Jodha Akbar Update Friday 27th November 2020

Jodha Akbar Update Friday 27 November 2020: On Jodha Akbar 27 November 2020 update. In jungle Fazal and soldier are finding Jalal, they say dont know where he is, Jalal comes there on his horse, Fazal says thank God you came, i thought something happened, Jalal says what you thought that i got some ghost in jungle? i found a girl and helped her, this jungle is bushy thats why people are afraid of her, Laboni comes there and finds them going from jungle, she drowns herself in lake and washes her face, she says Jalal you can go away now but you will come back to me soon Jalal Uddin Muhammad Akbar. otherside Jalal stops and says to Fazal that i felt like someone called my name, he says ignore it, Laboni smirks, an owl sit on her shoulder.
In Agra, Jodha comes to Hamida’s room and finds her sleeping, she folds her hand infront her and is about to leave, Salima comes there, Jodha says i came to see her, how is she now? Salima says health is not good, she ask Jodha are you going somewhere? Jodha says going to Mandir to pray for Hamida, Salima says maybe your prayer will work, Jodha is about to leave, Salima congratulate her about Navrose day, Jodha says you too, Salima i pray that everything becomes, Jodha thinks that i will set everything right.
Voice over says that Jalal was coming back to Agra, otherside Jodha who didnt know it, was going to change her religion. Jodha wears same Muslim style dress and goes to mosque to change her religion.

Scene 2
Jodha comes at Dargah, Sufi songs are playing there. Jodha comes in Dargah and recalls how she came there with Jalal, Jodha prays Allah i have come to you, take me under your guidance, make Hamida fine, she ask Dasi to call priest, she thinks i have to do this for my mother, for my son, my nation, i have to do this, priest comes there and says you have to wait for a while, let good time start then we will start rituals, Jodha says ok.
Jalal with his soldiers reaches the same Dargah. he washes his face and leaves from there.
Jodha says to priest that i am ready to change religion, start ritual. Priest says ok, he ask Jodha have you willingly come here? Jodha says yes, he ask did someone force you? jodha says no, its my decision, priest says earlier you didnt accept Islam, i want your guarantee, she says yes, he says Islam have five basic pillars, first is Kalma which means that God is one and Muhammad is his last Prophet, 2nd is Namaz, third is fasting, 4th is Zakat(charity), fifth is you have to offer pilgrimage if you have money, he ask are to repeat all this and accept Islam.
jalal’s horse stop moving, he says maybe God wants me to stop there, he says i will offer Namaz in Dargah, i want to thank God for making me win this war.
Jodha start reciting Kalma reluctantly. Jalal has come there too, he is on otherside, Jodha doesnt say full Kalma, priest says you have to recite whole Kalma to accept Islam, but she doesnt. otherside one priest comes to Jalal, Jalal ask what is going on otherside? Priest says one lady is accepting Islam, Jalal ask if she is forced? he says no, he ask Jalal to congratulate her, Jalal says if she comign in Islam on her own will then its good, i will tell her she is safe in Mughal saltanat.
Jodha is still mustering up courage to say whole Kalma, Jalal comes there and says congrats, he is shocked to see its Jodha.

Scene 1
Salima ask Hamida what are you thinking? Hamida says i want to know what Jodha is thinking, she didnt change religion when i asked her but now she went to change religion, Salima says she is your daughter and cant see you in pain so to make you eat she went to change her religion, but now everything is fine, and we won war too. But Jalal is angry with Jodha, she went against him, Hamida says Jodha was wrong, if she had taken this decision way back then we would have been saved from all this, Salima says so you think Jodha was wrong? Hamida says i was thinking about whole nation and she was thinking about her husband, but when its about nation, and family, one should choose family, Salima says what if this incident effect Jalal Jodha’s relation, Hamida says it all depends on Jalal, how he takes things.
Zil comes to Anarkali who is liting diya, she says i am very happy, Jalal won war and Salim has become next king, i prayed for this, Zil says you are not understanding things, Salim is like a dream for you, dont think about hi, it will hurt you, dont forget they have given us place to live, dont forget you are dancer, you can only have ghungroos not crown, we are common people, we can dream but it cant be fulfilled, lit diyas of happiness but be careful it can burn you hand too, she leaves, Anar is hurt, she says i have already lost my heart, she does off diyas.

Scene 2
Jalal comes in Harem, he says when i went out, a sin happened here, i have given freedom to everyone but my authority and my orders are being challenged that to by my wife only, today i will take strict decision, Ruks is happy, Jalal says Marium Zamani went against my decision, i know she is powerful but she will get punished, i will give her such punishment that nobody can challenge my decision ever, i went to do war but it has nothing to with Jodha’s religion, it was war for beliefs, if anyone accept Islam willingly then i will way much happy but its insult of my religion to accept it forcefully, he says to Jodha that you have made fun of our relation, our promises and i will punish you for this, i have taken decision to divorce you, all are shocked, Salima says this is sin to give her divorce without knowing her side of story, Jalal says she did sin and she will be punished, nobody will come to me to take her side, i will divorce her infront of everyone, he sternly looks at Jodha who is in disbelief, he leaves, Jodha gets angry and leaves too.

Scene 3
Jodha comes to Jalal in his room, she looks at him and ask why you did it? dont you love me? how can you give me divorce, Jalal says you went against me, isnt it enough to divorce you and love is gone, Jodha says i didnt do anything, i did that my nation as i am answerable to them, i respect you, you have always served your nation, i have this duty too, Jalal says your duty is too big that you went against your husband? Jodha says it was not against you but that decision was for my nation by Queen, we all used to have sleepless nights here when you in war as war was not between you and Iran but between our princes, brothers were fighting too and what you did? you give title to one son one day and give to another son other day, she says brothers used to love each other but now are ready to kill each other, why? because i didnt change religion, i acre for soldiers, i didnt want them to die so i took that decision for my nation and if i cant take decisions for them then why did you make queen? tell me what could i have answered to God that because of my religion many people died? what is more important to fight for religion or to fight against religion? he looks at her, Jodha says if you are angry with my decision then i accept it, Jalal says you went against me not once but twice, it proves that you dont give importance to me and its sin to change religion forcfully, Jodha says what is religion? it is to make peace, not to fight, what your thinking is that fight, hate others, what lesson you wanna give to your sons? that its good to use violence, you wont understand this today but one day you will understand that my decision was not wrong, she curtly looks at him and leaves.

Scene 4
Hoshiyar says to Ruks i thought you would be happy as Jalal is giving divorce to Jodha, Ruks ask do you dream? he says yes, she ask when? he says while sleeping, Ruks says dreams cant be seen with close eyes, Hoshiyar says what? Ruks says dreams arent that we see in sleeping, but dreams are what dont let you sleep, if you want to make your dreams too then you have to keep active and what i am seeing is not true, i know Jalal very well, he think alot before taking decision, thats why i am not celebrating, i want to know whats cooking in Jalal’s head.
Jodha comes in her room, she is sad and angry both, she looks at Sindoor bottle, jalal comes there and puts Sindoor in her forehead, she cries happily, and closes her eyes, she recalls in flashback how Jalal once said that she is looking very pretty, see with my eyes, you are most beautiful, Jodha says you are naughty, what if someone sees us, Jalal says on one can come inbetween us, our relation is weird, we got married but didnt know each other then we hated each other so much that it changed to love, i always thank God for sending you in my life, what you pray to Kahna? Jodha says i pray for this relation, i pray that i die before you so that i remain our till last, Jalal says what kind of prayer is this? Jodha says all women want that they have their husband in last stage of life, you know only death can separate us, Jalal stops her and says nothing can separate us, they hug, fb ends, Jodha opens her eyes and sees that it was her imagination, Jalal is not in room, she applies sindoor, she says till i am alive i wont let jalal go away from me, i wont divorce you at any cost.

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