Jiji Maa 23rd June 2020: On Jiji Maa Tuesday 23 June 2020 on adom tv update, Teja and Punja thanking Falguni for her help. She asks them not to thank. Niyati fixes the camera and misses Vidhaan.

Jiji Maa update Monday 22nd June 2020 on adom tv

Jiji Maa 23rd June 2020: On Jiji Maa Tuesday 23 June 2020 on adom tv update, She says husband and wife’s relation is of many births, Vidhaan, you are my heartbeat, my life, I love you Vidhaan. Balwant washes his face and says I won’t leave that Lazer. The man asks him to take Uttara’s permission. Balwant slaps him and says I m the king of this village, I have to control this village. Vidhaan plays game. He gets Niyati’s video. He checks it and cries. Niyati comes to him. He hugs her. Balwant and his goons catch Falguni. She asks them to leave her. He says you were becoming heroine, now you will know who is real hero. She scolds him. He asks her to shut up. She bites the goon’s hand. Balwant’s goon catch her again and drag. Balwant says get her near the bridge.

He throws Falguni down. She says just think, if I fall, you will also fall. He asks her not to take support of a handicapped man. He removes his artificial limb to which she is hanging. She gets shocked and falls down. She hangs there and shouts help, how will I give my innocence proof to Suyash, how much I love him, what about my Niyati, anyone help me. Balwant leaves. Suyash passes by. He hears some voice and stops the car. He asks who is there. She says I m here, under the bridge. He gets shocked seeing Lazer and says don’t worry, I m coming. He goes to her and asks her to give her hand. He pulls her up. Uttara asks Balwant how did he come without his artificial limb, people will find Shambu. He says don’t worry, police stopped finding Shambu, Lazer is also dead now, her problem is over forever now. She smiles and asks really.

She asks him to wait, she will come. Suyash asks how did you fall, you were talking in hindi when you shouted for help. She says yes, that’s why I got saved. He sees her wound. Uttara pays money to Balwant and sends him. She says Lazer was getting happy, she had to go some day. Niyati asks what happened to Lazer. Uttara says nothing, focus on making videos. She goes. Niyati thinks did Uttara do something with Lazer. She calls Falguni. She worries when Falguni doesn’t answer. Suyash gets the aid. Falguni gets scared and says its better to die than this pain.

He recalls Falguni and says Falguni…. She says don’t tell me that my habit matches with your wife’s habit. He does the aid to her wound. She smiles seeing him. She gets her phone and checks Niyati’s missed calls. She thinks to message. He says I will drop you, you are hurt. She jokes and laughs. He asks are you mad, talk less, your wound will get fine, sit in the car. They leave. Niyati comes to Ambua village and looks for Falguni. Suyash and Falguni are on the way. He thinks she looks like Falguni, even if face matches, how can their habits match. She thinks I can’t tell him my truth, I have to find evidence against Uttara. Niyati sees Suyash’s car and hides. Suyash drops Falguni. She jokes that she can’t invite him home. He says you take care, I have work. He goes.

Niyati hugging Falguni and asking are you fine. Falguni says yes, I was with Suyash. Falguni takes her inside. Suyash thinks of Falguni and Lazer. He thinks so many things can’t be coincidence, I have to know the truth. Niyati says it means Balwant came to tell Uttara that he has pushed you down the bridge. Falguni says yes, he is Shambu. Niyati hugs her and says I would have lost you if Suyash didn’t come on time. Falguni says Lord has sent Suyash to help me, now you see what I do of that Balwant, Lazer can do anything. Suyash calls her. Falguni says he is calling Falguni, he is doubting me. He calls again. Niyati says answer the call. Falguni answers. He asks where are you. She says home. He ends call. She says he will go home, I have to rush fast. She takes lift from someone and reaches the locality. She sees Suyash there and removes her ribbons. She runs from other side and gets in. He knocks the door. She quickly changes. He turns to leave. She opens the door. He gets shocked. He looks at her hand and asks are you fine. She says I was cleaning the spider webs, come in.

She gives him water. He thinks of their old time. He sees her hand. He doesn’t see any wound. She says I will make food, you lost much weight, why did you come here. He says I had a question, I got the answer. He leaves and gets a ribbon. He thinks Lazer wears such ribbon. She thinks of applying concealer on her wound. She says its not time to tell you the truth. She drinks the water. Balwant gets happy to kill Lazer. Falguni comes there and faints him by using chloroform. Suyash comes home. Uttara asks Suyash what happened to him, is he fine. Suyash says Lazer fell down the bridge and was stuck, I saved her, she is fine now, she got hurt. He goes to change. She says Balwant was saying Lazer is dead. She calls Balwant. He doesn’t answer.

Lazer scares Balwant and says I m really here, why are you scared, I m not any ghost. She asks him to say the truth, is he Shambu, the witness of the murder happened in Rawat mansion. She scares him. She thinks none can save you now. Suyash thinks of Lazer and Falguni. He says don’t know what’s happening. He hears Vidhaan talking on call. He comes to Vidhaan and asks what are you doing. Vidhaan says I m making a video to give tips on fairness and anti tanning. He gets busy on the call. Uttara says Balwant disappeared, I don’t know if he knows that Lazer is alive. Shom comes and asks what happened. She says Balwant is missing. Shom says I will call him. She scolds him. She asks him to go and find out. Suyash tries to modify Falguni’s pic and check. He gets shocked.

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