Jiji Maa 5 August 2020: On Jiji Maa On adom tv Wednesday update 5th August 2020,  The Episode starts with Bhanu coming to meet Shreya. He apologizes and asks Shreya to come with him. Suyash stops Bhanu and slaps him.

Suyash and Vidhaan beat him. Bhanu falls down and gets hurt. Shreya rushes to Bhanu and asks are you fine. She asks them why did they interfere in their personal matter, why did they beat Bhanu. She says I can protect myself, Suyash help me in lifting Bhanu, I will go when he gets fine. Uttara asks them to listen to Shreya, what did she say, its enough drama, get this man treated and throw him out. Suyash helps Shreya. Falguni cries seeing Chiku crying. Chiku says Bhanu troubles my mum a lot, will you help my mum. Falguni promises that she won’t let anything happen to Shreya.

Shreya thanks Suyash for getting Bhanu treated. Suyash goes to Falguni and says we can’t… She says we can’t send Shreya to Bhanu, she will stay with us, I promised Chiku. He says yes, we will give money to Bhanu and send him. Niyati comes to talk. Falguni goes with her. She says its our responsibility to take care of Chiku and her mum. Vidhaan talks to Suyash and asks him if he is sure of his decision. Suyash says yes, Shreya needs out help, Falguni has a big heart, don’t know how she gets so much courage. Falguni says by family’s love. Suyash says you and Niyati got away because of my mistake. Vidhaan says no, our relation was weak, your relation is very strong. Suyash says Falguni has forgiven my big mistake, can’t you forgive Niyati’s small mistake. Vidhaan comes to Niyati. She says I have got this glass frame fixed, I know I didn’t trust you, your heart is broken and its not easy to fix it, I have no sense to manage relations, you can take time to forgive me.

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Shreya feels thirsty. She goes to get water. Bhanu wakes up and goes out. He comes to some room and says Shreya is sleeping here, today I will make her mine. He comes to Niyati and gets on the bed. He holds her. Vidhaan is sleeping on the couch. Niyati thinks he is Vidhaan and smiles. She turns and gets shocked seeing him. She screams and shouts Vidhaan, wake up, that man is on the bed and hugged me. Vidhaan gets angry seeing Bhanu. He says how dare you. He beats up Bhanu.

Bhanu says its nothing like that, listen to me. Vidhaan takes him out and beats him more. Suyash and everyone come. Suyash stops Vidhaan. Jayant asks what happened. Vidhaan says this man was misbehaving with Niyati, he came and lied on her bed, he was touching her. Niyati cries. Everyone gets shocked. Bhanu says its some misunderstanding, I thought she is Shreya. Bhanu scolds Shreya for leaving him and going, he got beaten up. He goes to beat Shreya. Suyash stops Bhanu. Falguni scolds him. Bhanu says she is my slave, she took much loan from me. Suyash pays him 20 lakhs and asks him not to show his face again. Shreya says no Bhanu, you won’t take money from them. Bhanu insults her. He frees her and goes. Shreya says no, you can’t go. Falguni stops her and asks why are you stopping him, he has just hurt you. Shreya says I m not related to you all, why did you give money to Bhanu. Falguni says you are our responsibility, you will stay here, we will take care of you. Uttara gets shocked.

She gets angry and asks Jayant not to take side of Suyash and Falguni, they got mad. He asks are you hurt that you lost 20 lakhs. She says yes, what will people say if Shreya stays here. He says no, I just thought they took the decision, we should be glad that they are together. Uttara says so much is happening here, Shreya should have gone if she had some shame. Shreya says let me go, if I stay here, your family will hear many things. Falguni says we will manage. Chiku cries for Shreya. Shreya says Falguni and Suyash have sent Bhanu forever. Chiku hugs Suyash and shows a family drawing of them. She shows Falguni away. Falguni gets shocked.

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Niyati coming to room. She slips. Vidhaan holds her and makes her rest. She asks why did you get so angry on Bhanu. He says I madly love you, I was angry on you, but I can’t see you in problem. She hugs him and asks him to say again. He says I love you a lot. She smiles. Its morning, Uttara sees Chiku’s tantrums. She asks her guests to sit. Chiku runs around. The ladies ask who is this girl. Uttara says she is a poor girl, Suyash and Falguni pity her and got her home. Shreya gets shocked. Chiku says Shreya is my mum, and Suyash is my dad. The ladies get shocked and says so we heard it right, Suyash isn’t good character, how can you keep Suyash’s illegitimate child in your house. Falguni comes and asks them to think and talk.

She sends Shreya and Chiku. She asks ladies to have some manners, than insulting them. The ladies ask her how did she get her sautan and illegitimate child at home. They get taunting and leave. Uttara says we have to get habitual to this insult now. Shreya cries. Chiku says I will ask dad to scold Uttara, the lady called you servant and called me illegitimate. Suyash and Falguni come. Chiku asks what does illegitimate mean. Falguni changes her words and answers her. She sends Chiku out to play. She apologizes to Shreya.

Shreya says I can’t see Chiku’s insult, I have to leave, they are raising finger at her as she called me mum, I shouldn’t be here. Chiku asks where are you going, to get birthday gift for me. Shreya says yes, tell me, what do you want. Chiku says a big doll house. Shreya sends her to Suyash. She says Chiku will regard you mum when I leave, people will stop questioning then, don’t say anything, Chiku won’t let me go if she sees me leaving, I have to leave when she sleeps.

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Falguni takes Chiku to the room and shows the surprise birthday party. She says we are celebrating your birthday in advance. Suyash and everyone party with Chiku. Uttara gets angry and goes. Jayant smiles seeing everyone and joins Chiku. Chiku cuts her birthday cake. They all eat the cake.

Shreya sees Chiku sleeping. She cries seeing the drawing. She hugs Falguni. Falguni asks her to think again, she can live with them. Shreya says no, there can’t be any way now. Uttara says I want to think about everyone, not just Shreya. Suyash says our accountant will help you get a house and job, have this money, it will help you. Shreya thanks him. He says I m not doing my duty well. Vidhaan and Niyati assure of looking after Chiku. Shreya says now Chiku is yours. She cries and leaves.

Suyash says we all what we could, maybe this happened for everyone’s good, we will raise Chiku. Chiku wakes up and asks where did Shreya go. She runs out to look after Shreya. She locks the main door and runs. Everyone manages to leave out and follow Chiku.


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