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Jodha Akbar 21 May 2021: jalal is seeing the portrait of some raja when jodha comes in, jalal says strange your behavior is changed, you come for my medicine, my food and to give parsad.

Jodha says i used to give parsad in agra also, dadi has given it and asked to share it with you, she takes one spoon, jalal takes the bowl and eats the whole kheer, jodha looks at him, he ask what? Jodha says you never listen to me, i said we will share it, jalal says i forgot as it was so tasty, jodha says your food is first tasted by the one who brought it then why you didnt do it today, you started to trust me? Jalal says no but i know you will not kill me, as you could’ve done it earlier, you got many chances, jodha ask which chances? Jalal says at target hitting time, you could’ve hit me with those targets and your hitting is good. You follow 3 things of rajputs. 1- you have training like warrior 2- you follow your rules 3- you cant attack from back of a person.

Jalal says you people make very good portraits, jodha says its prithvi raj chahaun, the great warrior, he use to sweep war field, his fear was enough for enemies but he was captured by shahabuddin, his eyes were taken off also but his moral was even high, i think rajputs needs more warrior like him to fight with mughals.. She stops , jalal is lil angry, jodha says sorry, i was lost in his personality, jalal says i got to know one thing more about you, should tell? Jodha says will you stop if i say no, jalal says without arrow and target you can right place with your words, jodha says you cant say simple things, always entagled talks, jalal smiles as she leaves(their bg music plays).

Scene 2
All ladies are there and with Suknya all her wedding gifts are there Dadisa asks that tell me which gift is brought by your Jodha Jeeji , She looks at those carefully and shows the right one Dadisa asks her how did you found out she says by seeing these chudi Jo gets the flashback of their fight over those chudis ..Sukanya hugs Jo and they share an emotional moment , Hammeda comes there with Mughal gift She says these are few gifts form Mugal and some of these for lil princesses ..They exchanges gifts ..Girls are happy that their jeeja sa kept his promise , Jo informs that Ja is born at Rajput king of Amarkoat ..Hameeda gives new clothes to Jo and says this is Ja chose this for her as this green is his fav. colour …MA receives new clothes form Dadisa which is white same the types of clothes she wears ..

Scene 3
bharmal welcome in laws of sukanya and says everything is arranged for you, hope you will not have any problem, behind sharif is standing, he smirks seeing them.

Scene 4

Maham is sitting, jodha comes and ask are you ok here, maham says absolutely not, your dadi is even taking full care of me thats why she brought this for me(its a white suit). She says i remember how you act seeing gifts, jodha ask what? Maham burns the suit and says i remember you did same the gift earlier, Jodha is in tears as Maham had destroyed the gift given to her by
Amer royal family right before her eye. maham says to jodha you felt bad when i asked jalal same way it felt bad to me when you burned the dress from me given by jalal. But I cant do it publicly like you did as I am the cheif minister. i Have to do it in private .and laughs cunningly. Jodha burn off the fire, take the dress and says what you did is your thinking and i cant stop you, i have sadness not because you burned gift by dadi but she chose wrong person to give the gift. Maham says you have one more ritual, to ask people to go out of room from servants, my work is over you can go now, jodha leaves angrly.

Scene 5
sharif are with in laws, who ask do you remember your promise, fb shows, father in law says why should we come to your side, sharif says we will give ratanpur’s palace, Fil ask why will king give us that palace? Sharif says i will manage it, you will get it after marriage, they say then its a deal. Fb ends. Adham ask sharif did he ask for that palace from jalal in real, sharif smirks and says no whats the need, i will manage everything.

Scene 6

Pratap is playing luddo with das who praises him, pratap says whether its game or war i never allow enemy to win, jalal comes in, bharmal says come play with us, jalal says i like this game, they sit. Pratap plays and wins the game, all says that pratap can change any game, rajvanshi thinks its the best time, pratap should make jalal feel of losing, they say all rajvanshi are lost, now jalal should play with him, bharmal says celebration has begun outside, jalal says i will play and then celeberate. Pratap and jalal look in each other’s eye.

Jalal and Pratap start the game while BDas thinks that it would have been better if Jalal not come to Amer. The other Rajput king instigate Jalal on his game , Jalal and Pratap try their best to outdo each other, Bharmal thinks of dousing the tension getting built up and comes up with a plan, a soldier comes and announces that the function will start soon and hence the audience is needed there. Jalal and Pratap end the game on equal terms.

Bakshi Bano is arranging gifts for Sukanya when Sharifuddin comes and shouts at her, Jodha comes and Sharif passes some nasty loaded comments, Jodha feels uneasy but leaves. Sharif tells Bakshi that they will get the gifts back as there will be no marriage. Bakshi Bano is shocked.

The mahout is arranging food for Jalal’s pet elephant when AK comes with a soldier and asks him to drug it.

Jalal is waiting when Menavati & gang comes, he says that he is waiting for Jodha and Jodha walks down the stairs in green lehenga, Jalal is mesmerized looking at her. Sukanya teases Jodha about the green color, Jalal says that she is wearing it as its his favourite color, he asks everyone to go inside the function hall while he spots the halwai and goes to meet him. The halwai is pleading with him and Jalal asks him to make the food preparations better than the previous time. Pratap looks at him and thinks that Mughals always use force.

AK and Sharifuddin discuss about their plans for foiling the marriage and taking revenge from Jalal, AK doesnt let Sharif know about his daav( drugging the elephant)

The function starts and everyone is enjoying the dance while on other hand, Hawaai goes berserk , AK, Sharif and Atga Khan come there and think that Jalal has to be informed as he is the one who can control Hawai, AK goes and shows the red rag and divert the attention of Hawaaai to the place where the function is being held so that maximum damage can be brought about and Jalal comes forward to tackle Hawai.

The function comes to a halt when the loud cries reach the hall, Jalal runs to see and starts controlling the elephant, Pratap talks to his men about how to control it and Jalal does the exact thing. The man standing besides Pratap says that though Jalal and pratap are enemies but they think alike. Pratap says that Jalal is indeed a great soldier.

Jalal tells the mahout that Hawai should not be punished as this is someone else’s gameplan. He wonders who can that person be.


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