JIJI MAA 3 NOVEMBER 2020 ON ADOM TV UPDATE: nurse saying police has come to talk to the boy, as we don’t know about his parents. Doctor asks police to take the boy with him. The lady says father’s name is written as Suyash Rawat and mother’s name is Falguni. Falguni says its me. The boy says this is good aunty, but not my mum. She says he is right. The boy’s parents come to pick him. Police asks them to prove themselves. The man gives the ID proof and says I m Devraj. Police says fine. The lady says its good I have given him a phone. Doctor says the boy is fine now. Falguni looks on and gets sad. Suyash holds Uttara. She gets shocked and imagines him everywhere. He asks how long will you run fro me, I will find you and kill you.

Falguni and Niyati come to her and find her crying. They console Uttara. Vidhaan asks Suyash to talk to his secretary. Suyash interviews Bhavna and scolds her for applying for loan and crying over her poverty. She cries and goes. Vidhaan says you didn’t need to insult her. Suyash says no need to show sympathy to these poor people, I hate her and will not forgive Falguni. Niyati says Jiji maa you always donate blankets to poor people. Falguni tells him about the boy Laddoo, his parents came to take him home. She says I felt like I have given child to wrong hands. Niyati says children are most safe with their parents. Falguni says I feel something wrong is happening with him. The lady slaps the boy and scolds him for dancing after stealing kalash in temple. The boy asks for water. She throws water and scolds him. The boy shows the gold chain he got. The lady hugs him and says I will feed you by my hands now, sit. She gets angry on him and asks him to go out and sleep after having food. He eats food and goes out. Falguni and Niyati pass by and see him.

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Falguni asks him why is he sleeping outside. He says my mum has punished me. Falguni takes him in and scolds the lady for not caring for her son. Falguni argues with the lady adn says you can’t treat own or stepson like this, you don’t seem to be his mother, until you behave well with him, I will keep coming here, I will call police. Devraj asks her to just leave. The boy says this aunty is good. Falguni and Niyati leave. Falguni stays worried. Niyati says I know you are disturbed, why are you worried for that boy so much. Falguni says I felt some connection with that boy. The lady tortures the boy for calling Falguni home. Falguni gets hurt and cries. The boy cries.

Suyash scolding the cook for making bad food. Jayant and Vidhaan calm him down. Jayant says its your fav dish, its made just like Falguni used to make, don’t be angry, why did you scold poor man. Suyash says we have to show the place to poor people. Jayant asks him not to hurt their heart. Suyash says I just want to have my desired things. He goes. Vidhaan says Suyash has already made many enemies, he scolded a girl in office and made her cry. Jayant says I will try to explain him not to make his friends his enemies. Abhishek is seen working out. He puts Suyash’s pics and says he is my biggest enemy. The lady asks why did you out his success pics here. He asks her to go away and see, Suyash is 1st and I m 2nd, I will become 1st soon. Bhavna comes there and smiles.

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The boy steals a man’s wallet and runs. He comes across Falguni. She asks why are you running like this. She finds him hurt and asks him to come home with her. She takes him home. He likes the house. He says I won’t tell my mum and dad that I have come here. Falguni does aid to his hand. Niyati thanks him for bringing a smile on Falguni’s face after a long time. Falguni goes to make kheer for him. The boy asks shall I come and help. He says your house is good, shall I look around. She says sure. He eats laddoos and sits on swing. Uttara comes there and sees him. She says I will hide now and you will find me. Suyash sees Bhavna sleeping and scolds her. He asks her to make the report on time and not make any mistake. She agrees. She messages Abhishek that everything happened as he wanted. Falguni gets kheer and feeds him. He says I don’t like cashew. Uttara recalls Suyash. Falguni says I will not put cashew next time.

Uttara asks who are your parents. He says Devraj Bansi and Chamki. Falguni asks him to sit down and eat kheer. He eats the kheer. Uttara looks on. He says now I will go, aunty you are very good. He kisses on her cheek and goes. Falguni cries. Bhavna adds some powder in Suyash’s tea cup. Devraj threatens a man and gets money. The boy comes home and gives the stolen wallet. His mum Chamki scolds him. She asks him to have food. Bhavna gets the report and tea for Suyash. He drinks the tea and faints down. She goes out and changes the tea cup. She spoils her makeup and shouts for help. Suyash wakes up and gets shocked. Everyone knocks the door and breaks in. Suyash asks her what nonsense is she saying. She says Suyash was trying to molest me. He gets shocked.


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