Jodha Akbar update Friday 5 November 2021

Jodha Akbar 5 November 2021: Salim talks to his horse, he sys i am not getting sleep and you too are not getting sleep, lets go on ride, you give me peace, i will give you peace, Anarkali comes there and says for your peace, i have come here, Salim turns and is surprised seeing Anarkali there, she says comes to him, he says i had no hope to meet you, Anar says how can i not come, you are going on war for saltanat so i had to give you hope for fight, he says why you are giving me hope? she says because i want you you to return safely from war, he says it doesnt matter, if i remain alive or die in war, she stops him and says dont say this again, it matters to me, he says if it matters to you then why dont you say it, why dont you say that you feel for me, if you say it once then i will leave evrything for you, this palace, this throne everything, she says thats what i dont want, i want you to win war and have happiness of life, Salim says my happiness lies in your happiness, winning your love will be my biggest win, Anar says but i can only give you pain, Salim says if this is case even then i will return safely to bear it, for em it is enough that you came to meet me even after Jalal’s order, he says you should leave before anyone see you, else you will be punished and i cant bear it, he says i want you to wait for me to return from war, she says ok i shall leave, she is in tears, and leaves from there, Rabba is pyar mein plays.
in morning, Jalal with his sons get ready for war, he is leaving, Jodha does his aarti, ties sacred thread on his hand, does his tilak, she says i pray that you all return after winning, have safe journey, Hamida ties sacred thread on Jalal’s arm and says i pray that God protects you, Jodha does Salim and Murad’s aarti, Jalal says to Birbal and Todar to handle everything in palace, he says to Jodha that i will return soon, Hamida says i will payr for you, Jalal says i pray that when i return, everything will be fine between you and Jodha, Hamida says if everything had to be fine then this day wouldnt have come, always remember that king of Iran has always helped us, Jalal says i will answer him for the question he raised on my family, he ask Jodha to take care of Hamida, she nods, he leaves with his army, Hamida says today all men of my family went for war, the war which could have been stopped by Jodha, she says to her that if you had changed religion then this wouldnt have happened, if anything happen to my family then i will not forgive you.

Scene 2
Voince over says that with time passing by, Jalal was going towards war, otherside Jodha was trying to pacify Hamida but she was bitter with her. harem women are discussing something, Hamida says to Jodha that i dont agree with you, Jodha says but Ammi Jan.. Hamida says dont call me Ammi jan, i am Marium Makani for you, she says i like to listen Ammi from people who respect me, dont call me mother from now on, she leaves, Jodha is hurt.
Jalal’s caravan is has stay at some place, Jalal addresses his army, he says that tomorrow we will have fight, i am thankful to you all that you came with me on my orders, tomorrow we will not fight like army man or king but we will fight with unity, we all will protect each other, all soldiers are requested to protect other soldiers in their vicinity, raise your sword to make my thought win, Jalal says i am sad to announce this war, i order you to not kil our enemy,, if you have to defend yourself or protect other soldier then you can kill enemy but we all know that enemy soldiers have families too waiting for them, we will just answer them, will not attack them first. Jalal leaves, Fazal says to soldiers that go and take rest, Murad says they will not think once before killing us then why should we think about them, Salim says war is fought with values and morals, this war is for our values, Maan says this war will give us peace of heart.

Scene 3
Jodha says to moti that i have sent letter to Jalal, it must have reaches Jalal. soldier gives letter to Maan which Jodha has sent for Jalal, Maan gives it to Salim and ask him to give it to Jalal. Salim comes in Jalal’s tent, he greets him, he says Marium Zamani have sent letter for you, Jalal takes it, he smiles and says husband wife relationship is private, Salim says yeah i will leave now, you read in privacy, Jalal stops him and says you know i cant read and write, can you read this letter for me, Salim says but you said this is private, Jalal says nothing is private from you, infact you are proof of our love, please read it for me, Salim is surprised, Salim reads letter, Jodha writes that everything s fine but i miss you every single second, you are in my heart all the time, all miss you in palace, we all are praying for you win, we hope that you are protecting your princes, specially Salim because he was not with you in childhood, so pamper him, i hope that your rift will remove with Salim, he says something else is also written, I LOVE YOU, i dont its meaning, Jalal smiles and says i understood t, Salim ask do you talk with Jodha is code language, Jalal says this is language of love, when you love someone then i will tell you, go and sleep, SAlim smiles and leaves.
Hamida says to Salima that i am praying day and night for Jalal’s safety, Ruks ask jodha to come in Hamida’s room, we are playing chess, Jodha says no Hamida will not like it, Ruks says nothing will happen, she takes her inside, Hamida curtly looks at her and says i will play chess later, i am going, Ruks asys you are leaving in middle, Hamida says i am not in mood to play, Ruks ask her to leave anger, forgive Jodha, Hamida say forget forgiveness, if someone takes her side then i will not like it, if you become her lawyer then i will think that you are going against me, Jodha says Ruks i dont want you and Hamida to have tiff for me, Jodha says i will bear anger of my mother but i never want to hurt anyone, Hamida says that is better, she leaves, Jodha is hurt.

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Ruks is crying in her room, Hoshiyar says why did you take Jodha’s side, Hamida got angry on you, be careful next time, Ruks starts laughing loudly, she says Hoshiyar when will you understand that i dont waste my tears, this was my plan, i took Jodha’s side so that she think i am her well wisher and otherrside she had to bear wrath of Hamida, now i will widen their rift, i will make them so much away that Jodha wont be able to fill gap between her and Hamida ever and one by one i will make everyone away from Jodha and then she will have to go from this palace, she laughs.
Salim is sharping his sword, he recalls how Jalal said then when he will be in love then he will tell language of Jalal, he says how to tell Jalal that i am also in love, you are lucky Jalal that you have letter of your love but i dont have it, he recalls how Anarkali said to him that if you miss me then burn leaves, you will feel my presence, Salim said to her that i will miss you every minute but will you miss me? flashback ends, Salim says winds go and tell Anar that i miss her every single second, she is away fom me but in my heart. otherside Anarkali is burning leaves too, she says i will never be able to say that i love you alot Salim, your love is in my fate but you are not in my fate.
In morning, Jalal and enemy forces come in war field, Jalal says to army master that leave weapons and come to our side against Iran, master says are you afraid of us? Jalal says i will tell power of Mughal saltanat, he says to soldiers that this war is not for land but for values, for freedom of speech and freedom of religion, for freedom of thinking, he orders to attack, both forces attack on each other.

Scene 2
Jodha prays to Kahna to protect her family members in war, she says this is war between good and bad, the way in Mahabharat you showed way to Arjun, same way show way to Jalal and sons. wind blows, Diya of Mandir is about to blow off, Jodha saves it and ask Moti to close windows.
Gul says to Hamida that storm is going to come, Hamida says i am not feeling good, something bad is going to happen, she prays for safety of her sons.
War is going on, Jalal, Murad, Rahim all are fighting greatly, Rahim says to Jalal that enemy’s force is getting stronger than us, Jalal says but our morals are high, someone is about to attack Salim but Murad saves him, Salim thanks him, Murad says you saved my life earlier in war, now i did same, its equal now, Jalal smiles seeing this and says to Maan that the mission for which i brought my sons herre is seen completing, they are protecting each other.
Hamida meets ambassadors to Iran and ask can this war be stopped by any way? ambassador says if Jodha had changed religion then war would have stopped but now Jalal has announced war so Iran has to give answer, Hamida says many will be killed in war, relations will break, she says i cant stop Jalal, Ambassador ask if you couldnt change Jodha’s relation? Hamida says if am able to change Jodha’s relation then will this war stop? ambassador says if she accept Islam then we will do our best to stop war, Hamida thinks.
Todar says to Birbal should we tell Jodha? Birbal sasy if Jalal is not here then Jodha must be informed, Jodha comes there and ask what is the matter? Birbal says Saltanat is in problem, Hamida has met ambassadors of Iran, they are our enemies, and if she tell anything to them then it will be problem for us, this is against rules too, she has written letter to king of Iran too, read it, Jodha reads letter, Hamida writes that i am sad that Jalal has gone against you people, our relation was so strong, i want this war to stop. Jodha says this is serious matter, Birbal says you have to stop her, Jodha ask how? Birbal tells her some plan(muted).

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Scene 3
Jodha is going to Hamida, she says how to ask question to Hamida, she is already miffed with me, and she is marium Makani and asking question to her will be like insult to her, but Jalal has given me responsibility of Saltanat, i have to tell Hamida that this is wrong, Jalal is doing war against them and she is contacting them, i have to talk to her. Jodha comes to Hamida’s room and greets her, Hamida says i dont wanna meet anyone, Jodha says this matter is related to Mughal saltanat, so i want to talk, Jodha ask Hamida did you meet ambassadors of Iran? Hamida says so you are spying on me now? Jodha says nothing like that, you know Jalal is fighitng with them they are our enemies, if you send them letter with hope to stop war is not good, Hamida ask if Jodha is asking me question or Marium Zamani? Jodha says your daughter is asking question, Hamida says daughters doesnt insult mother, and i am Marium Makani i am not answerable to you, but if you are asking as Queen of India then you will get answer, Hamida says you will get answer but not now, you will be answered in court infront of everyone, Jodha says thia talk is between you and me, Hamida says our talk ended in mosque that night only, now we will talk as Marium Makani and Marium Zamani only, i will answer to all ministers of saltanat about this thing as most of them will be thinking i am disloyal to Saltanat, she ask ask Dasi to inform ministers to gather is court as Marium Makani will answer to queen of India,n Jodha says dont do this, Hamida says Jalal never questioned me, if Queen of India is asking me question then i will answer in court only.

Scene 1
mughal men are in tents, Murad says to Salim that war is almost over, Salim says this is your first war but the way you fought war great, Murad says thanks for praising, soldiers comes and says enemies master have been arrested, he will be presented to Jalal, Salim, Murad all gets happy, Salim congratulate Murad, he does too.
Maan informs Jalal that we have won the war, the master of Badksha (country) is jailed, Badksha is presented to Jalal, he ask soldiers to leave, Badksha says are you still afraid of me even after winning war, Jalal says if i was afraid then i would have killed you, he puts hand his shoulder and says i want you to listen to me, i dont want your land, i only want you to take our side in war against Iran, Badksha says if i say no to that? Jalal smiles and says all know i am peaceful person but if my thing is not followed then i am most dangerous person, he grabs him by shoulder and says i hope your decision is in favor of your nation and for your life too.
Jodha is standing near weighing balance, Salima comes there, Jodah says to her that i did mistake, i should have not asked question to Hamida, you know she thinks i have called her in court, Salima says i know, Jodha says how to end this matter? this is family matter and shouldnt be dsicussed in court, people will get to know that i have differences with Hamida, Salima says this is not in your hands, let it happen what is happening, this is your duty, you just follow it, Jodha says but in court? Salima says yes, all want to know from Hamida that why she is contacing Iran, you are Queen so you have question her, Jodha says how can i question her? Salima says forget that she is your mother, think that she is common person and you have to do justice, you and Hamida will rift apart but you have to do justice as Queen, i pray that you do justice at every step of life, i am with Jodha, Jodha is tensed. Ruks in her room ask Hoshiyar who will win Jodha or Hamida tomorrow? Hoshiyar says Jodha is clever, she will find some way, Rusk angrily looks at him, he thinks my tongue will kill me one day, Ruks ask hoshiyar to eat sweets, he says you wanna slap me then do it, Ruks laughs and says i like this about you, you are always ready to get beaten up, she says pray that whatever happen in court, should be in my favor.

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Scene 2
In morning, Jodha says to Kahna what are you doing, what should i decide, how can i listen case against Hamida, she is already angry on me and now if i do it then she will be more angry, one side is my relation with her and otherside is my duty as queen, what to decide, Jodha says sometime, infront of justice, relations are to be compromised, she looks at her crown, she wears her ‘Queen of India” crown and says sorry Hamida but i will have to call you in court, and listen to your case, Jodha starts going towards court, she recalls how she promised Jalal to handle everything in court. wives are discussing that Jodha have done mistake, now she wont be able to pacify Hamida ever, Ruks says i feel Jodha will not stay here for much time, Salima comes there and says you ae mistaken, Jodha will not go anywhere as she is shine of this palace, she leaves, Ruks fumes. Jodha comes in court with veil on her face, all greet her, Ruks thinks now Jodha will have to bear storm of problems, Hamida comes in court, all greet her including Jodha, Birbal says Hamida has requested to say something in court, Jodha says she is allowed, Hamida says my husband used to sit on this throne, now my son sit on this throne, nothing is more important than this throne to me so i will answer the questions of Queen, all are worried that when Jalal is doing war against Iran, i am meeting their ambassadors, i wanted to end this war, this war will bring destruction, our relation with Iran will be destroyed, this war could have been stopped by Jodha way back if she had changed her religion, Jalal thinks Iran is our enemy but for me, Iran has always helped us so i want to stop this war, if thinking about family and nation is sin then punish me for this deed, if i am wrong then announce punishment for me, Hamida ask Jodha to give her punishment, she starts feeling dizzy, Jodha ask Ammi.. Hamida says stop, what i did was for my nation, but what you did for your nation? you have no soft corner for those soldiers who are fighting in this war, you could have stopped this war but you didnt, you cant answer me, because of you Salim suffered, because of you nation will suffer so let me suffer too, punish me, she suddenly falls unconscious, all are shocked, Ruks shouts to call doctor.

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