Jiji Maa 27 August 2020: ON Jiji Maa Thursday adom tv update 27 August 2020, Piyali saying I will ruin Falguni by using her weakness, did you think my hatred ended. Uttara says I thought you got trapped in Falguni’s web.

Piyali says my work is to trap others, just wait and watch. Falguni recalls Piyali’s words. She goes to Suyash and asks why are you worried. He says work and business go on, its just stress, you aren’t hiding anything, how can I hide anything, I will go and sleep. He goes. She says I feel you are hiding a lot from me. Uttara asks Piyali to have wine. Piyali says I like to stay in senses. Uttara says your idea to steal Ganesh idol worked, else you were just threatening Falguni, you have emotions for Falguni, so you saved her.

Piyali says I like watching Falguni in pain, I will take Falguni’s place, Falguni will feel bad when Niyati calls me Jiji Maa. They smile. Uttara says I did so much and Piyali got the profits, she got her sister’s love, when will I get what I want, I want my Vidhaan, I just want to end his hatred. Jayant hears this and gets shocked. He holds Uttara. She gets shocked. He says I heard Uttara’s voice, did you hear anything. She says no, there is no woman here. He says she gave us much pain, but I miss her, we hate her. She says you won’t get rid of her memories by throwing her belongings out, maybe she didn’t get soul peace, she maybe wandering and want to talk to you, sorry, if you permit, I can make you talk to her. He says no, its not needed, go and sleep, I will also go. He goes. She says I got saved, it will be fun.

Its morning, Vidhaan gets ready and rehearses. Niyati smiles. She says I know you can never do anything wrong. He says I was getting a nice shirt. She kisses him. He says I got a lottery today. Piyali looks on. Falguni lights diya. She sees diya flickering and blowing off. Uttara says its a bad omen. Glass breaks. Servant picks it. Niyati says milk boiled much and got spilled. Uttara says its also a bad sign. Suyash gets suit for Vidhaan and asks Niyati to give it to him. He says its dad’s suit, he gave it to me at the time of my first deal. Falguni says I will get your bag. Piyali sees her coming and acts. She says we will ruin their business, Vidhaan’s first deal will ruin him. Falguni gets shocked.

She asks Piyali about the deal. Piyali says Vidhaan’s deal will ruin the family, I have to harm your family, you do what you want, I will do what I want. Falguni scolds her and says I will stop Vidhaan. Piyali stops Niyati. Niyati says I m taking curd and sugar for Vidhaan, as he is going for first deal. Piyali asks really, she told me that she will stop Vidhaan from signing the deal. Niyati says I will ask her the reason, I trust her. Piyali says your trust will end completely. Suyash and Jayant wish Vidhaan all the best. Falguni stops Vidhaan and says I got to know the clients aren’t good, Vidhaan you won’t sign the deal. Niyati says we met them, what’s the reason. Piyali says yes, there will be some reason. Falguni says my heart isn’t agreeing. Suyash says we have checked well, you know we need this deal. Niyati and Jayant ask Falguni to let Vidhaan go, Suyash also worked for deal, he knows everything. Suyash asks Vidhaan to just go. Vidhaan stumbles and goes. Piyali smiles.

Falguni crying. She says how shall I tell Vidhaan about Piyali’s trap, how shall I stop him, this deal will ruin his career. She calls Vidhaan and asks will you listen to me, you know I regard you a brother, cancel this deal. He says fine, you know this deal is imp for us, I will refuse to them on your saying. She thanks him. He says if she is saying this, there is some matter. She cooks food. She recalls Piyali’s words. Niyati comes to help her. She says Vidhaan is excited for the deal. Falguni thinks to tell her that she asked Vidhaan to cancel the deal. Piyali gets a dress for Niyati and asks her to wear it when Vidhaan returns after signing the deal. Niyati happily goes to try the dress. Piyali taunts Falguni.

She tells the truth. She says the investors aren’t bad, I wanted you to talk to Vidhaan and make him cancel deal, I lied about investors, they are dangerous, if deal gets cancelled, they will get angry and beat Vidhaan. Falguni cries and asks what cheap game are you playing. She leaves. Piyali says game gets cheap when its dangerous. Vidhaan says I know I had to sign, but sorry, we can’t do this deal. Falguni calls Vidhaan. The man asks did you get any other investor. Vidhaan says sorry, I will leave. The man signs goons. They beat up Vidhaan. Falguni calls Vidhaan. Vidhaan gets much injured. Niyati wears the dress and says I liked it. She hugs Piyali and thanks. He calls Niyati and says I cancelled deal on Falguni’s saying, they have beaten me a lot. Niyati gets shocked and sees Falguni.

Niyati says you asked Vidhaan to cancel deal, he got injured, they have badly beaten up Vidhaan, why did you tell him. Falguni gets shocked. She says don’t worry, I will find him. Niyati stops her and asks her not to do anything. She says I will go to Vidhaan. She leaves. Piyali says if you tell Niyati that you did this on my saying, everyone will think you are blaming me. Falguni scolds her for hurting Niyati’s husband. She says I was so wrong to give you sister’s love, you want to snatch my relations. Piyali says you understood this late, you will lose all relations tonight, I will go and find Vidhaan. Niyati takes Vidhaan to hospital. Doctor says its criminal case, inform police, its a case of attack. Niyati calls Suyash. He doesn’t answer. Doctor says just inform police, then I will treat him. Piyali scolds doctor and shows fake concern to Niyati.

Doctor says fine, I will start treatment. Niyati hugs Piyali and thanks her. Piyali says nothing will happen to your Vidhaan till I m here. Jayant and Uttara come home. Falguni says I was trying to call you, Vidhaan is in hospital, he got much hurt. They get shocked. Falguni says he cancelled deal on my saying, they have beaten him a lot. Jayant asks why did you refuse him, did you inform Suyash. Falguni says we shall leave fast. Uttara thinks Piyali did this. Niyati prays. Piyali does drama and makes her against Falguni. Niyati says Falguni takes all decisions in our house. Piyali says I know her place in your life, but its wrong, whatever she did, the family has to bear the result, don’t worry, I will talk to her and explain, we are not fools to accept her decision. Niyati says Falguni always does this. Doctor says we have treated Vidhaan, he had much blood loss, he will be critical for some hours, you can see him in ICU. Jayant, Uttara and Falguni come to hospital. They see Vidhaan and cry. Uttara asks where is Piyali. Piyali says I m here. She gets police.

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