Jiji Maa Wednesday adom tv update 26th August 2020


Jiji Maa 26th August 2020: ON Jiji Maa Wednesday adom tv update 26 August 2020, Niyati offering help to Falguni. Jayant gets glad seeing their union. Falguni keeps bhog for Ganpati.

Uttara comes there and stops them. She thanks them for giving her a chance to attend the puja. She shows the necklace for Ganpati. Jayant says its costly gift, we can’t accept this. She asks him to see intentions, not price. He takes the necklace and makes the Ganpati idol wear it. Niyati asks Falguni to go and sleep in her room. She sleeps there. Falguni tries to open sindoor box. Suyash comes and takes the box. He fills sindoor in her maang. She thanks him for helping her. He says remember one thing, you will always find me close. He makes her sit. He cuts the bandage and says your wound got fine, your husband loves you a lot. She says yes, a lot. They smile. He says you know investors called us for signing deal, they are coming home, they will do darshan and sign deal. He ties another bandage. He says Ganpati takes all the problems from home, this will happen with us also, happiness will come in our house.

Niyati shouts to them. They go and get shocked seeing the idol missing. They think if any thief has stolen it, or any competitor has done this to show them down. Falguni cries. Vidhaan says investors are coming, what will we tell them, they will make fun of us. Niyati says I should have been alert. Falguni comes to Piyali and scolds her. She asks how did you take Ganpati, we have to do puja and Visarjan, you have no devotion, but it matters to us. Piyali doesn’t care and starts threatening her. She says Niyati won’t accept me, you burnt your hand and got her love. Falguni says trust me, I will convince her. Piyali says Niyati has to hug me and apologize, else forget the Ganpati and deal too.

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Uttara does the Ganpati aarti and says doing your aarti is my right, I have got you here by tricking everyone, no one could do anything, everyone will feel that someone has stolen the idol because of this necklace, they couldn’t make you away from me, how will they make Vidhaan away, bless me that I get everything back, whatever they snatched from me. Jayant asks servants about the idol. He worries. Suyash says maybe they don’t know. Niyati says I didn’t hear any sound. Vidhaan says what will Sheikh think about us. Uttara comes and says I don’t regret about the necklace, I regret that your puja didn’t happen. Piyali asks what will we tell investors. Falguni says Visarjan will happen and deal too. She lights a diya. She says Ganpati will be here, I won’t have anything till I do Visarjan and perform its last aarti. Suyash asks what’s this madness, what if we don’t get idol. Falguni says I will find it, Ganpati will be here before diya blows off.

Falguni and Niyati look for idol. Suyash says clients are coming. Vidhaan says I will get another idol. Suyash says no, it will be fraud. Vidhaan says clients will cancel the deal. Suyash says we have to believe in Falguni’s belief. Piyali says Falguni won’t be able to find Bappa, lets see what happens. Neighbors come to have darshan. Niyati says mahurat isn’t right, you can come and have lunch. She signs Suyash that she didn’t find idol. Piyali does drama in front of Suyash. He scolds her for ruining their company. Piyali lies to him. She asks him to forget it. He asks will a stain get wipe off by forgetting, don’t ask me to forget things, I m helpless to tolerate you. Falguni says I didn’t get the idol. Niyati says Vidhaan is worried about investors. Falguni gets hurt. Niyati cares for her. Falguni says I have found a way to get the idol, you go, I will just come. Niyati goes.

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Falguni asking Piyali to meet her in balcony. Suyash says investors are coming, I think we should tell them the truth. She says give me half an hour, just believe my belief. Curtain flies towards Diya near idol. Piyali comes to Falguni and asks why did you call me. Falguni says you want Niyati to love you as her Jiji maa, she will accept you when I m not in her life. She falls down the railing. Piyali shouts and runs to her. She asks what were you thinking, how did you jump. Uttara comes there and asks what’s the matter, why are you shouting. Falguni hangs down and says if I die, Niyati will call you Jiji maa, if you save me, you will get high in her eyes, decision is in your hands. Uttara says let her die, no need to save her, our work will be done if she dies. Uttara shouts to them and asks them to save Falguni.

She asks Piyali to get Niyati, let Falguni die. Falguni asks Piyali to take care of Niyati. She leaves her hands. Piyali holds her hand and saves her. Everyone hears Piyali shouting. Niyati goes to see upstairs. She gets shocked seeing Falguni in trouble. Everyone comes there and gets shocked. Niyati cries. Uttara says Piyali has saved Falguni. Niyati hugs Falguni and asks how did this happen, if anything happened to you. Falguni says Piyali was here with me. Niyati hugs Piyali. They cry. Niyati says you saved Falguni, I can’t forget this favor, you are more than Lord for me, forgive me, you are my sister now. Piyali gets happy. The curtain catches fire. Jayant says we will tell investors the truth that we don’t have idol, its their wish if they sign the deal. Falguni signs Piyali. Piyali gets a call. She asks what, you got the idol, is the necklace there. She tells them that she found the idols, but thieves have run away. She asks Jayant to sit with investors, Falguni and she will get the idol. They go. Uttara says Piyali can forget her motive.

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Falguni and Piyali see the fire and get shocked. The men ask what’s the matter, you have asked us to wait and now everyone is away, don’t you want to sign the deal. Suyash says no, we will make you have darshan, give us 5mins. The man says I think we shall leave. Suyash says we shall take them, maybe Falguni comes. Vidhaan asks them to take Gangajal. Piyali says I just had to get you here, you have to go ahead alone. Falguni thinks how to take the idol. Everyone prays. Suyash wishes Falguni comes fast. Piyali comes to Uttara and smiles. Suyash pulls off the curtains to show idol. Everyone gets surprised seeing the idol back. Everyone smiles. Falguni comes to them. Clients get Darshan. Falguni and Niyati do the aarti with Piyali. Uttara gets shocked. Jayant and everyone take Ganpati for Visarjan. Everyone compliments them for having eco friendly Ganpati. Suyash gets the deal. Falguni smiles and hugs Niyati.


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