Jodha Akbar 20 April 2021 update: MA and Adham Khan arguing with each other, AK is gloating about his success when MA gives him a slap and assures him that she will make him the Commander in Chief and to wait for some time when she will tackle Bairam Khan.

BK is with his soldiers, a soldier informs him that the whereabouts of Rajput king whom Jalal had pardoned. He thinks to wipe out the king, a soldier tries to challenge his decision, he cuts off his head and asks everyone present if anyone has any other doubt.

The king is hanged from the tree, BK tells his soldiers to bury him. Adham Khan watches this.


On way to Mathura, Jodha takes a detour and lands up at Suryabhan’s kingdom, Bhanpur. SB’s sister takes an examination before Jodha enters the house—to choose SB’s sword among the many laid, Jodha-SB share an eyelock and Jodha picks up the right one. SB takes Jodha on the fort tour and tells that she cant forget the sword as this was the one which she had put on Jalal’s neck. SB assures her that he will get Jalal’s head and both have an eyelock and their BG song starts. SB shows her the painting of Prithviraj Chauhan which is painted by him, Jodha is very impressed and SB asks if its fine if she can be his muse too.

Jalal is practicing with the aword and Abdul warns him about BK as he thinks that BK might challenge Jalal and take revenge. Jalal once again puts full faith on BK and tells Abdul that he trusts him like a father.

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Jalal is looking at his painting, Jalal teases Ruks, both have a slight nok -jhok and Ruks informs him that the painter has never ever seen Jalal and this impresses Jalal.

A soldier comes and informs that some people from Amer are on their way to Bhanpur and the Rajputs are ganging up against Mughals. Jalal gets agitated and searches for Jodha’s payal, Abdul warns him about the war.

A lady who is the painter comes and Jalal praises her and asks her to make another painting and he describes Jodha which is in mute.

Scene 1
jalal ask the artist to make another portrait and here suryabaan is also making one. He ask jodha to sit for while and he’ll make the portrait of most beautiful girl. Here jalal says she sharp,bubbly , has wet long hairs, soft hands and has sword in them, eyes have rage in it. Suryabaan’s sister is making fun of her brother . He ask jodha to see portrait. Portrait is okay type. Jalal ask completed and artist says she is queen jodha. Jalal comes and sees her very good portrait. Artist praises jodha that she is honest,clever and beautiful queen. Jalal is impressed.he gives her gift and ask to leave. Jalal remember jail incident and ask abdul for fire torch to burn this potriat. He burns it and says somethings are made to enjoy when they burns. Adham khan says that bairam khan did opposite to what jalal said and now jalal will spare him. Maham anga says she will tell jalal but one of the heir of thakht maal comes and ask for the body. Maham anga says to ask the king. He comes to jalal and tell him everything jalal is very angry and distraught.

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Scene 2
bairam khan’s right hand says jalal will not tolerate this. Bairam khan says he knows maham anga will inform him but he made him the king so he will not say anything to me.his right hand says this is not right. Bairam khan say if this a thing then yes I am servant comes and says badshah has called them in dewan e khas(government’s hall) which shocks Bairam khan as he has this power.

Break 1

scene 3
jalal is sitting at throne and says he unhappy at what happened. Bairam khan comes and jalal says to give back the money of takht maal but bairam khan is furious and says you can’t ignore me like this. Jalal ask everybody to leave but bairam khan says will talk in front of everyone and makes jalal remember his debts. He saved 14 year kid from wars,gave him lessons how to win battle ,made him the king. Bairam khan says he is prime minister and jalal says he is badshah. Jalal talks in favour of his late father and you didn’t did right by killing savior of my father. Bairam khan ask he is announcing war and jalal says can’t tolerate anarchist and says he has given him lesson to win all battles and he will apply this to this war also. Maham anga and her son smiles evilly.

Break 2

Scene 4
bairam khan in rage comes to his wife and says how he talk with me like that and he knows that jalal is talking what maham anga is teaching. He says will not spare maham anga. He is his father and how he can think of war with him. jalal chooses maham anga over him he will not let this happen. He will make jalal remember who is he to him the man who taught him how to fight and now he is ready to fight against him . I will see everyone and leaves. His wife just stand there and ask God to make Bairam khan sees real path.

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Scene 5
resham comes to one of queen and says that lady came to see whether rukiya is pregnant. Lady says to rukiya that she is not pregnant and one of other queen is expecting baby the prince. Rukiya is tensed to listen but ask how much month lady says she is pregnant since 3 months now rukiya smiles and says it is indeed very good news
and ask lady to leave. Hoshiyar ask why is she happy and she tells him that jalal didnt go to her room since three months hoshiyar confirms and rukiya says knows every move of jalal we just have to find whose kid is this.


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