JIJI MAA ON ADOM TV UPDATE WEDNESDAY 7 OCTOBER 2020: jiji maa today on adom tv live ghana, Niyati telling Falguni about the vitamins in vegs and fruits. She asks Falguni to have the juice. Uttara comes and asks Falguni to sign the papers.

She says you will sign on it, that the baby will just be of Vidhaan and Niyati. They get shocked. Niyati says what’s the need, Falguni is just helping us. Uttara says I don’t want Falguni to change her mind, Suyash and Vidhaan may end up fighting for the baby. Niyati says you are doubting on Falguni, she has loved me a lot. Uttara says its about the Rawat heir, I can’t take this risk. Falguni says its fine, I m giving the child to Niyati. She signs the papers. She says I wish the child changes you too. Uttara smiles and goes. Niyati makes Falguni have the juice.

Days pass. Falguni laughs seeing the baby pic. Suyash hugs her. Niyati and Vidhaan prepare the baby’s room. Kuch hai junoon sa……plays…. Everyone stays happy. Suyash takes care of Falguni and asks her to sleep. Suyash asks her to go for checkup. Niyati says Vidhaan has bought a big teddy for baby. Suyash says I will finish meeting and come, then we will go for checkup. Falguni says you forgot your purse, I will get it. She goes upstairs. She slips down and falls. They all get shocked. They rush Falguni to the hospital. Suyash asks Falguni to have courage. She cries and says I don’t want to lose the baby. Doctor says we will try best to save the baby. Uttara says its Rawat heir, I have looked after child since eight months, its time he comes in this world. Jayant stops her. Doctor asks Suyash to stay outside.

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Falguni says please save this baby, its a sign of Suyash and my love. Niyati asks how is Falguni. Nurse asks her to pray that everything gets fine. Niyati prays. Doctor comes to ask for Suyash. Uttara says he has gone to get medicines. Doctor says Falguni’s state is bad, we can just save her or the child, I have to ask Suyash. Uttara says what’s there to ask, save the baby. Doctor says we can’t do this without asking him. Uttara says don’t waste time, no need to ask him, the baby is heir of Rawat family, Suyash isn’t related to it. Doctor says Suyash is baby’s father. Uttara says its Vidhaan and Niyati’s child, Falguni is surrogate mother, you have done the operation. Doctor says I didn’t do the operation.

Uttara gets shocked. FB shows Doctor tells Falguni that they can’t do the surrogacy, since she is already pregnant. Suyash and Falguni get happy. Suyash says we will give this child to Niyati and Vidhaan, we have to think of them. Falguni says don’t tell this to Niyati, tell them that its Niyati and Vidhaan’s child. FB ends. Doctor says just Suyash can decide about the child. Nurse calls her. Uttara cries and gets angry. She thinks I have taken care of Falguni, thinking she is carrying Vidhaan’s child, I was mad to do her aarti. Doctor says reports are normal now, there is nothing to worry, you can take Falguni home, baby is fine. Jayant says Suyash can get Falguni home any time, shift them to ground floor room. Uttara says I have asked Suyash and Falguni to go to temple to pray for child and stay there, there is a hospital nearby, she can go there in any case.



Suyash and Falguni being on the way and talking. She says I m happy that baby will get love of two mothers. He says when you talk so sweet things, I feel love on you. The car breaks down. Suyash gets down and checks the tyre. He says the tyre got punctured. She says even this one is punctured. Some goon comes to Uttara and catches her. She says I have paid you money to kill someone else, not me. He says you paid me less, I will kill you. She says put the knife down, I will give you money. She asks about the work. He says I have sent my goons.

Suyash calls for help. Someone throws a knife at them. They get saved. They try to rush towards car. The knife hits the car. They run into the jungle. Uttara says Falguni won’t be saved now. Falguni looks for Suyash. She shouts Suyash and looks around. She says my phone is left in the car. She sees the blood dropping down. She looks up and sees Suyash’s shirt. She gets shocked. Suyash wakes up and thinks of Falguni. He goes out and looks for her. He calls her out and runs in the jungle. He falls down when the goons attack him, he asks what do you want from me. The goon says your death. Falguni falls in a big pit and shouts. Suyash beats the goons.

Falguni bears the labor pain. Suyash gets at goon’s gun point. Niyati and Vidhaan try to call Suyash and Falguni. Vidhaan asks her not to worry. She says we shall go to farmhouse and see. Uttara says Suyash had called me, they reached the farmhouse, they are fine, there are network issues. Vidhaan says I will leave for office now. The dogs bark and run. Suyash sees a temple and prays for Falguni. A tiger comes there to protect Falguni. The dogs see the tiger and run away. Falguni cries and thanks Mata Rani. Suyash hears her and runs to see. He looks for her. Falguni delivers the baby. Few women take care of her. Falguni smiles seeing the baby. The woman asks how did you fall inside the pit, you would have fainted if we didn’t come there on time. Falguni ties the taweez to baby. The woman asks where is your husband. Suyash gets trapped in net. Falguni says I have to find Suyash. She runs. Goons reach her.

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