Jodha & Akbar November 2021 Teasers

Jodha and Akbar November 2021 Teasers:  Season finale! Akbar orders Ruqaiya to go to Kabul as a punishment. Jodha finds a way to change Ruqaiya’s punishment.

Jodha and Akbar November 2021 Teasers

Jodha and Akbar November 2021 Teasers

Zeeworld Jodha and Akbar November 2021 Teasers

The Monday of November 1st, 2021
Episode 50

Zubaida keeps Ruqaiya updated about Salim and Anarkali’s actions.

The 2nd of November, 2021 is Tuesday.
Episode 51

Akabr penalizes Salim by telling him that he will not return to Anarkali once more.

Wednesday 3 November 2021
Episode 52

In the final, Queen Salima wins the shooting competition which upsets Queen Ruqaiya.

Thursday 4 November 2021
Episode 53

Khwaja Vanshadahri delivers an odourous shawl and an attendant to Jodha telling her that Hamida is sending it to her.

Five November, Friday 5, 2021
Episode 54

Hameeda demands Jodha to convert her religious beliefs to Islam so that she can avoid war.

7 November, 2021 on a Saturday
Episode 55

Rukkaya is extremely angry when she realizes that Salim is not mad at Jodha for her decision to not alter her faith.

Sunday 7 November 2021
Episode 56

Akbar is fighting a battle against the supporters of King Iran and comes out victorious.

Monday 8 November 2021
Episode 57

He takes on the last the Shah’s kings Qurb Khan, and win the war.

The 9th of November, 2021 is Tuesday.
Episode 58

Hameeda is not happy with Jodha. Jodha decides to leave and alter her beliefs.

Tuesday 10 November 2021
Episode 59

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Salim learns that Akbar will divorce Jodha.

Wednesday 11 November 2021
Episode 60

Akbar says to Jodha the story of how he faked divorce her to erase the distinctions between Jodha and her mother.

Thursday 12 November 2021
Episode 61

Akbar offers Salim the task of arresting Maharana Pratap.

Friday 13 November 2021
Episode 62

Shahbuddin instigates Murad against Salim. He devises a plan to murder Salim.

Saturday 14th November, 2021
Episode 63

Akbar offers Shahbuddin an ultimatum for him to disclose the truth.

Monday 15 November 2021
Episode 64

Jodha is caught in a dilemma when she is forced to decide whether to go with her husband or son. She would like to do justice to both.

Thursday 16 November 2021
Episode 65

Anarkali pacifies Salim to marry Maanbai. Salim confirms to Jalal that he’s ready for marriage.

Wednesday 17 November 2021
Episode 66

Jodha blocks Madhav’s attempts to murder Salim. Salim and Manbai are married.

Wednesday 18 November 2021
Episode 67

Akbar applauds Jodha on her entrepreneurial plan. Ruqaiya is able to destroy the spices.

Wednesday 19 November 2021
Episode 68

Akbar is joined by Englishmen to negotiate a business deal. Akbar and Janisar plan to take over the business. Englishmen and Janisar are planning to make Akbar in prison.

Friday 20 November 2021
Episode 69

Akbar’s health is deteriorating when he is in the woods. Jodha joins Rahim into the forest to find Akbar.

Saturday 21st November, 2021
Episode 70

Jodha is worried when she meets Murad and Janisar.

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Monday 22 November 2021
Episode 71

Jodha places Ruqaiya under house arrest. Murad admits guilt to Jodha and vows to assist her.

Tuesday 23rd November 2021
Episode 72
Season finale!

Akbar is the one who orders Ruqaiya to be taken to Kabul for punishment. Jodha discovers a way to alter Ruqaiya’s punishment.

New series I Do replaces Jodha & Akbar once it ends.

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