came in harem otherwise people will think that anybody can can come in harem, jodha says but he didn’t even hurt anyone, he just came here but didn’t beat anyone, jalal says what you thinks of yourself, that if all are obeying then they are good but if one uses his mind to solve things, if one take right decision but is against you then he is always wrong, you want all to just run around you and follow your orders but I will do what I want and what is right now, jodha says you are taking things in wrong way, jalal says I know what to do. jodha says to jalal that don’t forget that you are given tilte of AKBAR not by your ministers but it is given to you for your love and justice towards common man, jalal says that doesn’t mean that I will forgive a person who comes in my harem without permission, I will kill khibar now and I will give him such brutal death that nobody will dare to come in my palace or my hare., he leaves, jodha is hurt and says what has happened to you jalal, it seem like you don’t love me anymore.

Scene 4
the arrangements are going on, soldiers gossip that one prisoner is going to be killed infront of all, this kind of punishment is not given in years, other soldier says that don’t know whats the need fo giving punihhment to that beast, jodha comes there and thinks that I cant understand why jalal is giving punishment to that insane beast, atgah comes there and greets jodha, he sasy I suppose you are thnking about punishment given to khibar by jalal, you may think that jalal should be generous in this pious month of Ramadan but why is he so harsh, let me tell you that jalal is a changed man, person changes to bad when in two cases, 1st when he goes on wrong path and 2nd when some other person starts affecting his thinking, jodha says what you mean? and if you think that jalal is doing wrong then stop him, he will listen to you, atgah says no, he is stubborn and if he has taken decision then I cant stop him from punishing khaibar.
khiabar is being tied with chains, all agra natives are there, jalal comes there and says that today after many years I am going to give this kind of punishment, this beast 1st tried to kidnap my wife but I forgave him on my wife’s insistence but then he broke the rule and came in harem, he went to jodha’s room, I know the person who helped khaibar is here inbetween us and I will tell him about my power, so today jalal Uddin Akbar is giving the order to kill this beast here infront of all, atgah and all are stunned. all people starts throwing heavy stones on khaibar, they shout that he is Mughal sultanat’s enemy, kill him, they keep throwing stone at him and injures him, jodha cant see this anymore and goes to jalal, she says that I want to talk to you, jalal says not now, jodha says remember you once told me that in life you will fulfill my wish, jalal says yes I promised, jodha says my wish is to leave khaibar and don’t kill him, jalal is shocked and says how can you do this for a beast, jodha says this is my decision and you have to fulfill it, jalal says ok, khaibar is about to be killed but jalal stops soldier and says pardon this beast’s life, don’t kill him, he starts leaving and thinks that I gave you so much love jodha begum but you insulted me so much infront of all, he is hurt and leaves from there.

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Scene 1
Jodha recalls telling to jalal that you have serve kahibar. Jala said is that your last decision. Jodha said.
She asks the servant is jalal there ? He sy6as no he is doing sword fighting with the prince. Jalal is busy in extreme sword fighting, while everyone else is watching. Jodha asks todar mal I have to talk to shahneshah. He says I am sorry but he has ordered no one should come there. He is tensed. He was feeling good in. I can’t stop you but he has asked me to. Jodha says to hamida do you think I am doing something wrong ? is it good to kill him in this month of ranadan. Hamida syas I don’t know whats right or not. He has to take his decision back and he is ashamed because of that. You can handle his anger. Jodha says I feel like his anger won’t go this time.
hamida says I believe that your love will triumph over his anger.
Adka is giving money to husband of atifa and asks him to leave as soon as possible. He says you should go to some other province. When are you going ? He says just after eid.
sharif sees adka with that husband and wonders why is adka being so nice to him. He never has been so good. oh adka wants to send his wife from here in whom shahneshah is interested. He says I should make this story more interesting.

Jalal comes to jodha. SHe says come in. Jalal look ferious. He says stop pretending to be nice to me. You bowed me down to me. I thought no one will stand in front of me but you did. You used me and the promises. You used my power against me. You showed the world that I am helpless against my wife.
Its my mistake that I gave you this power but I am never going to give you power that you are going to use against me.
Jodha says I just saved you from doing a sin. I am a ranjwanshi and your respect is everything for me. Jalal says all you care about is your ego and you showed that. I have been pardoning you for everything but I won’t this time. He leaves. Jodha is starts crying a sob.

Scene 2
At night jalal is sitting out. Shairf comes and says you are shahenshah. You have the power but your wives make you waek and the people saw it today. jalal says I will become the heartless king once again. I will become the same heartless king who used to fear people. I will become jalal again.

Atifa is in her alcove. Her husband is lying a reading a book. he asks her to close the room door. She locks it but jalal comes in. She says what are you doing here ? jalal says I came to meet you. She says you shouldn’t have come here shahehshaha. jalal says atifaa.. she says please don’t say anything. Jalal says I will keep quite but the emotions in my heart what about them ? I can’t stay away from you ? Jodha comes to jalal’s room but servant tells her that he isn’t in his room. Jodha says I have to talk to him.
Jalal says atifa there is a war in my mind and heart. Can a man only love once ? She asks why are you saying tat to me ? jalal says because I thought that I will never love but when I loved I felt I was wrong. Then I thought I could only love once but now I feel I am in love once again.
Jodha is looking for jalal. She asks adka where is jalal ? She says someone told me he was here ? adka says you should rest your health is not well. He says you should close the windows. Jodha says I didn’t get you. Adka says men are like winds they change within no time.


Jalal says there is some relaton between you and me. I feel agitated when you are not near. You bring peace for my heart.
Moti Some ladies are discussing that their is no special place in jalal’s heart for jodha. Jodha comes and says I was worried for nothing. He was just angry. everything will be fine in a few days.

Jalal sasy everything is no the same. When she used to be sad u used to b sad. But I didn’t feel the same for her today. I loved her. Atifa says don’t you love her now ? he says I don’t know. I feel like my love for jodha is a past now. Jodha drops the bangle shahneshah gave to her. Its wrecks. Jodha says this is not good. he gave it to me with so much love. She recalls adka’s words.

Atifa hugs jalal. Maham comes and sees them.
Adka tell jalal that they have heard betrayal from Lahore. There must be mahac behind this and she has met your enemies. Jalal says I will nto start any war before she starts. Mirza is my brother and I can’t harm him. Sharifuddin says what about kaibar ? Jalal says I just didn’t kill him keep him detained. keep him a cell where he can’t plan to ecscpae where he can’t even see sunlight.

Maham goes to ruks and tell her what I saw I think you should know that. jalal shouldn’t do this type on sin. She leaves. Ruks asks hoshiyar to bring atifa to her room.

Jodha is going to temple with moti. She says I wasn’t feeling good so I thought going to temple might help. On the way she see some men taking kaiabr somewhere. Moti says I have heard that jalal asked to keep him in a cell. Jodha says that’s worst than death penalty. Moti says you look up to to people who have nothing to do with you. I think you should just focus on shahenshah so he can’t go away from you.

Scene 1
khaibar is being dragged in deep well, he is thrown into it, soldiers are happy to see him inside and says that our problem is finished, now we will come to give him food, nissar sees all this hiding, he comes to well and says khaibar its me, your master, I came here to free you, khaibar shouts to pull him out, sharif comes there and puts dagger on nissar, he says so you were the one to help khaibar, how you thought that you will attack jalal, you will help khaibar to touch jodha and I will leave you, it was all my plan to catch you, now tell me who are you and for whom you work? if you remain silent then I will beat you, nissar tell him that he works for mahaC, she ordered me to kidnap jodha, she gave me map of secret cave in palace, sharif kills him and gets map from him, shraif thinks that only I know about secret cave to harem, you don’t know jalal that your palace is unsafe now.
jalal is practicing sword fighting when atifa comes there, he says to soldier that for today its enough, he ask all soldiers to leave. atifa brings towel for jalal. atifa says that ruks told me to meet you and said you may need it. jalal says oh she sent you, well I don’t need it, I need you.
ruks meets jodha and ask did you went to mandir, jodha says yes, you are fasting so I cant give you parsad but take this sacred flower, ruks says someone else needs these prayers, I am not interested in your prayers but g to jalal and give him, jodha nods and goes from there.
jalal says to atifa that if you came here so wipe my sweat, jalal sit while atifa comes close to him and wipes his sweat with towel, they are close and jodha comes there and is shocked to see it, jalal is smiling with atifa while jodha cant believe her eyes, she goes from there angrily.
ruks sees jodha fuming and calls her, jodha goes to her, ruks ask what happened? you seem worried, jodha says jalal.. he is with atifa, ruks says don’t tell me, you don’t know about it, all harem dasies are talking about it, jodha ask do you know about it, ruks says I knew about it when jalal went on hunting and took only atifa with him, jodha ask what, atifa was with him? ruks says don’t tell me, you don’t know about it, jodha recalls how jalal denied taking her to hunting, ruks says you don’t know all this as you are busy with that beast khaibar, jodha ask why didn’t you stop jalal? ruks says why would I? and with what right? its kings habit to be with new women every day, what you thought that if jalal remained with you then he wouldn’t look at anyother women, you were lucky that jalal was with you for many days as he doesn’t give that time to one women, I knew before that jalal will forget you and you will also become common from special wife, anyways you also get habituated to it, when jalal got tired of you he went to atifa, when he will be tired of atifa then he will choose another lady and this will go one, now you will live a simple life without jalal, he wouldn’t look at you now, like thousand wives you wont get his love, jodha is hurt and leaves from there, ruks says that I am also hurt jalal that you are with atifa but I am happy that you left jodha begum alone.

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Scene 2
jodha comes to her room and recalls how jalal said that whether he will have throne or not but he will always love jodha, his name will joint with jodha always, jodha looks at kahna and says how can you let this happen with me? jalal used to say that in his heart I will be always there, how can love vanish from his heart, she cries, moti ask her to be calm, jodha says how can I, it was my life to get love of jalal, is it true that jalal doesn’t love anymore, is it true that that I am not in his heart anymore, is this my punishment to love him, I was away from him for some day but how can any other lday take my place in his life, moti says maybe this is just distraction, everything will be fine, salima comes there, jodha goes to her and cries, she hugs her, jodha says you witnessed that jalal said he loves me more than anyone, I know every wife has importance in his life but he said that he loves me, how can he do this with me, If he is angry with me then I will beg to him, I will ask forgiveness sitting in his feet, salima says no, loving someone is not mistake, why will you say sorry to him, compose yourself, I have listened the rumors but love doesn fade away like this, go to jalal and talk with him, I know he is angry with you but I cant agree he has love for anyone than you, jodha says I talk to him many a times but I am afraid this time, I have seen other feeling sin his eyes, salima says don’t be afraid, go and talk with him.

Scene 3
todar says to jalal that you may know that sharif caught khaiabr’s master and killed him, he was mahaC’s man, jalal says I want action against mahaC, I cant see this just sitting here, we have to find solution, todar says that husband of atifa wants to leave this palace after eid, jalal ask what?
jalal comes to atifa’s room, he calls atifa, atifa is in tears, jalal says I listened that you are going, atifa hugs him, jalal consoles her, atifa says I don’t want to go away from you, you told me whats in your heart, I want to say my heart thing, I feel safe with you, I don’t wanna away from you, jalal says I wont let you go from here, you wull stay with me here, he hugs her, atifa is shocked to see her husband there, her husband says that you characterless girl, don’t you feel ashamed to have relation with other man when it is sin and you only should be with your husband, today I will teach you lesson, jalala shouts dare you touch her bastard, if you call yourself husband then give her rights, you cant beat her, husband says wow what a speech, what a justice, I cant believe I am standing infront of india’s king, is this your justice, is this your character, no you are a lusty man who is trapping a married girl in his trap, I will not live in agra, I feel it is sin to live under you, jalal says you can go but atifa will not go, husband says why, she is my wife, I have right on her, jalal says you have lost the right, husband says don’t forget that there are priests, I will go them and will tell them that you hugged my wife, they will give me justice, jalal says do what you want, go to them but listen onething you have no relation with atifa now, don’t come near her now, he ask him to get out, husband says ok now priest will decide, he leaves. jalal fumes.

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